IDAS Nebula Booster Series

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IDAS NB Series site has been updated since a new NBX was announced last week.


As you might be aware, each price of NB1 to 3 has been dramatically reduced. But nothing obsolete. I’m sure these will be continuously very good value as the more  budgetary filters.

NBX is scheduled to be available early of August.

BTW, I forgot publishing the plots of NB2 and 3 without a base filter. This is the production measured value when a filter is used alone.


As you can see, a regular UV/IR blocking filter works just fine. There is nothing concerned as long as your camera has IR blocker inside.

New IDAS Narrow Band Filter – NBX

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We proudly announce a new IDAS dual narrow-band filter – NBX, which is scheduled to be commercially available at following sizes early of August.

NBX-48 : $299.00

NBX-52 : $299.00

NBX at 300 to 1200nm

Features :

  • 10nm bandpass for Ha and OIII respectively.
  • IDAS-proprietary “flat-top”, “steep cut-off” and “off-center” design eliminates the emissions’ signal loss due to the spectrum shift until F2 speed.
  • Available 48mm and 52mm mounted (2.5mm thickness)
  • No IR blocker required
NBX at 400 to 700nm

Spectrum shift at F2


Left : on-axis & Right : F2 cone


As shown above, NBX maintains original transmission rate even the spectrum shift occurs while the conventional design dramatically looses the emission signal. They are still 10nm vs 7nm comparison. But we should consider at the viewpoint of S/N ratio.

Hutech Filter Drawer for HyperStar – #2

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One of Hyperster users – Allen Ruckle tested a prototype with his C9.25/HyperStar

This HyperStar filter drawer is carefully calibrated based on IDAS glass thickness and HyperStar optical requirements. So nothing optically distorted by the improper optical distance.

And this is his image resuls.

M27, ZWO2600 MC, 10 X 90sec, NB-1 filter

M27, Celestron 9 ¼” with HyperStar and Hutech filter box, IDAS NB-1 filter 5 day old moon, ZWO 2600 MC camera 10 x 90 second exposures, Gain 100, ASIair Pro. on Losmandy G11-T mount

M13 june 26, La Mesa, 5 day Moon 18 X 30sec

M13, June 26, La Mesa, 5 day old moon, 18 X 30sec, 9 ¼” with HyperStar, IDAS NB-1 filter in Hutech filter box. Processing with Nebulosity 4.4.1, ZWO 2600 MC camera.

Beautiful shots! And looks very sharp. Thanks for your testing, Allen.

Now I went for the commercial production. This is dedicatedly designed for HyperStar C9.25 & C11

  • IDAS M48 or M52 filter
  • QHY/ZWO M42 or M54 threaded interface camera (flange back 17.5mm)

Anything else don’t work as expected.

BORG Availability – 55FL F3.6 & 107FL F3.9ED

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First, we resume shipping 55FL various astrograph packages from today. Since these are pre-built complete systems, we ship little by little, based on each customer’s unique requirement.



107FL F3.9 will be next week.


We are expecting to receive some extra sets of both systems. So some should be in stock for a while. If someone are looking for the immediate delivery, don’t miss the chance. Go online and check with BORG dealers.These are the perfect optics for the summer night sky. And 107FL’s long back focus and large image circle fully meet the system requirements of OAG/full frame camera setup, which looks the trend these days.

If someone are interested in BORG/ESATTO systems, please contact Tolga Astro They seem to have both in stock as well.




New Filter Drawer for ASI Cameras

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This is a filter drawer for ASI 6200MC, 2600MC and 2400MC. The light path turns perfect when one of IDAS filters is in place. The unit is directly bolted down to camera body’s front plate. So there is no orientation issue. Thus, lens’s indicator is always facing up and a drawer is to side.


Just simulated with ASI183MC

Features are

  • Light path is fully optimized for IDAS M48 and M52 filters
  • Mounting foot available as option
  • Canon EF or Nikon F lens mount

And this should be the good solution to Celestron RASA 11 and IDAS users who are looking for the way to set a filter between a camera and the scope.

Scopetech Mount ZERO

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This is 1st feedback from one of the mount users – Craig Scogin.


With BORG 89ED

Craig is using a short flexible cables. As far as long enough, I agree shorter is better. I noticed the vibration from flexible cables when I released handles. So in my experiences, keep holding handles were better at high power(200x). I suggest users to find out proper length of handles. He also replaced with Losmandy clamp as well.

Thanks for your quick feedback, Craig. Looking very nice setup with black BORG and wooded Berlibach tripod. Enjoy observing with a steady mount.

A following Japanese ZERO manual is in a box along with the handling tips written in English. It should be described as the book instead the manual. It’s really nice book. Sorry, it’s still in Japanese. But most of pages have QR codes. So scan and see YouTube videos. I hope the motions are the universal language.


The mount is now available at First Light Optics in UK. If someone are interested, please contact them.


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This is one of a new BORG 107FL owners – Luca Quontam with Canon full frame camera.


His comment

congratulations, from the first light it seems to me excellent much better than xxx, I had 2 of them, I will still do some tests. photo dud hours and thirty minutes at 1600 iso with canon mark2. thanks Luca

I marked xxx. My objective here at the blog is not to compare with others.

Luca, really beautiful shots! Congratulations.  Good to know you successfully built up the scope yourself and achieved the optical performance as designed. Enjoy more and more with a new scope.


German-made Imaging Source Camera

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This might be the smallest and 1st German-made electronics device in my life. I have various kitchen items made in Germany though.

I understood they were Germany-based company. But I thought of being built in US if I buy here, at least hopefully was not from Asia. So this indication made me quite happy. And that was what originally expected.


Anyway, surprisingly and positively tiny. And looks well finished. I like this industrial USB connection. A cable is an extra cost. But I agree this is just paid for the reliability. Basically no other choice anyway.

Packaging and all are very nice. Now I feel really good value for waiting several weeks. Happy shopping!! Thanks to Imaging Source.

There are 3 threaded holes – 1 x 1/4″-20 and 2 x M6 at the bottom. So probably I can use it by various ways.

First, I need to do the compatibility test with some astro control software since no developer clearly told OK.

I added one missing filter into a last spot. Now All Stars of IDAS planetary filters!


All IDAS planetary filter lineup


From #1, Type 4 L – B – G – R – UV372 – BE410 – VW1


I think I have fully completed the planetary filter/camera kit. Now last issue is my lack of skill and experience. I will try to build them up little by little.

Hutech Filter Drawer for Hyperstar

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This is a prototype of Hutech filter drawer for Hyperstar C9.25 and C11.


The adapter is strictly designed for IDAS filter and ZWO/QHY cameras or 17.5mm flange back cameras via M42 or M54, based on Hyperstar specifications.

The optical distance turns perfect when IDAS M48 or M52 is in place. So there is no image distortion issue due to the incorrect light path. Hyperstar users more enjoy imaging without concerning the filter setup.

For exsiting users who already own BORG filter box and Hutech M42 or M54 adapter, you just need Hyperstar adapter to complete.




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We have shipped all out by today to all customers who ordered 107FL F3.9ED system. Please wait for its arrival.


Meanwhile, more are expected to be coming in end of this month. So now ready to accept an order, even thru BORG dealers. Please contact to one of BORG dealers if you are interested.

Now perfect time – summer Milky Way sky for this scope. Enjoy the high quality wide-field imaging.


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