BORG 90FL F3.9ED & Tolga Astro as New BORG Partner

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 This was 1st 90FL set shipped to Europe. Filippo is an Oscar-grade actor. His video is always fun to watch. Enjoy!!


Tolga Astro has become BORG dealer in US and will start offering BORG/ESATTO astrograph package soon. If someone in US are interested in BORG/ESATTO system, please contact them for more details. They are well specialized in high-end imaging market. I’m sure they will give you the professional service.



Veil Nebula with IDAS and BORG

•July 10, 2019 • 2 Comments

I finished all of image processing.


BORG 107FL F3.9ED + SONY A7, 16 x 5′ with IDAS NB3 + 10 x 5′ with IDAS NB2, dithered by SS-one/EM200

Followings are the cropped close-up versions in full resolution mode.



All light frames were simply stacked. More experienced users should split into RGB individually and create AOO or Hubble Pallet or something else. I will learn that from now on.

I feel the image sharpness might be affected by seeing or the temperature change during the imaging session. Even my 75mm guide scope showed poor seeing.

I wish to use my lovely cooled 6D. But so far, there is no room for one more filter box at this moment. This is why I shot the above with A7. I need the special arrangement for that.

BORG European Version & NGC7822 thru IDAS NB1

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BORG European distributor – PrimaLuceLab is almost ready to start their own BORG system incorporating their new motorized 3″ focuser – ESATTO. Here is the final setup.


90FL F3.9ED will be done by same way. And 55FL will be with their 2″ version. These will be the standard configurations in Europe.

Motor and electronics are all packed into a small enclosure. No other parts required. So for customers who wish to control the focuser from PC as default, this is it. And this should be more cost-effective way. Please contact PLL or BORG local dealers in Europe for pricing and availability.

My close friend – Jimmy Nguyen shared his recent picture – NGC7822 taken with IDAS NB1 filter.

NGC 7822

IDAS NB1 + BORG 71FL F4 + QHY 10, 22 x 10′

Since it is faint and fuzzy, I didn’t achieve good result yet. He did successfully capture it with a color camera by 10 minute long exposure with a narrowband filter, which allows to finish high contrast image. Very nice finish, Jimmy. Thanks for sharing.

Veil thru IDAS NB2 and NB3

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My field-test(actually practicing) is still on going. I just wanted to have the quick review how last night’s results look like before processing. So these are still before dark and flat are applied. Following is each single shot. I understand these colors are over saturated. But I leave as it is. These were taken in 5 minutes at ISO2000. But I realized it was still under-exposure. 6 minutes at ISO2000 seems to be a good point.






NB3+NB2 (1:1)

As a modified DSLR user, I like NB3 very much. Generally modified DSLR creates Ha-dominant RAW. OIII seesm to be overwhelmed by Ha. NB3 looks the best tool for modified DSLRs to relatively enhance OIII portion.

I will try to complete all of image processing ASAP.


IC1396 thru IDAS NB1

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This is unguided 10 x 3′(ISO 4000) shots with NB1. It seemed to be under-exposure. 5 – 6 minutes at normal ISO looks more suitable.


IDAS NB1 + BORG 107FL F3.9ED + Cooled 6D, no dark/flat

With a modified DSLR, red channel is dominant. I was expecting to capture more OIII section of IC1396. I guess Astro OSC camera shows better OIII and Ha balance thru NB1.

I will try same target with NB2 & 3 next time.


Veil thru IDAS NB3

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I didn’t take through NB2. I forgot about that, or might be too sleepy to do more…… So this is only NB3 image.


NB3-52 + BORG 72FL F4 (prototype) + modified SONY A7, 3 minutes/ISO4000. No dark/flat. Simply stacking 20 light frames.

I think OIII filaments more show up as expected. 72FL F4 looks creating very flat illumination entire full frame sensor.

Followings are the summary of IDAS Nebula Booster Series.



BORG 90FL F3.9ED Now In Stock & BORG 55FL F3.6

•July 3, 2019 • 7 Comments

1- Finally BORG 90FL F3.9ED is in stock now in US.


Just 365mm (14″) long.  Hassle-free airline-transportable scope for the overseas expeditions!! Enjoy BORG-proprietary 6-element optical performance with 55mm diagonal sensor.

2- Fortunately we can start 90FL F3.9 anyway. The rest of a scope is 55FL F3.6. I got final and serious commitment from BORG recently. They do begin shipping within this month. I’m sure this is final.

Some people are waiting 6 month already. Whenever I can notify specific shipping date, I will contact one by one. Let us finalize your order and set up shipping, or you may cancel.  No obligation at all. Instead, I apologize to the inconvenience to you long time. In this month BORG might have big announcement. Stay tuned.


I played around adding one of spacers into the objective section. A gold ring looks more elegant. I’m thinking of having several color variation for each user’s choice.


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