Takahashi PM-1 Mount & BORG T-threaed Helical Focuser (#7839)

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This is 1st shot tracked by a new Takahashi PM-1 mount recently Rob Bishop got.

M8 and M2018x60sec
Tak PM1, Tak FS-60w/ red, Fuji XT1

M8 and M20 18x60sec Tak PM1, Tak FS-60w/ red, Fuji XT1 taken by Rob Bishop

This was unguided one minute exposure in 240mm focal length. My experiences so far were unguided 3 minutes in 200mm f.l. (=BORG 55FL F3.6) No problem at all. The result encourages me to try longer focal length.  One day I will use with BORG 71FL F4 or 90FL F4 next time.  Since a polar scope is well aligned by Takahashi, at least I don’t still expect DEC drifting in 3 minutes though. Anyway let’s see.

BTW, my EM-200 has no DEC drift at 360mm focal length in 6 minutes. Probably longer exposure should be still OK. The polar alignment is just done by an original optical scope, without drift alignment or modern electronics method either. So in my opinion as one of users, I really feel Takahashi’s polar scope is under-estimated. Much more actual value than we generally think. Also keep in mind, all of Takahashi polar scopes including these portable mounts are completely protected with a metal cap. I believe this is the extra value generally not specified in specs sheet. As transportable mounts, this is very important to maintain the factory-set accuracy long time.


BORG t-threaded helical focuser has been discontinued several years ago. Since then, it was only available from German Telescope Service. But still same quality and produced by BORG in Japan. And recently new lot should come in stock for TS.

7839If someone are interested, please contact TS. I’m not sure what part number is assigned for this by them though. Its light path is 15 to 25 mm. Really convenient unit.


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107FL is on schedule. It is currently being prepared to be released within this year. The dedicated reducer/flattener will be available too. But we are still discussing the specs. So it will be coming up later. At least 107FL works with current 7108 (1.08x flattener).  This turns 648mm/F6.1. If 1.4x teleconverter gets too slow, this will be good choice for small targets.

Following false color Veil was taken by such a configuration.

veil107BORG 107FL (prototype) + 7108 (1.08x flattener) + SBIG ST-8300

Ha : 21 x 10′, OIII : 12 x 10′, Hb : 12 x 10′, SII : 13 x 10′

7108 works with virtually any refractor from 300 mm to 800 mm focal length. So good value as the universal performance.

Also we can see well-resolved globular cluster image by 107FL too. 

Please be patient for any other news on 107FL.

Latest Reticle for KENKO Polar Scope

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I decided to carry the latest reticle (up to 2030). I understand a lot of Losmandy and SkyMemo users are using out-of-dated one now and eagerly seeking for the update.

new.PDFThe key is how to replace and align by each user. I don’t think we can do same as the factory do normally. But I will try to find out best possible realistic procedure without special jig tools and instruments. I expect the latest reticle and instructions will be ready within a couple of weeks.

Update -Filters for CANON and SONY

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My yesterday’s announcement was incorrect and incomplete. Here is the latest news on the schedule of filters for full frame sensor cameras.

Early of September : For CANON 6D and 5D Mark II





Middle of September : For SONY Alpha 7 Series


(Prototype. Commercial unit is different)



At this moment, LPS-V4-EOSF and A7 is not scheduled yet.

BTW, currently CANON body and filter package is available. HEUIBII-EOSF set will be added next month. Also we plan the same filter package for SONY too once SONY filter will be coming up. Please don’t miss the chance for customers who are interested in these pre-modified cameras because of the attractive package discount applied.

The availability of these filters has been way behind the original schedule. Designing and machining of each filter holder was extremely challenging. IDAS was making the best possible efforts to maximize the effective filter area and users’ satisfaction, which please understand.


IDAS Filters for CANON full Frame Sensors

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We are expecting following body-mounted filters will be available early of next month.




Once they come in stock, I will notify here again. Thanks for your patience.

Helical Focusing Solution for Myself – Older Person

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I’ve never used the camera’s WiFi function. I didn’t feel it’s needed in my imaging style. But I can’t resist that any more since getting harder to see camera screen. Especially Canon 6D has no tilt screen. So I had to look up from ground. I didn’t mind much before. But these days it’s getting hard to stay in such unusual style. So I thought camera’s extra feature makes focusing more comfortable.


I bought a hanging holder from Amazon. Fortunately there are many hanging sections at a mount and a telescope. Some advantages (in my personal feeling)  in this setup are;

  1. Now this allows me to stand at the side of a scope. This makes helical focusing work relatively easier. We can grab a focuser by both hands. My tip is to rotate by fingers. Don’t move a hand to rotate. Set each palm section on focuser body and touch rubber section with fingers. Then, one hand’s fingers use for rotating purpose while another hand’s fingers work as braking. This technique achieves very precise focus control by adjusting every finger’s touching strength. If someone have never done, try and see.
  2.  Front focuser is located at relatively higher point. I think this is especially comfortable with portable mounts. This allows to rotate a focuser and view smartphone screen in comfort.
  3. This allows to point a scope more up toward the zenith. Generally helical focuser moves more smoothly when a scope is set more vertically. We can control focusing with more light touch feeling while standing in comfortable style. In a picture, a camera is only 3 feel high from a floor. I don’t think it is comfortable even to me.

BORG Compact Binoscope

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Ted Wong in Taiwan sent me his objective-switchable binoscope systems. So I wanted to share with other binoscope users. He swaps the objectives between 55FL and 71FL time to time.

He is using a pair of Vixen 2.4mm eyepieces. It makes 100x with 55FL. According to him, it shows great planetary views even in this small aperture. This should be super portable binoscope system without compromising optically and mechanically. The base shown is AOK Swiss-made collimatable platform – BB-130.


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