Jupiter through 90FL Bino w/Vixen HR 2.4mm

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I noticed the Jupiter was up at comfortable time these days. So I set 90FL Bino at my backyard and enjoyed Jupiter viewing over the weekend. I’m not a serious visual observer. But the viewing was no boring at all. I could spend 1 hour to continuously keep watching. Binoscope viewing with Vixen HR eyepieces is very comfortable. No tired at all. 0424a

I’m using HR 2.4mm. So it was 200x plus magnification. Eyepieces gives me high eyepoint and bright image. I love a pair of HR eyepieces very much. One day, I wish to get two 2.0mm. I hope it will be still bright and clear image at 250x. Meade double-fork mount is really enjoyable.

When I was using a single fork mount before, shaking was annoying during focusing. But it’s gone. And non-tracking double fork I used to use before was stable but not enjoyable either. My job was to just try to keep chasing the target by hands instead of viewing. It was really uncomfortable and almost impossible at high magnification to do so long time. Now these two factors are completely gone. Very comfortable and enjoyable now. Thanks, beat at AOK Swiss and Meade. You gave me happiness.

Jimmy, please come over my house and let’s share wonderful planetary viewing.

This is now my best visual scope. 107FL bino must be nicer. But I’m afraid more bulky and heavier. The mount has to be 10″ type. The mount will be bigger and heavier too. So I still think 90FL bino is realistic for me at all of aspects.

This will be my primary gear for the total eclipse too. I’m excited how I can spend time along with 90FL bino during the totality. I’m sure it will be unforgettable experience in my life. Only concern is the sky……

My 5V Operation Project & Dealer in Taiwan

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As mentioned several times here, a factory-aligned Takahashi polar scope is very accurate. Yes, I’m still sure. But I didn’t see graphically how PM-1 was. I saw EM-200 though. So I tested last night. SS-one AG Element was very handy for that too.

It’s a bit to hard to see from this picture. Green one indicates DEC. This was exactly what I expected from my previous image result. DEC drifting is minimal. I believe EM-200’s polar scope must be further more accurate. And all of Tak polar scopes are completely shielded and protected by a body. This is very important to maintain the factory-set precise level as portable mount since it is more often carried and transported. Actually this mount itself was shipped and back several times already while being roughly handled during that. But fortunately still good looking. I feel the polar scope itself is several hundreds dollar value at my satisfactory viewpoint.  I think I can use 400mm focal length without DEC correction. It depends on the exposure time though since I’m the long-exposure lover. Anyway, that was good to know.

BTW, both mount and Autoguider were operated at 5V from compact USB battery pack.

1028c This is a autoguiding-capable (originally not) controller for Takahashi PM-1 and PM-SP, and allows to get 5V power (originally 6V)

The rest I have to consider is the power for an imaging camera. So I just clicked a following a step-up voltage converter at Amazon. Looks very nice.

0422cI expect I can set a right voltage for CANON and SONY DC coupler I have from 5V.  My 5V battery pack has 3 USB outputs. But I’m not sure one battery can handle 3 of items at same time. I have to test and see. Probably it might not. Tak mount must be very low consumption though. Anyway unless a camera is not cooled, this 5V system should be most comfortable setup for myself. I’m getting older and older, and I’m always concerned about my back condition. So I’m trying all are getting more compact and lighter these days to continuously maintain my energy toward astronomy. Since I switched the mounting interface to all Arca Swiss interfaces, that is one help too.

And finally believe or not, we didn’t have a dealer in Taiwan. But I had very good opportunity to meet people from Taiwan at NEAF and concluded the discussion to startup the business. I’m very glad at this movement. All of staff I met are all young. So I felt their bright future.


I understand every astronomer in Taiwan must know the company – Nick Enterprise. Several BORG systems and accessories will be displayed sometime soon. So to Taiwanese customers, please contact and visit them to touch and see BORG telescopes and Hutech products.


Attention to SS-one Users

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I tested a following GPS receiver. As advertised, it was a plug-n-play unit with Pi and worked as expected.

0420aI can recommend this as GPS receiver for SSAGE and ZWO Image Capture.

Astro Dog

0420bA frequent visitor these days. Very cute and active.

BORG Field Flattener & Teleconverter

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These days BORG flattener and teleconverter are more inquired than usually. Yes, they will be good optical accessories for the total eclipse. BORG’s correction lenses are well designed to minimize the ghost during solar imaging. These are 3 brothers.

7108 : 1.08x –  300mm to 800mm f.l.

7214 : 1.4x – 300mm to 640nn f.l.

7215 : 1.4x – 500mm to 1000mm f.l.

All 3 units fully covers the full frame sensor. If you wish to sharply capture the entire corona in full frame sensor, this should be the one. As described above, it works with various focal length of the scopes and 2″ nosepiece adapter(#7425) allows to insert into standard 2″ opening too. So well convenient and versatile.


SS-one Auto Guider

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As announced before, SS-one original auto guider camera and optical unit will be commercially available end of this month.


Specs are exactly same as ASI120MM.

0417bSS-one Camera : C-mount lens interface and w/dew heater cable port

0417cBuilt-in fan and heater complete unit (100mm, 75mm and 50mm lens available)

The key concept is, as you can see, the square box design. So it allows to eliminate mounting rings, which is generally extra cost. And always the mount’s X and Y axis exactly match with the sensor vertically and horizontally. I’m not sure I’m right. But as far as I know, this might be 1st square shape and all-in-one autoguider unit. The prices are not set yet. But I’m sure they should be very reasonable.

BTW, a friend who came back from Japan gave me a nice gift from Japan.  Astro T-shirt, very good quality finish!!


BORG Photo & SS-one ZWO Image Capture

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BORG 71FL F4 is still good size for most of small portable mounts available in the market. Here is a recent nice picture taken by Aozuki san in Japan.

0414aBORG 71FL F4 (Mini Borg configuration) + Modified Canon 6D

His other beautiful astro photography can be seen at


And this is the classic seasonable picture in Japan – Cherry blossom with a bird.

0414b BORG 36ED + Fujifilm X-T2 by Mr.BORG – Nakagawa

Now SS-one is preparing for 1st software update for ZWO Image Capture. Extra features will be

  • Saving image data in each image file
  • Adding time and location data when an optional GPS receiver is used
  • Automatically applies dark and flat to each image after taken one by one

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce it will be ready, we will set it at the downloadable site for current users.

NEAF 2017

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NEAF 2017 was very successful too. Thanks for stopping by our booth.


MASUYAMA Eyepieces – Gigantic 3″ (80mm)!!17neaf2BORG Scopes – 107FL F6 at middle17neaf3

IDAS Body-mounted and solar filters17neaf4SS-one Controllers 17neaf5Hinode Solar Guider and Motorized Solar Tuner(prototype)17neaf8BORG 90FL Binoscope and finder with Meade LX-90/8″ mount17neaf7Takahashi PM-1 & BORG 90FL F417neaf9

Modified PM-SP (w/SS-one polar camera) & BORG 55FL F3.6 17neaf6

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