Pre-owned BORG 101ED F4 Set

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This is 1st generation ED reducer system with 101ED objective lens. One of my club members wanted to upgrade his to new 107FL F3.9ED astrograph. So I took it over and decided to offer as Hutech, on behalf of him.

OTA Price : $1,595.00 (was sold around $2,500.00 before)


Complete OTA, but no tube rings and camera adapters included. Very good condition mechanically and optically since it has been permanently set at his observatory long time.


This optical system was designed 14 years ago. But surprisingly my field test shows “nothing obsolete”. Very sharp entire full frame sensor although it was originally intended for APS-C camera that time (actually there was no full frame camera available in the market yet, at least as consumer model, when this reducer was designed). I re-tuned the collimation.  So there is nothing I hesitate to offer everyone at all.

Key features for this offer are;

  • 6-element petzval design, including 2 EDs
  • Brand-new helical focuser added by Hutech. FTF upgradable with extra cost
  • Pin-point stars entire full frame sensor. But severe light fall-off at each corner. So it is recommended up to APS-H sensor.
  • Camera rotator as standard
  • One year Hutech warranty
  • Various camera adapters as option
  • 7085 – tube rings recommended. Unfortunately no white rings available any more
  • Technical support by Hutech

The manual can be downloadable at


I believe this was very good deal since the reducer itself was sold around $1,000.00. If someone are interested, please e-mail to me directly.


BORG 55FL F3.6 with ASI094C

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One of BORG long-time users – Scott Denning (a legendary 125SD F3.9 owner as well) starts shooting wider field of shots with 55FL F3.6 and ASI094C. Here is his 1st shot taken at his backyard – Bortle class 6-7 as mentioned below.


One special note on his configuration is to set BORG filter box (7519) behind the reducer. Yes,  it’s convenient since allows to replace filters without disassembling the system.

This is optically allowed by removing the reducer’s extension tube to offset the back focus distance. Very smart design! But a demerit for this way is to require shorter main tube, even if the standard system has almost no room to shorten. This is most challenging part for all of short focal length scopes.


After discussing several times, eventually he managed to set the proper length. The above is the final configuration he made.


And here is his comment on image data and his setup.

I finally had some clear skies and was able to use the 55FL with reducer, IDAS V4, the new focuser, and my ASI094c camera.
Attached are two pics of the *tiny* scope on my very portable IOptron CEM25 mount, with an even smaller Kowa 100mm guidescope riding on top. The ASI094c includes a powered USB hub, so the guider needs no power or separate USB cable. The whole imaging session was automated using a tiny 2-ounce Intel Compute Stick running linux and Kstars.
Below is an image of IC1396 taken from my urban back yard (Bortle 6-7, red zone). This is the result of 31x300s subs, plus flats, bias, and darks processed in PixInsight.
What a wonderful little scope, and incredibly portable.
Thanks again for making this hobby possible and enjoyable!
Scott Denning
Scott, thanks for your 1st feedback. I’m glad to know you got the wonderful initial result as expected. Enjoy imaging with this little scope.
Bortle scale is my area is class 7. So I can imagine how bright his sky is. Yes, I believe IDAS LPS-V4 is an essential tool for imaging.

SS-one EM200

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Finally my EM200 Temma has been converted into SS-one-controlled mount. I was hesitating to do because of factory-installed high quality encoders. But I couldn’t stand the slow response of original motors any more after experiencing Oriental-made hybrid motor performance and no way to use encoders either. So I decided to go for it. I still feel sad all of original electronics.


Driven by KODO controller


SS-one-proprietary built-in polar camera. This is very valuable, good protection and no need for 3-point calibration repeatedly. 


Poor original electronics with expensive encoders, which I’ve never or couldn’t use, because of lack of feedback program.

Listen to the hybrid motor sound. Looking good, and now encourages me to do the dithered imaging like my EM10/SS-one.

BTW, the world only one system is no longer called “Ted Special”. Now it should be called a new owner name. I’m feeling my puppy has been handed over to a neighbor. I wish the system will be working well and keep a new owner happy long time. I really loved this system. So I took this as my memorial shot. Good bye and do good job there! Ted Special

Narrowband Imaging

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A serious astrophotographer – Steven Bellavia continues to share his new narrowband color images taken by his BORG 90FL.



I can’t imagine these were taken with just 360mm focal length scope. Well resolved and a lot of details show up!


IDAS/ZWO Filter Holder Available

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Now the adapters are commercially available. The set includes two pieces – a lens adapter and a camera adapter. The key is the total light path is fully optimized for IDAS filter thickness. So this is ready to go without worrying about light path shift by a filter glass thickness.


Clockwise from upper left : M42, M54, Nikon F and Canon EF

You can select one of each combination among followings.

Camera interface : M42(T-thread) for APS-C or smaller,  or M54 for full frame

Lens interface : Canon EF, Nikon F or Pentax K

Filter size : IDAS 52mm or 48mm

The set price : $195.00

If my understanding is correct, ZWO cameras have no IR blocker inside body. So this kind of setup is essential, especially for regular camera lenses. And also today’s high quality lenses are so sensitive to the back focus distance. The right light path is critical to achieve the native optical performance.


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Finally 55mm fluorite has been delivered from Canon. So now I can clearly say we can resume shipping within this month. But give me a bit more time for the specific shipping date. Sorry again to have kept you waiting. But it’s getting close now.

BTW, this is my recent setup at my backyard. I prepared almost every night these days. But the marine layer forced me to wrap up before opening caps all nights. So no image result at all.

1010a 55FL F3.6+Fuji X-T1, one of my most favorite systems at my backyard. Light and compact. So no complaining even if no image result. Easy to set and set back to home.

A cooled 6D is greater performance. But I feel I have to be serious. Meanwhile Fuji makes me relax and comfortable at my backyard.

And a following shows inside the scope. I use two filters most of times under the bright sky.


I wanted to just show one example. By combining two different filters, you can create your own overall filter performance and enjoy your own result. Try this one day. It’s fun to change the filter combination since you can see something new, and hopefully improvement.

Specs & Tube Rings

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Here is the specs for 107FL F3.9


Tube rings fitting the scope available in the market are

  1. PrimaLuceLab : 115mm
  2. VIXEN : 115mm
  3. AOK Swiss : 115mm
  4. Takahashi : 114mm
  5. Parallax : 114mm

My top selection is PrimaLuceLab rings – $225.00 a pair in USA. Premium quality and nice color match as well.

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