RTMC 2016

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I went to Big Bear for one-day show-up this weekend. I don’t remember when I went there last time. It has been for a while anyway.


Dave and Jim were prepared for Ha and white light solar viewing. Many people were enjoying the observing. Thanks, Dave and Jim.

The video shows Hinode SG keeps chasing the sun without re-centering it.


BORG 55FL F3.6 with QSI and Fuji

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Thanks for choosing more 55FL F3.6 these day. It looks getting hot. Yes, it’s 200 mm super telephoto lens not compared with any others. David Lozano keeps sending more new images. These were taken with his QSI 683. M8/20 Ha image shows very nice field of view even with relatively small sensors such as KAF8300. And wow! a lot of faint nebulosities anywhere. If some CCD users are looking for enjoying wider field of view, this is it. Don’t miss BORG special sale.

m8 m20 area Hafilter 13x10min 5-26-2016 final LR

And surprisingly Leo Triplet taken by 200mm. Generally too short for this kind of target. But looks well resolved even in small scope.

triplet_LRGB_DBE  5-26-2016 PI final LR

And followings were taken by BORG optical designer with Fuji stocked X-E1 camera. As expected, Fuji camera can capture Ha signal very well. One day I want to try with my Fuji camera too.



Premium Quality Portable Scope

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I start discussing with BORG to arrange 71FL visual package.

Total weight is just 880 g without diagonal and eyepiece. And BORG-proprietary modular design allows to break down piece by piece as shown. Longest section – objective assembly is only 160 mm long. Nothing troublesome during airline travel at all.

Mounting bracket is Arca Swiss compatible and 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded holes. Including BORG erecting prism, it turns fluorite spotting scope as well.  The combination of sliding drawtube and precision helical focuser achieves a plenty of focus travel as well as fine focus tuning. A camera adapter converts into telephoto lens too. Looks like super versatile travel scope.

BTW, current black matte finish is beautiful! Personally I like that very much.


Legendary Masuyama Eyepieces Back Again!!

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This should be very good news for big aperture and long focal length telescopes users. One of most premium eyepiece manufacturers in Japan has been back to the market under their own brand name – Masuyama. While traditional Masuyama finish remains unchanged, each optical system has been newly re-designed with today’s modern glasses. Their 1st eyepiece – 60mm/46 degree will be available at $595.00 through Hutech in North America early of next month.

Following sizes will come up end of June as well.

50mm/53 degree

45mm/53 degree

These eyepieces can be purchased through all of Hutech dealers in USA and Canada too.

Good thing is that it fits with 2″ binoscope system. It turns 60mm outer diameter after removing a rubber grip.

Please keep tune on Masuyama premium quality eyepieces. Congratulations, Masuyama-san!!



ASTROCAT in Canada

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I returned from Canada last night. This time, I flied to Chicago, joined with a sales rep’s Dale Ibis who was living in the suburb of Chicago and drove up with his car to London, Canada. I didn’t know at all how difficult to deal with the inland custom. I expected something like the airport custom. I was totally wrong. They are soldiers and so strict. We were forced to spend 4 hours at Canadian custom. I nearly gave up the trade show. Although we somehow got through there, we couldn’t setup the booth at the day before the show we originally scheduled. We had trouble in returning into US too. Anyway, while we had the tremendous trouble at both directions, we completed the mission as planned, but very hard and tired…… Thanks, Dale. I have long stories about how to manage to work with those strict custom officers.


Blue Water Bridge at the border. Lake Huron over there. US is left side.


(“astro cookie” Dale’s wife made. Thanks, Ruth)

Many existing Hutech customers stopped by our booth. Thank you! and nice talking with all of you. And thank you so much for supporting Hutech and using our products all the time. I look forward to seeing you next year again.

BORG Special Sale

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BORG special sale starts tomorrow and continues until June 10th.


This limited-time offer is available through all of BORG dealers worldwide. Don’t miss this chance.


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Following Hutech packages are now available. When purchased together, you can get the camera discount.

6deosfsPart # EOS6TD1 : $1,950.00

(The set includes EOS6T and LPS-D1-EOSF)


EOS700TD1 : $1,075.00

EOS700TV4 : $1,075.00

EOS700TH2 : $1,075.00

(The set includes EOS700T and LPS-D1-EOS or LPS-V4-EOS or HEUIBII-EOS)


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