Hinode ST, Solar Tuner

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I was not always comfortable during Ha filter tuning. So I decided to make the unit making me happy. I believe this is the solution. The tuner allows to control tuning remotely and eliminate shaking during that.

This is a new member of Hinode family, following Hinode SG solar guider.

I tested at the field today. It optically worked as expected. Easy to see changing solar details without the annoying vibration and interrupting the solar observing. It weights only 250g without a motor. At least I didn’t want to make it bulky and heavy. So I was glad when I got units from machine shop. I will refine a bit more and go commercial production. Once I set pricing, I will announce here.

Both plates have 67mm filter threads. So it fits all of BORG scopes and Solarscope filter without custom-made adapter. Quite easy. The picture shows BORG 77EDII objective. You can flip a unit over if the objective is larger than that.

A motor and hand controller are quite popular ones for the telescope focuser available in the market all over the world. So if you are using them for your focuser, you can simply switch a controller cable to the tuning unit.





SS-one AG Element

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I had the similar question after posted. My 1st announcement might not have been clear. The pre-installed software is fully functional after long-time field testing. As long as you pick one of cameras I mentioned, nothing worried about.

I hope other ZWO cameras will work with AG Element. But we will need more time to verify. I will clarify that little by little here or at the forum.


SS-One Open Source Project

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Now Hutech is ready to take an order for one of open-source project items – SS-one AG Element.


Part # SSAGE : $149.00

Features are

  • Raspberry Pi-based standalone auto-guiding controller
  • Electric polar finder (requires USB GPS receiver and polar finder unit provided by SS-one)
  • Power consumption : 450mA/5V
  • Smartphone accessible (requires WiFi antenna unit)
  • Current supporting cameras are ZWO 120MM and 120C, and SS-one original cubic-sized compact camera (which will be available later). The compatibility with other ZWO cameras will be clarified in SS-one open-source project forum. The forum will be established by Hutech sometime soon.



  • Power cable and AC or DC adapter are not included. Prepare a micro USB cable and 2A/5V or more current capacity adapter. Most of smartphone AC adapter might not be sufficient.
  •  Since AG Element doesn’t synchronize the imaging camera, it has no dithering capability. AG Complete will do that job instead, which will be commercially available later, besides the open source project.
  • SS-one opens the source code for the license-free mutual development.





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Here are some initial shots taken with 107FL. Both look very good color contrast.

0111a107FL + 0.8x reducer (non-BORG) + ST8300M (w/Ha and LPS-V4 filters separately) for L channel and ST8300C for color by Naoki Nakanishi


107FL + BORG 1.08x Flattener + Modified 6D (w/IDAS HEUIB-II filter) by Kasori

Both are really beautiful pictures!!


New BORG 107FL Package & Premium Finder Scope

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We added 107FL FTF visual set.

107ftf20Part # 107FTF20 : $2,795.00

BTW, all of 107FL units in February shipment have been sold out. Now we are taking an order for March shipment. After that, 107FL might not be temporarily available at least a couple of months or longer until an another lot of fluorite lens will come up from Canon.

I’d like to appreciate all of customers who ordered already.

Based on the suggestion from the customer, I tried to figure out how I could convert AG50T2 guide scope package into a finder scope. See my result.

_dsf6012I removes one of 7604s from the guide scope configuration. I’m glad to reach the focus at the infinity only by this kind of easy re-configuration step. I’m using BORG erecting prism diagonal (#7779),  and Japanese Ortho 25mm. The diagonal is a slightly longer light path than a regular 1.25″ diagonal. A helical focuser has only 10mm focus travel. So I can’t guarantee if you can reach the focus with your eyepiece and diagonal. But we have various extension tubes such as 7mm, 12mm, 20mm & 28mm. If necessary, by changing combination of extension tubes, I’m 100% sure you can reach focus. This should turn the real good value as double duty scopes for guider as well as finder.

With a precision helical focuser, a high quality 50mm achromat lens and an erecting diagonal. this should be the premium finder scope. Highly recommended. AG50T2 turns c-mount interface too by adding T/C adapter. So this should be useful for the users who own c-mount camera too. It’s really fun for me to find out the new system configuration.

Meade Mount Swing Bracket

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A swing bracket for LX-90/8″ is available separately.

16aSo the mount owners can modify LX-90 mount for more universal interface for more kinds of scopes. Maybe big binoculars should be the good fit too.

I took them out for solar viewing today. Unfortunately, no sun spot at all.

16bA finder with IDAS 52mm filter is the solar-safe too. I hope FOV of this 10 x 50 finder will be perfect for outer corona during the totality.

BORG/Meade Binoscope Sets

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Now BORG/Meade Bino sets are commercially available.

This platform allows to set BORG Series 60 and 80 except 107FL. Unfortunately 107FL is too wide for LX-90/8″ mount. 89ED might have the issue when pointing to the zenith with light-weight eyepieces. All depends on the weight balance.

BORG 50 erecting finder scope has the double duties. It conveniently works as back and forth weight adjustment too. As expected, so steady. Yes, this was exactly what I was seeking for, after using a single fork mount. Double fork and bino is the beauty.

AOK Swiss-proprietary platform collimation system plus mirror collimators achieves the uncompromising high power planetary viewing.


A new platform allows to adjust the inter-pupillary distance simply by pushing and pulling a right-side scope. Ball bearings achieves the smooth movement. Very nice!

One more Vixen HF 2.4mm is on the way.


This gives me 200x bino viewing with 90FL. Must be very nice.

Hutech sells Meade mount and swing bracket only too. This gives you 2-step plan. First, you can start using the mount with a single scope. And you can build up the complete bino later.

Finally my ultimate visual system is complete. At least ready for twin-scope viewing during this year’s solar eclipse. Fluorite erect-image. nothing mirrored, no prism, double collimation system, double fork mount with GOTO and tracking capability. What else do I need?  No, nothing else. And I don’t want larger or heavier. 90FL is a right size as portability. Personally I don’t like the mirrored image for the planets, the sun and the moon. I need to see the true faces.

Thank you, Beat.For European customers who are interested, please contact AOK Swiss. He is quite familiar with BORG optical system as well.








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