IDAS Ha 6.8nm

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I did its halo test last night. Here is the actual result.

I’m sure we can enjoy imaging with all clean star shapes.

Here is a new product page.

98% is the actual measured data. Absolutely this allows to reduce the exposure time and as a result, it should help increasing S/N in a certain exposure time.

Heart & Soul

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I thought the single narrowband filter revived an old lens. So I tried out last night. This was taken by Sigma 150mm/F2.8m, which was a good lens in the film era. But unfortunately seems to be a bit out-of-date for the digital sensor.

I was curious how it performed with Ha filter under Borlte 8 sky.

IDAS Ha STD 52mm + Sigma 150mm @F3.5 + ASI2600MM, 40 x 5

Yes, I’m glad Sigma 150mm is in my active lineup now.

20 x 5′


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My club friends – Jim and Dave uploaded their latest images taken with their BORG 107FL F3.9 and IDAS NBZ filters.

Jim & Dave, beautiful finish!!

IDAS Ha-6.8 Measured Data

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IDAS carefully inspects and measures all production units piece by piece!! The following is the typical measured value. So unlike the designed value, this is what you actually get like any other IDAS products. Looking a beautiful shape!!

Special notes on the plot are 98% transmission rate and fully blocking up to 1200nm shown above.

A following was my last night shot at my backyard. But after starting for the Veil, I realized the target wasn’t proper for Ha only imaging. Anyway, this was the result.

IDAS Ha-6.8 STD + BORG 107FL F3.9ED + ASI2600mm, 20 x 5

IDAS NBZ & Ha-6.8

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1- Allen Ruckle in San Diego sent his recent shots taken thru IDAS NBZ with HyperStar C11.

Helix Nebula Sept 2, TDS site, C14 ƒ1.9, ASI 2600 MC, 19X60sec, IDAS NBZ Duo Narrowband Hå, OIII, Cool -16°C
Elephant Trunk Nebula. Sept 2, TDS site, C14 ƒ1.9, ASI 2600 MC, 15X90sec

Allen, thanks for sharing. Beautiful colors!!

2- This is my another wide-field shot from the backyard. Target might be still too low angle.

IDAS Ha-6.8 HS + Sigma 50mm Art at F2.5 + ASI2600MM

I will switch to the telescope tonight.

IDAS Ha 1st Light

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This is my 1st single narrowband shot along with a monochrome camera.

IDAS Ha-6.8nm HS + Sigma 50mm Art at F2.5 + ASI2600MM, 10 x 5′

First, I was glad the filter allowed me to set 5-minute exposure at gain zero in Bortle 8 sky condition.

And In my personal interest, I wanted to test and see if I can use a wide-angle lens at my backyard. The result looks like saying “yes”. The flat isn’t applied in above image either. Personally this is what I’m pleased most.

Next, I will take more frames with the dithered imaging.

The actual measured data says IDAS filter achieves 95%-98% emission signal transmission. I feel I captured a fair amount of the emission signal as published.

Yes, this is another new level of fun at my backyard for me.

And taken by this setup.

52mm filter allows to use the full frame sensor.

IDAS Ha Filter

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This is IDAS’s 1st single narrowband filter – Ha 6.8nm, which is now commercially available at several sizes and speed versions. What came in first is 2.5mm thickness. 3.0mm thickness will come in shortly.

Ha 6.8nm 52mm mounted HS
STD version 50.8 mounted with ZWO CFW

Following 3 speed versions are available.

See the band shift simulation data at each version.

IDAS Filters for Baader UFC

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In addition to ZWO/QHY holder, now IDAS filter holder for Baader UFC is available from Astro Hutech. The effective clear aperture is 48.0mm diameter.

IDAS 49mm unmounted comes with one of special holders for ZWO/QHY or Baader UFC. Specify it at the order.

See 49mm unmounted lineup at


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Finally we are scheduling to resume shipping 95mm and 145mm mounting rings next week. So now we can accept orders for those rings as well.

Also now TOA150 rings are now available as new model.


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I got the quick feedback from the user – Andy Lubel.

Everything fits and works as designed and expected.

And here is the comparison result.

Left : RASA11-M57 adapter w/NBZ, Right : his original adapter

According to Andy, his left shot was just stretched out and the adapter’s larger opening obviously reduced the light falloff.

BTW, he uses NBZ UHS F1.8-F2.8 52mm. This is the best for RASA11 in size and optical performance.

Read my previous post.

This is the filter drawer set.

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