IDAS LPS-D2 for Nikon APS-C

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This is the good news for Nikon APS-C camera users. Several customers requested LPS-D2 for Nikon before. So we have decided to go for it.


For Nikon D5300 & D5500

In addition to current LPS-D1 and HEUIBII, LPS-D2 will be newly available sometime February.



IDAS 36mm unmounted

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More 36mm unmounted filters are now available from IDAS. See at


36mm should fit up to APS-C sensor. For monochrome camera, it can be replaced with an original L filter to get better S/N luminance data under light-polluted sky. Even NGS1 blocks the natural sky glows at the dark site as well.

For OSC camera, you can electrically control switching multiple filters like broadband,  narrowband -NB1, and Ha filter etc.

This should be very convenient. I was changing filters manually time to time. But I realized it was too busy to snap since usually I set up two imaging systems. So I easily lose my mind which filters are already used with system A? or B? in the sleeping head condition. Very confusing, especially in my case I’m switching 3 different filters manually. So I know how nice it is to preset the entire imaging sequence in advance.


IDAS 1.25″ Filter & Nightscape Photo

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Attention to end-users and IDAS dealers

After LPS-D1-28.6 (for 1.25″) has been discontinued, LPS-V4 is only available at 1.25″ size now. IDAS doesn’t plan to reproduce 1.25″ size any more.

One alternative solution is, if a camera is ZWO, to use Z-series.


New IDAS Z-series fit with 1.25″ nosepiece adapter. As a result, it performs as 1.25″ filter as well.

And moreover, not only LPS-D1, also various other types are available.


Recently Odd Hoydalsvik in Norway got Canon RPh and shared his latest shot taken with a new camera.


Canon RPh with IDAS HEUIBII filter

Beautiful pictures!!, Odd.

According to him, his sky is amazingly Bortle 2!! I’ve never had experiences under such dark sky.

Some of his pictures seem to show a hint of air glows. Generally air glows show up (or are more visible) at low angle of the sky (I think). So I believe NGS1 should be the best fit for nightscape photography.

Also NGS1 suppresses man-made light pollution such as white LED and low-pressure sodium. So it reduces the city-light at same time. Very good value!! This is why I’m always using NGS1 as a base filter myself anywhere at my backyard and darker site.

Keep in mind, this is the interference type of filters like other IDAS filters. So it won’t optically work with wide-angle lenses. So filter has to be set between a lens and a camera.

NGS1 is highly recommended in various circumstances.

And one more thing – NGS1 neutralizes the background color when a modified consumer camera is used. See at my test


Takahashi PM-Series Parts

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Attention to Takahashi portable mount users

Since the portable mount has been “unfortunately” discontinued, I stopped to handle accessories either. But I still receive inquiries for parts time to time. Thank you very much!

This is to summarize all of parts still available in Japan, as of today.

We can still accept the order on the special arrangement basis. Lead time is 1 to 3 weeks. It depends on the shipment schedule.

There are two colors – light green (traditional green) and light blue (new color). It depends on item. Some parts might be LB only. Ask me price and color.

Also feel free to contact me if you are not sure what kind of part is.

A half pillar is really valuable. So light and solid. I have one. But I think I should get one more for an another mount.



Mirrorless Camera Adapters

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Nikon Z camera looks getting popular in our community these days. This is to summarize our adapter lineup.


These adapters allow to use Canon EF and Nikon F lens with various mirrorless cameras as well as M42 and M54 interface astro cameras. The key feature is that light path of lenses adapters is fully optimized when IDAS M48 or M52 filter is in place. IDAS ODW (clear) filter performs for the par-focal if you don’t block any spectrum.


Canon RP + Sigma 50mm with IDAS 52mm filter


This should be the big benefit for Nikon Z users since Nikon doesn’t have a filter drawer while Canon does.

*** To Nikon Z users:

If camera is mainly used with telescope, I highly recommend Canon EF adapter and 52mm filter to minimize the light block. This should be concerned especially in the long back focus optics.


BORG 72FL F4 & Kenko SkyMemo R

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I took some test shots with newly designed BORG 72FL F4 at my backyard end of last month. (I was too lazy to process the image)


This is one of them. Just quick view.


72FL F4(w/Hutech R&P focuser) + Canon RPh + IDAS NB2 + Kenko SkyMemo R, 25 x 2′


I didn’t use SkyMemo more than 10 years. Actually I don’t remember when I used last time.

Anyway it looks still tracking well, as expected. And fortunately polar scope is fully aligned too. I didn’t see any fatal tracking error entire sessions. This is 290mm focal length in 2 minutes. Still very reliable portable mount!

BTW, I used Hutech R&P focuser this time. It’s good enough for manual focusing. But new BORG 55FL customer fed-back the valuable info to me. He attached Pegasus motor, which I didn’t expect though. Probably other motors might be attachable too.


Thanks, David. Enjoy astro imaging with a new BORG!

Some New Shots from BORG Users

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  1. BORG 107FL & 90FL owner – Sam Berrada in Canada sent his recent pictures taken with BORG 107FL F6 and Canon 6DH.



2. In France, Olivier Calvetti send his latest images taken by BORG 55FL F3.6 with a newly acquired ASI533MC.





Thanks for sharing with us, Same & Olivier

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