Masuyama = Ohi Optical Manufacturing

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Let me write up the summary of the legendary company history and background.

[Masuyama] is originally the name of the founder. A current owner is still Mr.Masuyama, so the founder’s philosophy continues to be alive and all are still fully produced in Japan. Deeply concentrating on Japanese production. That’s the excellent company policy.


For inventing low-power ultra wide field eyepieces in 1943. Probably this might be the origin of today’s Masuyama brand super wide.

Meanwhile, Ohi Optical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(OOM), which is the name of company. As Nikon serious fan might be aware, [Ohi] is the name of the location inside Tokyo, which is well known as Nikon’s home ground. Let’s say like Rochester of Kodak? and Jena of Carl Zeiss?? maybe something like that.

So more than half century ago, OOM started the business besides “Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Co., Ltd (an original name of Nikon) to provide eyepieces to Nikon. It seems to have been very close relationship each other.

A following is one example. This was the award from Nikon for inventing eyepieces to the founder – Ichiharu Masuyama in 1946.


Since then, they have been making high quality optical products including various eyepieces. Current Japanese Abbe Ortho eyepieces are known as OOM production too.


These were Ohi Optical Abbe Ortho Hutech used to carry

Also they, as OEM, made so many number of eyepieces under various brands so far.

Masuyama philosophy still exists in the products. This is to summarize current super-wide Masuyama brand eyepieces.



Current Lineup + 20mm just released a couple of days ago

Current Lineup + 20mm just released a couple of days ago

Beautiful piece of optical equipment!!


Another Veil thru NB1

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1- This was a 1st test shot by Scott Denning in Colorado under the moonlight.

His comment : This is an experimental image of the Veil in Cygnus using NB1 filter with OSC camera (ASI 094MC Pro). About 2 hours exposure (25x300s) with Borg 125SD @ f/3.9 during waning gibbous moon in my suburban back yard the past two nights. Flats and darks applied, then processed in PixInsight.

It took a lot of work in PI to get the color balance to be pleasing, but I am very happy with the result. The NB1 filter works very well to isolate Ha and O3 under bright moonlit skies!

Thanks for your quick feedback on NB1. Enjoy with a new filter. Scott, when I used NB1 with my 183MC last time, I pre-set white balance – red – 96 & blue – 88. It might not be the same for 094MC. But I thought it might be useful for your next attempt.


2- I also resumed astro activity. This might be 1st time to take gear outside almost in 3 months. Fortunately now I can carry some portable mounts and scopes after foot and back injuries. Still a bit hesitating though. I missed a lot of summer targets this year.


This was my 1st attempt to test CFW with a color camera under the sky. Unfortunately I was forced to be washed out by the marine layer quickly. But at least I figured out each filter was switched as expected from PC. So this was the good to start anyway.


IDAS filters are set as follows



From top : NB2-48, NB3-48 and ODW(clear)-48

I hope I can take some tests tonight.

Masuyama 20mm 2″ Available Now

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Masuyama 20mm is now available in Japan. It should come in stock here in US next week.


20mm/2″ 85-degree AFOV

This specs sound very interesting to me. I heard they planned to release 20mm. But I thought of 1.25″. So a bit pleasingly surprises.

Masuyama 26mm is perfect with BORG 107FL/90FL(F5.6). (Unfortunately 32mm wasn’t) It shows pin-point stars entire field of view. So 26mm was my default for wide-filed with 107FL BINO while Vixen HF was for the planets.

See my experiences at

I hope 20mm will do same or similar.

More specs will be coming up later.

US price is $259.00

If you are interesting, please contact Agena Astro. They should have in stock next week too.


NGC7635 & Availability of IDAS LPS-D1-48 and LPS-D2-48

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1- NGC7635, also known as Bubble nebula, Olivier Calvetti in France took with his BORG 55FL. He tried to capture it in wide-field by a small scope. Yes, still well resolved!!


BORG 55/3.6 and an ASI294MC-pro at -10c, 2h00 total exposure

Olivier, thanks for updating your imaging work.

2- Following HEUIBII-48, LPS-D1-48 and LPS-D2-48 have been sold out as well. No more stock at IDAS and Hutech either. But since these are very popular in type and size, most of IDAS dealers should still have in stock. So please shop it around at IDAS dealers if you are looking for. I don’t think it will take time until coming back in stock though.


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Eventually HEUIBII 48mm has been sold out too. Now HEUIBII filters are only available for Canon APS-C(very limited number left), Full (R or RP) and Nikon APS-C. This filter has been well recognized as Ha-enhanced UV/IR blocking filter while neutralizing the background color. Yes, actually good performer. It’s a kind of must-have item for modified DSLR users. I kept 52mm for my life-time span.

Next production is being planned by IDAS. But the schedule is not specified yet. I will let you know once the specific production schedule will be set.

But don’t worry, there is the good alternative now. It’s NGS1. This filter is not the temporary solution until next HEUIBII will be coming up again.

I want to describe NGS1 as “3 astro birds with 1 stone(=filter)”.

  1. Neutralizing background like HEUIBII
  2. More darkening background than HEUIBII
  3. Suppressing light pollution and natural sky glow unlike HEUIBII

NGS1 doesn’t isolate Ha so much like HEUIBII. But the background turns darker and neutralized. So it still separates the faint Ha sections from the background color.


And when the filter is used in the urban area, it effectively blocks several light pollution. If it is used under dark sky, it suppresses natural sky glow as well. So good for both bright and dark skies. Cleverly designed!!

Actually all-around-player, especially for modified camera. Try it, you can see what I mentioned above. I love NGS1.







IDAS NGS1 with BORG 107FL F3.9

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A close friend – Jim starts tuning his various new rigs. This is one of his starts.

Autosave Image

BORG 107FL F3.9ED + ASI 094 + IDAS NGS1-52

IDAS NGS1 is my favorite broadband filter these days, which creates almost perfect color balance with modified Canon 6D while blocking light pollution.

See my tests.

So I was curious how it worked with astro OSC camera. I got one of RAW shots from him to verify.

Autosave Image

This is the uncooked native color output from the Bayer sensor. Not as perfect as by a modified DSLR. Strictly speaking, DSLR’s RAW is not real RAW at color balance standpoint. Its output is already cooked with the image processor. So not fair comparison though. Anyway, still easy to tweak with software.

If the sky is not overwhelmed by white-LED, I think LPS-P2 should be still good for OSC camera while LPS-D1 for modified DSLR. Good thing is IDAS provides a lot of choices depending on  a type of camera and sky condition.




IDAS NB2/3 M48 & Veil by BORG 90FL

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1- Finally IDAS M48-mounted NB2 and NB3 came in stock today. So I set them into my 1st CFW for ASI 183MC, a color camera.

This allows to shoot OIII+Ha, OIII+SII and broadband color(including galaxies) while rotating each filter. But keep in mind, I’ve never had this kind of experiences. So I still feel, hopefully…..


From top : NB2-48, NB3-48 and ODW(clear)-48. NGS1 is installed into the scope



Anyway, I will start practicing at my backyard first. This setup should give us the new world for color cameras.

For full frame sensors, I recommend M52 or unmounted 49mm(by removing a frame). It is the time to enjoy a color camera along with a filter wheel.

We start shipping M48 NB2 and NB3 today.

2- BORG serious astronomer in France – Olivier Calvetti sent me an another great image.


BORG 90FL F3.9ED + ASI 094

His comment:

My best Cygnus Veil so far, 2 hours with the 90FL and the ASI094 (cropped). I can tell now this is my favorite set-up (and I got Takahashi and Astro-physics refractors).



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