New Nebula Booster – NB2 and NB3

IDAS is still moving forward. Following to NB1 released in January, IDAS announced other new nebula boosters – NB2 and NB3 today. They will come in stock at Hutech early of next month. Key concept for these filters are to separate between Ha/NII and SII, and to isolate OIII from Hb while still considering Bayered color sensors. So you will have more options for tri-color imaging with OSC cameras while changing filter combinations.

Features are

  • NB2 : for boosting Ha/NII and OIIINB2+NGS1_Chart
  • NB3 : for boosting SII and OIIINB3+NGS1_Chart
  • ODW : Full spectrum filter (AR-coated clear filter) for par-focal with NB2/3 and optimizing for the optics’s designated distance, and for broadband imaging to create the fundamental color balanceNBODW+NGS1_chart
  • NB2 and 3 are to be used with a base-filter all the time. NGS-1 is most optimized with among IDAS filters currently available. I will describe more details later.

So what we can do, for example, is;


Blending the regular broadband RGB with high contrast Ha color, OIII or SII. Same things for nebulae too.

How can we set filters?


Optimized filter boxes for ZWO and QHY are available at Hutech.


Canon R and RP (This system allows to use wide-angle EF lenses while still electrically controlled)



Initially the system might look complicated for you. I will write up little by little. This is just preliminary announcement today. As the marketing term, this can be described as the double-stacking filter system in short.

Anyway, I’m sure this filter system will give us more fun and new level of quality for OSC imaging.



~ by tedishikawa on April 24, 2019.

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