Looking For IDAS Filter Testers

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I’m looking for planetary imaging enthusiasts who are interested in making the image with following IDAS filters.


Click for filter details

UV372, BE410 and VE-1 are available at 1.25″ size each. Unfortunately BPF is currently out of production.  To someone who are interested in this offer, feel free to e-mail me. I’m happy to send it to you any time.

One of BORG serious users – Steven Bellavia created up his recent astro camp story. It’s fun to take a look at. Enjoy his nice slideshow entire his trip!

—- This was my 17th trip to Cherry Springs, and perhaps the best yet, as I had four perfectly clear nights in a row, which has never happened. (It was actually perfectly clear the night before I arrived, and I think several more after I left, all around the new moon).

I was also able to observe many daytime object, such as Venus, Mercury, Arcturus, and Regulus (my dimmest daytime star so far).

I also got to see a mother bear, with her two very tiny bear cubs, climbing down from a tree and going deeper into the woods.

It was cold at night, dipping into the forties, and comfortably warm and dry in the day. For the first time, I used the sandy beach and took a swim at the lake/reservoir, at Lyman Run State park, 6 miles away, which is another beautiful camping park.

A photo summary of my trip, along with images of celestial objects, both daytime and night, can be found here: 0713b





Smart, Simple & All-in One

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This is a motto of SS-one project. Yes, I fully agree with all of them. This simple setup allows me to do everything I need.


A small one box – KODO does guiding, dithering, controlling X-T1, polar aligning and GOTO as well. Just good enough for my needs. And a following was taken at my backyard last night, through hazy and smoggy sky condition. KODO more encourages me to take the system out night time, and makes my hobby more fun and comfortable. Thank you, KODO!


BORG 71FL F4 + Fujifilm X-T1 + LPS-V4/VR3XII filters, 30 x 4′ dithered by SS-one KODO

IC1396 was the perfect size for 280mm f.l. with APS-C sensor.

BTW, Fuji’s transmission at Ha might be be something around 60% as anticipated, which was similar to S3Pro. I’m sure Fuji X camera users can enjoy astro photography with a stocked Fuji camera without Ha-enhanced modification.

NGC7000 by ASI183MC & VR3XII Filter

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I was pointing the scope to the sky under the July 4th fireworks-anywhere situations last night. I wanted to verify how VR3XII filter worked with OSC camera.

First, a following was my last test with ASI183MC and LPS-V4. As shown below, B/G were much stronger than R. Since the controller has no WB function, I think this was the native color output through LPS-V4 from a camera, if my understanding is correct.


ASC183MC + LPS-V4, probably 1 minute exposure

So I wanted to attenuate B/G more.


ASI183MC + LPS-V4 + VR3XII, 4 minutes

This was what I expected and as a result, fortunately VR3XII allows me to increase longer exposure while reducing B/G saturation. The above was 4 minute exposure at my backyard under the bright sky.

Final image result? No good and various image processing errors. But I gave up further efforts and spending more time any more. This is the result anyway…… This pushes me back to take DSLR again. DSLR’s image processor or Adobe Image RAW does very good job to create color reproduction, seems to be so at least to me and my skill. I like to continue by that way. But 183MC camera will be still needed for small galaxies anyway.


BORG 55FL F3.6 +ASI183MC + LPS-V4 and VR3XII filters, 28 x 4′ dithered by SS-one KODO

This test purpose was to suggest you one of options how it “optically” adjusts the color balance instead of “electrically”.


SS-one KODO and ZWO Image Capture DX side-by-side for dithered imaging

Fujifilm X-T1 & SS-one KODO

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I tried to “more seriously” point to a same object last night.


