Canadian Show

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Astronomy show was held at Toronto’s science museum last weekend. This was 2nd year as Hutech. But for me, 1st appearance as Canadian show. It was very nice location at the hear of Toronto city. I had very good time to discuss with these new people.


c2Takahashi PM-1 high quality portable mountc3

More black BORG scopes now

Lacerta standalone autoguider and BORG 50

(The customer didn’t allow me to take them back. So I lost Lacerta I planned to personally use……..)
c5And Hinode SG, a lot of people were paying attention to it

Standalone Autoguider & PlaneWave adapter

•June 23, 2015 • 2 Comments

This is an another wonderful equipment to enjoy astro imaging without PC. Now Hutech starts carrying Lacerta MGEN standalone guider. One of key features is dithering capability. Since I’ve never used the computer at the field, I’ve never tried dithering guiding before. Now I can do without PC. Thanks for Lacerta MGEN.

I was also told this SONY sensor is very sensitive. I’m curious how much more sensitive it is than my 1st and (still) current ST-5C I purchased around 15 years ago when I was using large format film. Since then, the camera was trouble-free and still working well with Windows 95/8MB parallel-port-equipped old laptop PC. So there was no excuse to get a newer camera. I really appreciate SBIG’s quality product. Now Lacerta allows me to completely eliminate PC. Thank you! I’m excited to use this along with the cooled 6D I’m expecting to get next month.

Following adapter seems to be something unusual combination. This is the adapter for PlaneWave reducer and SONY e-mount camera, which was made for one of HUTECH/BORG longtime users who owns PlaneWave at his observatory. Probably he would be sometime interested in taking the easy-going one-shot color image. Looks like PlaneWave reducer’s back focus is not long enough for DSLRs such as Canon and Nikon. So I think it’s good match with short flange back mirrorless camera like his A7H. Taper interface allows to orient a camera and to have 52mm filter inside.

a7pw2 a7pw

Cooled Canon 6D Camera

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We are pleased to announce the cooled 6D will be commercially available end of July. This is fully manufactured-in-Japan product.

Features are

– Sealed sensor chamber allows to maximize cooling capability while preventing from dew formation

– Slightly heated chamber glass

– Built-in thermometer for real time monitoring and dark frame control

– Sensor cooling 25 degree Celsius below ambient

– Drop-in 52 mm filter (or 48 mm with a stepping ring)

– 44.00 mm EF-mount flange back

– No vignetted by mirror box (This should be big help for mosaic imaging)

– Precision optical axis adjustment system (factory-aligned)

– Astronomical UV/IR blocking or clear filter available

– 1.5 kg weight

– 2.5A/12V (max 3A at startup)



Followings are the actual noise comparison in each 30 minute exposure at ISO1600

28C_ISO1600_30M28C (21.9MB)

02C_ISO1600_30M2C (1.9MB)

Keep in mind, this camera is lack of following capabilities.

1. No mechanical shutter. Only bulb shooting is available. So virtually works as only astro camera.

2. No mirror. Pointing the target and composing should be done through LCD screen.

3. No AE and AF

Prices are

– SEO6T, cooled Canon 6D with astronomical UV/IR blocking filter : $3,095.00

– SEO6C, cooled Canon 6D with clear filter : $3,095.00

It includes Canon standard accessories and one year warranty.

This should be the ultimate PC-less astro camera so far. Personally I can’t wait for its coming up.

Heat Up in Southern California

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I’m always (actually forced to be) shooting the sun over the building roof. Heat wave is obviously affecting the image quality now. Concrete pavement in front of office should be an another factor too. See recent shots.

I understand the cool high elevation site is the best. But problem is I have to stay there long time. That should be really painful even if I’m drinking beer. I can’t keep drinking 8 hours!!

One day I try on my backyard grass. But the grass is thick and soft. So probably the sun must be way shifting. Anyway, that might be better than concrete in the summer.

M57 Crayford Focuser

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BORG crayford focuser has M57-thread at the objective side. So it’s quite easy to be integrated it into Mini Borg(Series 60) systems.

9857M57 male at the objective side / 1.25″ and T-thread male at the camera side

Built-in rotator

1:10 fine focusing / 40mm focus travel

I start playing around with some configrations as follows

9857a 9857bIt’s very cute and compact. This allows to focus with 1.25″ diagonal.

Meanwhile following is prime focus imaging configuration including 7517, which has 1/4″-20 threaded hole at the bottom. This focuser is the perfect match with black color Mini BORGs. 

HINODE SG & Mercury Transit 2016

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One critical component for HINODE SG was not available anywhere for a while. Now all parts got in stock and today we have resumed shipping it finally, after some extra delay. All of customers who have been eagerly waiting should receive the package soon directly from Hutech or through dealers, depending on your order. Thanks for your patience.


May 9 2016 will be the day for the transit of the Mercury. I think it’s not as rare as the Venus. But probably I can still say the unusual event. See the area we can see. East of North America and almost entire of South America, and west of Europe allow to see the entire transit. It looks 8 hours!! Be prepared for all of your necessary rig to enjoy this event.

mrcy2016Probably at least I can enjoy 4 or 5 hours here in southern California.

SONY A7RII & Back-illuminated Sensor

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A new A7RII announced by SONY yesterday is really the monster camera.

sony_a7rII_f001Besides many of excellent features such as 5-axis IS, 399 AF points(amazing!!) and in-camera 4K recording, I was surprised this was the industry-1st back-illuminated full frame sensor. I’d like to applaud SONY’s manufacturing break-through for the back-illuminated sensor’s mass-production. This should be great news for all of our consumers. The back-illuminated full frame sensor is more affordable now. I think SONY’s sensor technology (especially manufacturing and QC technique) is way ahead of any other competitors.

Personally I wish the back-illuminated sensor will be incorporated into A7 version II one day. Probably that’s the time to upgrade my astro camera.


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