IC 59 & IC 63 in Cassiopeia thru IDAS NB1

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This is an another great shot by Luca Fornaciari in Italy. I didn’t know these kinds of targets. Yes, I can see the ghost.

Looks very faint. But surprisingly it was taken under the sky of 80% moon illumination according to him. The harmony of good quality of products – a scope, a camera, a filter and his wonderful imaging technique.

Also pay attention to the bright star. The filter seems to well minimize the reflections.

Great efforts every night, Luca! Really fun to watch your image!




IDAS NB1 – Nebula Booster 1

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Italian serious astrophotographer – Luca Fornaciari shared his recent shot taken through IDAS NB1 filter. And moreover according to him, this was taken under 90% moon light sky condition. It surprises me a lot.

Unlike extremely narrow bandpass filters, NB1 still maintains the star colors. That’s really nice extra benefit as narrowband filter. Not too wide, not too narrow. I think NB1 should be well balanced-optical design.

Luca, thanks for your time and efforts. I’m looking forward to seeing your update.

CFW with OSC Camera & IDAS Nebula Booster I, II & III

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Believe or not, this is my 1st CFW. I’m a lazy astro photographer. Always seeking for the easy way. So no monochrome choice came up my mind before.

But this is different. This CFW will be used for one-shot color camera with IDAS Nebular Booster.


This allows to change IDAS NB1 to 3, and ODW(clear) for broadband color from PC. This should make narrowband & broadband imaging with one-shot color camera more convenient and joyful.


M48 mounted are scheduled to come up by end of this month. This should be good up to APS-C sensor.

A glass size of M52 is 49mm. So if your carousel allows to set 49mm unmounted, that’s possible too.



IDAS Clip-in Filters on Sale

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IDAS clip-in filters for Canon and Nikon APS-C are on sale now. This is world-wide event. So all will be available through your local dealers.



LPS-D2-EOS is not on sale.


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IDAS NB1 is the tri-band filter. So a bit more affected by the moonlight. But it still creates high contrast image even under such a bright sky condition. Allen Ruckle proves that.


His comment: This is an image of M27 using  14 – 45 second exposures,  ISO 500, with my M3 camera on my 9.25 Edge HD with HyperStar.  Stacked and processed with Nebulosity 4.3.1  No Darks, Bias, or flat frames. The 12 day moon 2 days from Full was 45°  South of M27 in the southern sky.  east of the meridian from my back yard in La Mesa ( a suburb of San Diego )

As described on the plot, the IDAS filters does high transmission while extremely blocking the background sky noise.

Yes, all of IDAS filters give us the results as per their actual production data, (not as designed). Nothing else.

Thanks for your continuous update, Allen




IDAS Drop-in Filter System for Canon R(P)

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As announced before, IDAS drop-in filters for Canon R(P) are now commercially available.


Canon RP body & drop-in filter adapter, IDAS NB3-DR & Sigma Art 50mm/F1.4

Canon genuine filter adapter allows to electrically control a lens. So doesn’t require the trick of manual aperture control.

And IDAS filter thickness is exactly same as Canon original. So there is no image distortion issue due to the incorrect optical distance. Especially it is very critical for wide-angle lenses.


Most likely this is only way to use narrow-band filters with wide-angle lenses without removing a lens from a body.

3 kinds of filters are available.

  • NB2-DR (for OIII-Ha)
  • NB3-DR (for OIII-SII)
  • ODW(clear)-DR (for broadband)

These filter system allows to create 1) broadband image thru ODW, 2) OIII-Ha thru NB2 and 3) OIII-SII thru NB3 while controlling conventional lenses without compromise.

I will try to shoot the milky way ASAP. My favorite will be to set NGS1 body-mounted filter into the body and use 3 filters in-between.

You can see each item at e-store





Ready to go!!

Guide Scope XY Positioner & Bino Set

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1- XY positioner wasn’t available for a while. But finally it’s back in stock now.


It allows to locate most proper guide star (not too bright or not too dim) within a small sensor in various guiding circumstances.

Now it is available as AG50 complete set at Hutech e-store.


2- Followings are AOK Swiss-made BB-160 platform and Japan’s Bino-Techno 2″ bino diagonals.  It handles 5″ scopes. I just built up the platform to hand it over the customer tomorrow. Looking very nice.



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