BORG 55FL F3.6 + Fujifilm X-T1 (non-modified) + LPS-V4 & VR3XII filters, 30 x 2′ at ISO1600 dithered by SS-one KODO

As my personal standard, I’m glad to have achieved this kind of image taken at my backyard along with a stocked X-T1 camera. I’m sure it should be better if I try to shoot under the dark sky. Anyway, good to know I can enjoy my hobby at backyard now. I hope the above image encourages Fujifilm users to try to use nighttime as well. But better to have some special arrangement for nicer image finish. The keys I feel here are

  1. As expected, Fuji’s color correction filter has more Ha transmission than other brands. I have no idea on QE of X-trans sensor at Ha though. At least I feel twice more filter transmission at Ha than others.
  2. Dithered imaging should be very effective method for better S/N, especially to non-cooled and non-modified DSLR.
  3. At my backyard, LPS-V4 is a kind of must-use item. So I think under the bright sky, LPS-V4 + VR3XII seem to be the best combination for X-T1. Probably I guess the combined response curve might be something like a following blue line, IF Fuji’s filter has 50% transmission.



Good things (at least to me) is an RAW image wasn’t overwhelmed by red channel like taken with Ha filter. Color balance wasn’t too bad.


And this was a snap shot during guiding. Two peaks show dithering. Red is RA while green is DEC. I don’t think my EM-200 (old-fashioned geared motors) performs like this.


And finally this was my recent setup.

This is only way as long as I use FTF. But I might change back to a previous one, which was simpler and lighter. Fortunately allows to set a finder at side too.


I will try to shoot IC1396 with X-T1 tonight if marine layer won’t come in soon. I noticed there are many targets suitable to 200mm f.l. + APS-C sensor. This covers the entire Veil too. But I’m not brave enough to try from my backyard though.

I love Fujifilm X-trans cameras daytime as well as nighttime. Great cameras!!

Astro Photo by Fujifilm X-T1

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I just took one series of shots before the moon and the marine layer came up, the target was still too low though.


Stocked Fuji X-T1 + BORG 55FL F3.6 + VR3XII & HEUIBII filters, 12 x 30″ dithered by SS-one KODO

Obviously my backyard sky was too bright without LPS filter. Also exposure was too short and ISO was too high. I didn’t have time to take several trial shots. But at least I feel the camera showed me the potential for Ha transmission.

I will use LPS filter to have better S/N next time and check around while changing the combination of filters. Also I’m sure KODO’s dithering should be very helpful for the smoother background. Let’s see more.

BTW, this is 30″/ISO2500 dark frame of X-T1 X-trans sensor after extremely stretched. Looking very good to me.



Asteroid Ryugu

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Finally Hayabusa (= Falcon in Japanese) 2 has arrived Asteroid Ryugu after 1302 days journey. See today’s JAXA  announcement. Hayabusa 1 has come eventually back to the earth after almost-give-up situations with various engine troubles. But #2 looks all done as designed and planned.


I hope Hayabusa 2 can bring more samples back to the earth again and show us something unknown or new on asteroids. Congratulations, JAXA! Really great efforts.

I wish to test a new astro DSLR filter ASAP. But unfortunately I’m annoyed by the marine layer and the moon these nights. It’s a blue sky daytime every day though……



IDAS Blowout Sale

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This is the last stock sales for 1st generation EOS(APS-C) body-mounted filter. Unlike current version, 1st type was the separate-piece design (37mm filter and frame). But it was exactly same optical performance and mechanically still quite similar. So it fits any Canon APS-C camera. Nothing obsolete. Don’t miss this great opportunity!! 40% off from current price.


Special prices while the stock lasts

LPS-D1-37MFA kit : $119.00 (LPS-D1-EOS : $199.00)

LPS-V4-37MFA kit : $119.00 (LPS-V4-EOS : $199.00)

UIBARIII-37MFA kit : $119.00 (UIBARIII-37 + MFA : $218.00)

This is IDAS worldwide event. So these items will be available your local dealer too.

Installation/removable remain unchanged as follows



IDAS Broadband Solar filter (52mm) : $89.00 ($139.00)


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