BORG 107FL Eclipse Set

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Now we can take an order for 107FL F1.4 teleconverter set.

107FL_100ss1Part # 6211 : $2,795.00 (Delivery : End of June)

Probably this is only one 4″-plus OTA which allows to carry into airline cabin.


BORG user in Japan – Urabe san posted following image. I love this composing. There are various globular clusters including M22. Very nice!

DSCF2633_42_nik_s_16_lBORG 55FL F3.6 + Fuji X-M1 by 浦辺守

This image encourages me to use my most favorite camera – Fuji X-T1 since even stocked Fuji’s cameras well capture Ha signal. So I prepared and made pre- system test to use this weekend.


 Done, now I’m looking forward to see how X-T1 will create the image.

Are you ready for the total eclipse?

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One of BORG 90FL users – Haldun Menali send me his visual setup for the eclipse. He looks ready to go anytime.

An interesting side-by-side setup. Very unique thing is to use bungee cords to tighten two scopes together. I guess this makes two scopes more stable? Haldun, thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful time during the eclipse.

Attention to BORG users, please send me your eclipse setup picture and share your idea with us here. Probably most of people start testing and determining the way for go. I’m curious of seeing too.

One of BORG 107FL users in Japan – Kasori san took great lunar pictures. These close-up shots make me feel like viewing from the window of the lunar orbiter.

0523c 0523dImage data : BORG 107FL + 1.4x teleconverter DX (#7215) + PL15mm + QHY5III

Very nice! Kasori san

Attention to users of ZWO image capture, now the controller allows to set the cooling/warming power.

0523eThe default is “zero”. This makes cooling and warming at maximum speed. If you set “3/min” for example, the temperature’s changing speed turns 3 degree per minute. This feature should be helpful of minimizing the possibility of the dew or frost formation. Now we are preparing for the download site for the latest program. I will notify you once it will be ready.

BORG Availability

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As mentioned several times, it’s very hard to allocate the schedule of BORG shipment these days. Especially all of fluorite optics are highly demanded. Current lead time is generally 2 months or might be longer.

To maintain the highest possible optical quality, BORG can’t increase the number of units produced any more. It’s full production each month. Even I’m not sure when I can get an extra 90FL for myself.

Only stock item at Hutech at this moment is 89ED. Any other optics are back-ordered.

If you are interested in enjoying fluorite performance visually or photographically this summer, I highly recommend putting your name in the waiting list too. Earlier, better.

To customers who are waiting long time, I’m sorry for the inconvenience to you. We are doing the best to notify you ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

0518aFlourite crystal actually used for BORG optics


More Southern Hemisphere Pictures

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One of Japanese astro photographers – 千手正教 shared his beautiful pictures recently taken in Australia.

EtaCN-BatN-AP-JmBORG 55FL F3.6 + Modified Canon 6D + Vixen AP mount – total 100 minutes

EtaCN-POLARIE-JmBORG 55FL F3.6 + Modified Canon 6D + Vixen Polarie – total 45 minutes

55FL F3.6 (200mm f.l.) and full frame camera with a small mount looks the perfect easy-going imaging system for Southern hemisphere trip.

SC-POLARIE-JmSame system as above. I learned 200mm f.l. w/full frame sensor just fits the Southern Cross.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADark and clear sky, I wish to see Magellanic Clouds with naked eyes!

BORG Astrograph FTF Sets

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71FL and 90FL Astrograph FTF packages are now available too.

71ftf471FL F4 FTF version : $1,695.00 including a pair of mounting rings (#7085 = $130 value)

*Current objective dew-shield is the matte finish.

90ftf490FL F4 FTF Version : $2,395.00 including a pair of mounting rings (#7085 = $130 value)

So now all fluorite systems are available along with FTF-M57 as each package special price.

Also other FTF set prices are updated too.

SS-one All-in-one Controller & All Sky Camera with ZWO Image Capture

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A prototype of SS-one all-in-one controller – KODO. I’m sure a commercial unit should be something like this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooking very nice finish. Various features are packed into one. This should reduce the the cable tangle headache.

I just made the initial test.

This is total almost 3 hours sequence (because of frame limit) and my small USB 5V battery still have 3/4 remaining. I’m confident it easily handles one night. One minute exposure and one minute interval. The LiveView continues to be on during the interval. So the power still drains all the time unlike DSLRs. But power consumption seems to be very minimal. This looks the nice back-packer or camper imaging system.


Meteor Imaging System & Astro Image

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I just bought 1st generation ASI 120mm camera from a friend. I thought this was the perfect combination with SS-one ZWO image capture for meteor shooting, or simply saying all-sky camera. No need autoguider port and USB 3. So a camera is not obsolete at all.

0512The biggest advantage is no-PC over the night. It means no big power source required either. I’m curious whether my USB battery pack lasts one night or not. Let me see. At this moment, ZWO Capture allows to shoot only up to 99 frames though.  I will play it around anyway.

Local serious astro phtographer – David Losano recently got a modified SONY A7SFH with LPS-D1 body-mounted filter. Here is his 1st shot.

m20m8 area 33x20sec PS2 5-5-5017LR

Beautiful wide-field shot!, David. LPS filter or any interference type of filter has the spectrum shift issue. So It must be set behind the lens when wide-angle lens is used with. So LPS body-mounted filter is very useful for this kind of low angle target.

Here is other shots in Chile by Sam Berrada. He owns 2 6DHs. So I guess these might have been taken side-by-side same time.

Eta C B107B107FL F6 and Canon 6DH (20x6min ISO 1250)

Eta Carina B90v4 (PS saturated) JPGB90FL F4 and Canon 6DH (24x4min ISO 1250)

Sam, thanks again for sharing your pictures with us. Especially southern hemisphere sky is very fresh for me. I look forward to continuously seeing your image.

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