Scopetech Mount ZERO

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We have prepared for the maintenance sheets. As the owners might be aware, the mount has various user-friendly features.

Click to download a PDF file

M27 thru BORG 107FL @ F7.8 & Users’ New Setups

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This was a shot taken last weekend with BORG 1.4x teleconverter (7215)

BORG 107FL F7.8 + IDAS NBZ-52 + ASI2600MC, 4′ x 15

When the dark was applied, the image turned totally black again. All signal seems to be gone. I wonder why……. So this was dark-applied.

Followings are Hutech royal customers’ new setups.

Craig Scogin – Scopetech Mount ZERO & various MORE BLUE items with his Tak FS60Q

Steven Chun – BORG 107FL with Mount ZERO & newly-acquired MORE BLUE R&P focuser

MORE BLUE focuser has 60mm focus travel. So it’s quite good for visual use. It’s the ready-to-use for BORG Series 80 users.

Craig & Steven, thanks for sharing.

Filter Drawer for SONY E Body

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Finally SONY filter drawer is commercially available.

Canon EF lens interface is only available. So add Nikon F to Canon EF adapter ring for Nikon F lenses.

Now 3 drawers for Canon, Nikon and Sony are available. This is most useful when wide-angle lens is used with a filter. Since the adapter length is fully calibrated for IDAS filter, there is no image distortion due to the improper light path.

MORE BLUE Focuser for BORG

•May 10, 2021 • 2 Comments

It is now in stock. And I newly setup with my BORG 72FL.

Looking very good match with BORG Series 80 scopes. 1:10 reduction knob is very smooth. This is the high cost-to-performance focuser.

I will add this focuser’s complete set shortly. This should simply decrease around $300 cost from FTF configurations.

Also MORE BLUE’s long-time out-of-stock items are now in stock as well.

Motorized Mount ZERO – 2

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I start playing around the visual observing with the mount night time.

As expected, alt-az setup was quite easy and quickly done. No polar alignment needed, it’s quite nice! Point one of bright stars and press sync with SkySafari. That’s all to do.

I checked the tracking behavior over 200x. The number of the wheel’s tooth are not as many as others. So that was a bit concerned. But fortunately there was nothing noticeable. GOTO was so quiet.

So this lightweight setup should be very nice grab-n-go visual purpose.

And good for EAA application as well.

IDAS Availability

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1- NBZ : 48mm will be June. Other sizes such as 52mm, Di and 49mm unmounted are in stock. I believe some of IDAS dealers should still have 48mm in stock. Please check around your local dealers if you are interested in 48mm NBZ.

2- NB1 : All will be within 2 weeks. Canon APS-C in stock.

3- HEUIBII : 48mm and 52mm will be within 3 weeks. Canon APS-C is in stock.

4- LPS-D3, LPS-P3, NB2 and NB3 are in stock

5- Nikon APS-C : Only one LPS-D2 left as the final inventory. No plan to be reproduced. So this is a truly last unit.

Motorized Mount ZERO

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This is the user-installable upgrade kit, which makes the mount ZERO GOTO-, tracking- and guiding- capable while maintaining the original solidness. The mount is the upgrade-ready at the factory from the beginning. So the setup is quite easy.

It will be commercially available soon. The manual is being prepared right now.

Unfortunately the controller is not user-switchable between alt-az mode and EQ mode.


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In addition to Takahashi focuser kit, now MORE BLUE focuser and dry end cap are available.

Believe or not, the focuser comes with BORG series 80 adapter in the promotional period. So this should be quite good news for BORG users and gives more focuser options at more friendly-price. It requires a male-to-male ring – 73002. But it comes with short tubes like 7026 and 7051 etc. So not big issue at all.

A dry box is a beautiful machined aluminum alloy just like other MORE BLUE products. It should be quite useful to keep the scope inside dry.

And AU113 – Vixen-compatible saddle was out of stock long time. But it is now available as the new design – longer and lighter. It requires more machining process to reduce the overall weight. But the price remains unchanged – $95.00. Thanks to MORE BLUE!

Canon R, Nikon Z and Sony E Filter Drawer

•April 27, 2021 • 8 Comments

Finally Canon R and Nikon Z filter drawers are in stock.

And in addition to Canon R and Nikon Z, Sony E to Canon EF filter drawer will be available middle of May too. Stay tuned for Sony users. As usual, Sony drawer allows to set IDAS regular mounted filters (48mm or 52mm). 52mm is highly recommended for full frame sensors.

Lunt Base for Solar Guider

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Our current Lunt base doesn’t fit their new solar finder/handle type. Here is our solution. The replacement adapter block allows to set the current base at the top of the handle.

So current Lunt users just need a replacement block.

Once the commercial unit gets in stock, it will be added as an optional item in our e-store page.

And thanks to Lunt for loaning us these units.

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