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I start receiving the feedback on LPS-D2 filter from many customers.

All are almost same as expected. One of customers mentions that he gave up LRGB imaging at his location because of the light-polluted sky. So he did narrowband imaging there before. But now he has realized LPS-D2 allows to do LRGB at same place. This comment encourages us a lot to try new things. Yes, for me, LPS-D2 should be a primary filter at my backyard too.

This new filter have been already shipped to most of IDAS dealers all over the world. So please contact your favorite local shop if you are interested. It should be in stock at most of places.  We are now shipping 2nd production lot after 1st one has been sold out quickly. Canon body-mounted filters will get available sometime next month. For Canon users, please stay tuned here.

Keep in mind, the result depends on the sky condition. LPS-D2 is not always best. Still LPS-P2 or D1 might work better depending on a kind of the sky. So check out what kind of light pollution source your sky is first.



SS-one Controllers

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After field-testing over several months or more, we have determined the final specs and price of each commercial unit as follows;


  1. We were originally expecting to include the autoguiding function in ZWO capture as well, so that it allows for the dithered imaging by itself. But due to the software uncertainty between ZWO camera driver and controller, we have decided to remove the autoguiding function from ZWO capture. So it will be the image capturing only for the time being.
  2. KODO has 2-ch shutter trigger ports. See an example. A picture shows one port for ZWO Image Capture and another for DSLR. 0316b This way allows for the dithered imaging. DSLR doesn’t require any extra unit.
  3. AG Element is commercially available. Other two will be within a couple of month.
  4. KODO works at 5V unless motor controls are used.
  5. The 1st production of SS-one mount – Expedition, I understand many are seriously interested in, will have further delay. I will let you know here as soon as the production schedule will be finally set.




BORG Fiscal Year End Sale

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These special offers will be only available from Astro Hutech while supplies last.

6674 : 89ED rack & pinion focuser set $1,395.00 ⇒ $1,255.50

6672 : 90FL rack & pinion focuser set $1,725.00 ⇒ $1,552.50

6258 : 55FL F3.6 helical focuser set $1,050.00 ⇒ $945.00

66711 : 71FL F4 astrograph helical focuser set $1,395.00 ⇒ $1,255.50

66900 : 90FL F4 astrograph helical focuser set $1,995.00 ⇒ $1,795.50


Back To Office

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It’s been for a while since my last post. I came back to the town last weekend. My Asian tour was really successful and fruitful. I appreciate all of persons who supported me there. Thank you so much!! Now a lot of things to do have been piled up at my desk. I have to work hard to catch up…..

Hong Kong BORG dealer – Peter Lee made RoboFocus brackets. This is my setup with 7875 M75 focuser.  Quite easy to firmly set and align.


With 7835 (shown above in a picture)


I will start carrying two kits for BORG 7875 and 7835 users. This should be the economical solutions for motorized setup. Each rubber belt pitch perfectly fits a focuser’s rubber. I highly recommend these setup.

And at a customer place in China. All Star lineup of Japanese Astrographs.


From left : BORG 107FL F3.9ED, FSQ-106,  Pentax 100SDUFII, FSQ-130 and Vixen VSD




CP+ Japan & BORG 107FL F3.9ED, 90FL F3.9ED

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I’m posting from Japan now. Here is BORG booth CP+ Japan.




And this is big announcement today.

107FL F3.9ED

90FL F3.9ED


(107FL F3.9ED my test unit)

Features are

  • BORG-proprietary 6-element optical configuration, including one fluorite and one ED
  • 55mm image circle
  • FTF-3215B-A as a standard focuser
  • Carbon fiber tube





Gorgeous Orion Constellation thru BORG 90FL F4 & CP+ Japan

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One of an experienced BORG users in Canada – Sam Berrada shared his recent achievement with us. His picture was picked as Photo of the Week by SkyNews magazine. See his beautiful image.


BORG 90FL F4 + Canon 6DH

Congratulations!! Sam. Let us keep enjoying your wonderful image more.

Besides BORG scope, this image proves how Canon 6DH creates clean image. One of biggest advantages for Hutech-modified camera is to minimize the internal reflection between the sensor and a filter. Take close look at some of bright stars. You should be able to see how the filter suppresses the reflections. It fully depends on the quality and the location of its filter.

I will leave for Japan tonight and be out of country almost 2 week for visiting other Asian countries. CP+ – the photographic show in Japan will begin from this Thursday.


I will be there and post the big announcement BORG plans from Japan. Please stay tune here.  Before the show, many camera manufacturers already announced new attractive cameras. Personally I’m looking forward to playing around all of them there.

And I’m curious if SONY and PANASONIC display their planned new sensors at CP+. If they do, these should be coming up some day as the real commercial products.

SONY medium format sensors


PANASONIC 36MP organic photo-conductive film sensor


As far as I know,  the organic sensor has been developed with Fujifilm. I feel this looks the future of the imaging sensor. Very much looking forward to them. These must be the big game-changer.

BORG 7108 (1.08x Flattener) & 55FL Visual Setup

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Probably many of 7108 users might have had same trouble like me and my friend Jim. 7108’s original thumbscrew is nice, easy to adjust the lens distance. But it is meanwhile exactly same size/shape as a camera rotator’s thumbscrews too, and they are generally set very close each other. So we accidentally loosen 7108’s thumbscrew at the dark site. So Jim tried to find out the no-more-waste-of-time solution and gave me some today.


This is original and following is the solution.


A nylon tip doesn’t stress the lens much and scratch either. And shown above, it goes deep enough from the surface once completely tightened. So no access at the dark at all. I’m sure some had same. So I wanted to share this info with someone. If not easy to find, let me know. I keep some extra all the time for you.

Thank you so much, Jim. This is really nice solution. No worried about mishandling any more.

Serious visual observer – Craig Scogin sent me a picture for his ultimate portable setup. After changing configurations or focusers by himself, eventually he found out his most favorite configuration.


Cool!! All blacks! very nice, Craig. Enjoy visual observing with your own beautiful system.


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