IDAS Filters for CANON full Frame Sensors

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We are expecting following body-mounted filters will be available early of next month.




Once they come in stock, I will notify here again. Thanks for your patience.

Helical Focusing Solution for Myself – Older Person

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I’ve never used the camera’s WiFi function. I didn’t feel it’s needed in my imaging style. But I can’t resist that any more since getting harder to see camera screen. Especially Canon 6D has no tilt screen. So I had to look up from ground. I didn’t mind much before. But these days it’s getting hard to stay in such unusual style. So I thought camera’s extra feature makes focusing more comfortable.


I bought a hanging holder from Amazon. Fortunately there are many hanging sections at a mount and a telescope. Some advantages (in my personal feeling)  in this setup are;

  1. Now this allows me to stand at the side of a scope. This makes helical focusing work relatively easier. We can grab a focuser by both hands. My tip is to rotate by fingers. Don’t move a hand to rotate. Set each palm section on focuser body and touch rubber section with fingers. Then, one hand’s fingers use for rotating purpose while another hand’s fingers work as braking. This technique achieves very precise focus control by adjusting every finger’s touching strength. If someone have never done, try and see.
  2.  Front focuser is located at relatively higher point. I think this is especially comfortable with portable mounts. This allows to rotate a focuser and view smartphone screen in comfort.
  3. This allows to point a scope more up toward the zenith. Generally helical focuser moves more smoothly when a scope is set more vertically. We can control focusing with more light touch feeling while standing in comfortable style. In a picture, a camera is only 3 feel high from a floor. I don’t think it is comfortable even to me.

BORG Compact Binoscope

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Ted Wong in Taiwan sent me his objective-switchable binoscope systems. So I wanted to share with other binoscope users. He swaps the objectives between 55FL and 71FL time to time.

He is using a pair of Vixen 2.4mm eyepieces. It makes 100x with 55FL. According to him, it shows great planetary views even in this small aperture. This should be super portable binoscope system without compromising optically and mechanically. The base shown is AOK Swiss-made collimatable platform – BB-130.

More BORG Precise Focusing with TS Focus Rings

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This should be good news for all of BORG helical focuser users. After several field test myself, I have decided to carry these great products from German Telescope Service. Focus rings work very well with all of BORG helical focusers. See some setup.

The concept and structure are positively very simple. But effectively works well. Easy to attach and detach. Nylon(?) screws prevent focuser bodies from scratching or making spots. But hard enough to grab the body.

Part # TS105FR : for BORG M75 helical focuser and most of camera lenses up to 105mm OD

Part # TS75FR : for BORG 7835 and all M57 helical focuser. And for camera lenses less than 75mm OD

BORG helical focuser is already precise enough. With this, probably you should be able to achieve more precise control in a couple of micron resolution. So more than enough. I tested with stars last night. DSLR’s rear LCD screen is too small or too coarse to see focusing change when I try to adjust slowly by slowly. Camera lens’s helical focuser is much more coarse. So that should be more useful.

Some extra benefits are

  1. We don’t have to lock down helical focuser thumbscrew(s). Push/pull screws keep pressing each other at middle of the bar. Unlike crayford and R&P focuser, helical mechanism is strong enough toward straight direction. But this secures more.
  2. When a helical focuser is stressed a lot by a heavy equipment, sometime backlash occurs at reverse direction. But by continuously pressing to a middle bar by a pull screw, this prevents happening.


I also tested with a motor. This is my 1st experience for the electrical focusing. As expected, I could focus the sun spots without vibrating the scope. It was very comfortable. No shaking zoom-up liveview image during focusing eases the determination of focus point. I decided to continue to do by this way from now.

The focuser shown above is 7835. One index indicates 90 micron focus distance. I measured how long it took time moving one mark to the another. It was around 20 seconds!! even fastest motor speed was set. So I’m sure slower motor speed is too slow for all of BORG helical focusers.

As mentioned the above, BORG helical focusers are precise enough in my opinion. But this allows for more precise focus control. Also these rings can be used with conventional camera lenses as shown above. So I’m sure this is very good value. Motor control should be suitable for the solar, lunar and planetary imaging to eliminate the scope shaking. Great products!! Highly recommended.

BORG Black 90FL Bino & Metal Tripod for Takahashi EM-11

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This is a picture from AOK Swiss. Their new setup as 90FL Black version. I will switch my 90FLs to the black finish sometime soon. Looking very nice!binoWe are preparing to promote binoscope as more total system including the tracking mount. I will announce the details whenever we will be ready. I believe a new system should be very comfortable for all of bino users.

Following is a picture from Kok Chen in Oregon. He owns Takahashi EM-11 mount. This time, he has switched to Takahashi metal tripod and half pillar. These were originally designed for PM-1 mount. But the adapter allows to mount EM-11 (and technically even EM-200 too). As mentioned earlier, Takahashi metal tripod is super solid and lightweight. Really good quality.

IMG_0676.JPGIf someone of the existing EM-11 users are looking for more portability solution without compromising steadiness and solidness, this is it.



M31 Image Update & 67FL/Pocket BORG

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I did one more tweak on my M31 image. I think this should be a bit better finish. Overall, I’ve never adjust background color. Thanks for the color balance of IDAS HEUIBII filter. That’s really helpful to ease the image processing a lot.

Next month, I will take shots with LPS-V4 to more isolate Ha region as well as HEUIBII for overall color channels. I’m curious how it will finish up. LPS-V4 is not recommended for galaxies because of they are broadband spectrum objects. But I wonder if it works to isolate Ha region and allows for longer exposure to capture more photon. Let me test and see.


BORG 90FL F4 + Cooled 6D + IDAS HEUIBII-52


The production of BORG 67FL and Pocket BORG have been discontinued, and now they are only available from last stock. These were typically BORG-like products and very popular for birders. But they will fade out as a part of continuously reorganizing BORG lineup.


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This was an another shot last weekend. I will re-try to shoot with slightly different approach next time. I’m curious how it will come up.

m31aBORG 90FL F4 + Cooled 6D + IDAS HEUIBII-52, 16 x 5 minutes (no dark applied)


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