SONY A7 and BORG 7872

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SONY A7H/A7FH should become further attractive prices now.

ILCE-7_front_jpg Our prices have been updated online.



Also 0.72x reducer page is now online too. To 7872 users, please download the system diagram for the proper setup.

7872aNote 7872’s back focus is now 60mm unlike previous ones. So it requires #7000 for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.



NEAF 2015

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NEAF 2015 was one of most successful event for us. Thanks again for stopping by our booth to discuss the products and to place orders.

A couple of new brands

neaf3IDAS LPS, type 4 and planetary filters

neaf2 White and black BORGs,  modified SONY and Canon

neaf4Takahashi PM-SP

Controller powered by Hutech KODO(TM) engine is under development.

Hinode solar guider at the top of BORG 89ED with Takahashi PM-1 fork mount mode

No meridian flip needed, suitable for long-time solar imaging session

PM-1, more conventional setup in equatorial mode

Another controller powered by Hutech KODO(TM) engine is also under development.

71FL & Black OTAs

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Now BORG is trying to make their lineup simpler. Too many number of models including white and black finish were piled up year to year. As a result, the list got so complicated. So it’s time to re-organize the product lineup now. Also we are reviewing each package to make the package contents uniform except the objective lens. Basic strategy is that we are going to unify the black color little by little. So once white color system will be discontinued sometime soon, no more white will be available. An another factor for black objective assembly is the matching with carbon fiber tube as possibility if it will be commercially available. I understand the white tube is the textbook answer for astronomy community. But I hope the new era has come. So we have decided to focus on the black. As shown recently, 55FL looks wonderful shape. 1st announcement is 71FL. Following 71FL white sets have been discontinued.

0271 / 2571 / 6071 / 6171 / 6172 / 6173 / 6271 / 6272

These items numbers are only available at local dealer now. No factory stock any more.

DSC00725ss171FL black

And in this chance, we will re-organize BORG price list from the scratch to make things easier.



Takahashi/Hutech AZ Slow Motion Stage Package

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We have decided to include Hutech mounting plate (#KD102) with Takahashi AZ slow motion stage since it perfectly fits each other. See my setup.

Personally I don’t think I need the adjustment stage for regular guiding since I don’t have the problem to locate proper guide stars. But this setup makes me ready for the comet nucleus guiding any time the comet shows up.  So I decide to do this way all the time.

The stage is mechanically well-designed and -made. It’s a kind of must-item for comet nucleus guiding.

Specs are

– 2 x M8 at 35mm separation at bottom

– 2 x M6 at 35mm separation and 1 x 1/4-20(center) at top

– Adjustable +/- 10 degree vertically and +/- 5 degree horizontally

– 680g




Solar Activity Today

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I was curious how longer focal length changed the image resolution. So I tested with BORG 89ED (600mm f.l.) today. It was 400mm last time.

_4020002Solarscope 50 + BORG 89ED + SONY A6000H + Takakahashi EM200 + Hinode SG solar guider

Unfortunately hazy sky and passing clouds were not good as test today. My movie is often interrupted. Meanwhile this was good proof how Hinode SG was switching off and on automatically, depending on the clouds. Anyway, as expected, it keeps tracking to the end.


About 6 hours time sequence. 4-shot stacked in each frame

I will make one more test under the better sky condition.


Solar Activity 033015 & SONY’s Align-N-Stack Mode

•March 31, 2015 • 2 Comments

This was 6 hours sequence for solar activity yesterday. Total 50-frame time-lapse movie. Fortunately there were some big prominence activities. This should be fun to watch.

Close-up version


solarSolarscope 50 + BORG 50FL + SONY A6000H + Takahashi PM-1XY(planet fork mode) + Hinode SG solar guider

My most curiosity was how SONY’s 4-frame align-N-stack function worked for the solar imaging. I was taught a couple of days ago recent SONY cameras have the feature called Multi Frame Noise Reduction. So I wanted to test before Olympus E-M5 II. Above each frame was 4 x 1/4000″ exposure. Looks working. I’m not sure better or not. At least image wasn’t ruined. I will carefully examine the images between the stacked and the single. Still too many things to learn camera functions……  BTW, modified SONY camera seems to be too sensitive at Ha. The image was a bit saturated. I wanted faster shutter speed. But unfortunately A6000’s fastest was 1/4000″. I wish A7000(?) will have 1/8000″ shutter speed and possibly in silent shutter mode.

– Update : I noticed decreasing max ISO avoids saturating. ISO is automatically set as AUTO in stack mode. But lower max ISO should be OK now.

Takahashi XY Stage

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Takahashi’s XY stage is well designed and made like their all others. Following snapshot was taken for my comet setup. Their stage was very helpful to center of the comet nucleus to my tiny ST-5C chip for autoguiding.  Fortunately there was no bright star through the comet nucleus’s trajectory during guiding. So autoguiding was completely successful.
1The stage is mechanically very smooth and like the lock solid when tightened. Not flimsy movement at all. No image shift during tightening either. I’m so surprised for such reliability. Push/pull knobs are soft and solid. It’s very hard to tell this feeling. Once someone use, I’m sure all can share the  feeling.

xy3s1/4″ screw at the top allows to orient the guide scope direction. There are one 1/4″-20 at the center and Takahashi standard two M6 at he bottom.

Recently I realized Hutech guide plate (#KD102) was the best fit since the plate has 1/4″-20 at its middle.


Much more simpler and less weight than my 1st setup shown in 1st picture.

And also the stage can be used as the polar alignment stage for portable mounts too.


And the orientation free 1/4″-20 screw are great design for non-Takahashi portable mounts too. This function allows to align the stage and portable mount direction.

This super reliable stage along with universal design is definitely the great value to own. We need the reliable item for the time-sensitive and no-fault situation like comet event. Highly recommended. We will add this item in Hutech price list shortly. Green and black are available.




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