Kasai Crayford Focuser

•September 23, 2022 • 2 Comments

This is the premium quality focuser. A solid body and smooth focusing with large focus knobs.

BORG M68.8 adapter is also available. So the focuser can be attached with BORG M68.8 drawtube or directly to Series 80 tubes along with 7801.

With BORG 72FL

This is a really good focuser. Highly recommended to BORG users. And most likely compatible with EAF motor unit.


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1- We resume shipping early next week. So our EC site is now ready to take an order.

2- About IDAS NBZ-48 and NBZ-48 UHS, I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting.

But finally I can specify the schedule. We will begin shipping end of next week. So our EC site is now ready to accept the order too.

Also all dealers will get in stock shortly. Please contact your local dealer for the availability.

Wanderer Astro Camera Rotator M54

•September 20, 2022 • Leave a Comment

This is a ultra low-profile rotator. 10mm light path body allows to set into most telescopes while meeting each optical requirement. M54 interfaces don’t require special adapters either.

It should come in stock within a week or so.

Solar Broadband with Player One Saturn-C

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1- The colleague – Dave took a very clean solar broadband shot taken by Player One Saturn-C camera.

Take a look at the full resolution image. Very nice!

2- I start my project too. At least I could reach focus and align X/Y axes of a solar guider today.

120mm ERF + BORG 90FL + Daystar Quark + Player One Apollo-M Max & Solar Guider

I saw a Player One camera first time. A camera body is the nice finish, and more lightweight and compact than I thought. Looking very good!

BORG 72FL F3.6

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This is 1st light taken by Odd Hoydalsvik in Norway, with BORG 72FL and Starizona’s Apex ED reducer.

If someone are looking for the faster(F3.6) and the wider(260mm focal length), This should be one of your good options. It creates quite sharp image entire APS-C sensor. And good travel scope in its size and weight.

Thank you, Odd. Enjoy astro imaging with a new scope!

Filter Holder Cases

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This is a filter holder case for the mirrorless cameras filter drawers. 1-bay and 3-bay are now available.

Following filter holders fit this case.

Player One Camera Front Window

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I wasn’t sure if Player One published the type of a front window for each camera. So I uploaded here for your reference.

As described above, only one color camera has in-camera IR blocker. So pay attention to blocking IR or not for your expected goal. Player One’s concept gives us more wide-variety of options to enjoy the different and new types of imaging.

In fact, one of color cameras like Neptune-C II(IMX464 sensor) has very high sensitivity in NIR as shown below. Actually NIR is higher than VIS. So no in-camera IR blocker fully makes sense.

Some Player One filters are in stock as well.

Player One Now In Stock

•September 13, 2022 • Leave a Comment

Several models are in stock now.


•September 12, 2022 • Leave a Comment

Unfortunately eADC is still out of stock.

But Woodland Hills might still have some in stock. Please contact them if you are interested in.

We are expecting more will come in within 10 days or so.

M31 & M33 thru BORG 90FL with Fuji X-T3

•September 9, 2022 • Leave a Comment

These are results taken by a friend – Hide last new moon weekend.

Believe or not, these were taken by 700mm focal length with a single tracking mount!! So no DEC corrected.

BORG 90FL with 1.4x teleconverter + Fuji X-T3 + Kenko Sky Memo R

He showed me the guiding graph. DEC was just a horizontal line all the time. Perfect polar alignment was made. Super well done, Hide!!

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