Office Close Until May 29th & IDAS UIBAR-III Filter

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My office will be closed until May 29th for my European tour. E-mail is still reachable to me although there might be some response delay.

A couple of interesting new items are expected to be coming up shortly. I will announce after my coming back from Europe.

Last stock of IDAS UBAR-III came in stock.

This filter was originally designed for the replacement filter (called “Type 1b) for Canon camera. So the design and production were fully cared as IDAS best efforts to extremely minimize the internal reflection with the sensor. In fact, one of highest quality as UV/IR blocking filter. As shown the above, steep cuts at both sides while maintaining maximum transmission (again this is the production measurement). This was why Hutech Type 1b filter installed Canon camera were well known as the one creating clean star edge. Now 48mm is available at $169.00 as last units. Unfortunately all other sizes have been gone.

If someone are looking for better solution to reduce the reflections or the halos, this should be the answer.







XY Stage – 2

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The XY stage works as the alt-az base for portable mounts too. It doesn’t have the wide range of altitude though. It has two tripod threads at the bottom while it is a Vixen-compatible dovetail plate.


One example is along with the unique TED Special. SS-one AG Element allows for autoguiding as well as precise polar alignment without PC.


New Accessories

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Following parts are now in stock.

Part # HXYSDL : $169.00

This is a low profile XY stage with Vixen-compatible saddle.

Azimuth : +/- 20 degree

Altitude : 20 degree



This can be taken apart into two.  This means each can be used independently.


Saddle 440g

XY Stage 430g

Saddle’s multiple hole parts including M8 35mm separation allows to fit onto many mounts.

Also the stage allows to set a plain plate as well. This should be lower and lighter setup.


The solid stage with a saddle should be good value.  Highly recommended for comet nucleus guiding and total solar eclipse imaging etc.

Part # HHDL : $35.00


This makes the scope carrying and setting on a mount more comfortable. 3 holes at a handle handle setting an extra accessory like a finder and a guider at the top.  Thanks BORG mounting rings, which allow me to set a guider at side.

Probably more valuable for bulkier scopes.

BORG Binoscopes & New 55FL F3.6 Body

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I totally renewed BORG binoscope systems. Now 2″ focusers are standard. So this allows to basically use same optical systems with both EMS 2″ and EMS 1.25″ unlike previous versions. Only difference in-between is with an extension tube or without.



2″ focusers as standard

These are same focusers I announced before. This allows for the silky-smooth focusing for high power planetary twin-viewing.

And furthermore, each system price has been dramatically reduced too. Check back to Hutech price list.

BORG 55FL F3.6 is only 200mm focal length, which always requires the mechanical challenge. This is one solution.


This new body comes with a Vixen-compatible plate and a convenient riser-leg which gives us a plenty of the clearance for a camera.  This is made by AOK Swiss. So for European customers who are interested, please contact Beat at AOK Swiss.

Previous ugly version was;


This also requires a mounting ring and most likely a riser block additionally. So I’m sure new version should be really more convenient and nice shape.

Setup with a motor.


And with a guide camera. It’s not ideal though. I hope it will be still solid enough.


BORG 107FL F3.9ED with Pentax 645Z & PhaseOne

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A new reducer has been designed to cover the cropped 645 format. So I rented Pentax 645Z and tested to see last night.

I can’t publish the image result at this moment, without the permission from BORG. I’m sure I can do soon after their spring break will be over. But I can’t stand sharing with you here right now.  In short, this optical system is the best ever in BORG history and should be considered at the top of line in its class optically and mechanically. Spherical aberration is well corrected. So star edge is very clean, virtually no false color. The distortion at each corner of 645 sensor is very minimal. Astigmatism at Sagittal and meridional are minimal and both nearly even. So star looks crossing, not bad at all. Illumination looks plenty enough entire the sensor.  90FL should be flatter illumination. I will see tonight. Keep in mind, I’m talking about entire 55mm image circle. Full frame? guess what.

This image result encouraged me to try with further large sensor. It’s not realistic for myself though. Fortunately I will have meeting with PhaseOne in Denmark end of this month. Their sensor is 67mm diagonal. At the viewpoint from last night result, I’m hoping the scope might somehow handle with their sensor for daytime landscape application. Let’s see. After coming back from my European tour, I will show the testing report at their head office. (My wife – Mia is very excited to visit to Denmark for different purpose…..) I plan to go around each my partner in northern part of Europe this time. The southern area will be next year.

Here is their camera. I look forward to test BORG and their camera over there.


BTW, I noticed I didn’t show up new ED reducer itself yet. BORG proprietary 4-element optical design.



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Taken at Tekapo New Zealand by Katsuaki Shimadera. He mentioned it was the wonderful dark sky there all 4 nights he was staying. Congratulations!

Yes, picture proves the quality of the sky. I wish to go there one day.

Followings are high color contrast Jupiter.


BORG 90FL + 5x barlow + ASI 120MC by Yukinov san

Above all are great pictures!! I have to start practicing for the planetary shots……

SS-one EQ-5(LX-70) Complete Set

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The launching schedule and the price have been set as follows;

Launch : middle of May

Price : $1,295.00 as introductory price. (The regular will be $1,495.00)eq5kodo

  1. SS1LX70 : $1,295.00
  2. The set includes Meade LX70 equatorial mount, pre-installed hybrid stepper motors, polar camera, KODO controller and all cables.
  3. DSLR cable is available at $15.00 as option. Specify a camera.
  4. KODO’s hardware restrictions and requirements are;
  • Autoguider : SS-one or any ZWO camera currently available.
  • Dithered imaging camera : Any DSLR/mirrorless.  ZWO cameras can be dithered with an optional image capture at this moment.
  • North pole only for polar alignment.
  • Motorized focusers will be supported near future.

Hutech is looking for 3 reviewers. $300 will be credited back to each person after reviewed.

KODO controller and polar camera are sold separately.

KODO : $595.00 / Polar camera : $169.00

Premium hybrid motors achieve quick response during auto-guiding.


With solid housings. Well made.


LX70 mount with BORG 107FL F3.9ED and SS-one AG camera. A square AG camera body and plate were firmly set. So it can be used as a handle. 

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