Hutech Canon 6DH

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These beautiful pictures were taken by Alan Jordan, with his recently acquired EOS6DH.






Very beautiful color and finish.  He must have good imaging technique. Optics is very good too.

The reason why I selected these images this time is these results have assured me that Hutech converting process is the right way. As you are aware, the internal reflection is very minimal. So star edge is clean. I believe this is most different point as Hutech modified camera from any other modified Canon cameras. His result encourages me to maintain our quality work toward a right direction. Very nice images, Alan.

Here is Hutech Canon specifications.



BORG & Takahashi Accessories

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Borg erecting prism will be available next week.

Part # 7779 : $55.00

According to BORG, it still shows the sharp view at 100x. I will test myself once it comes in.

Portable mounts are carried by a hand or shipped around the world. So I thought a hard case is useful to protect the valuable gear. Here is the case for Takahashi PM-1 mount.

The case is now available as Hutech item at $179.00

PM-SP is small enough for conventional camera bag.

Takahashi PM-SP

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PM-SP is Takahashi’s single-axis tracking mount. It’s compact, solid and pleasingly heavy. In my personal feeling, I think it’s better to have some level of weight and solidness for the overall stability. I like lightweight scope. But I feel better for a relatively heavy and solid mount.

I was curious how the mount handled two cameras. So I played it around.

As expected, very stable and all are rigid. There is nothing to be worried about. Good thing is a dovetail plate. It allows to adjust each camera position individually for fine weight balance adjustment. The above setup is fully balanced. So I believe I can expect the best possible tracking performance. I guess it’s better tracking than unbalanced single camera setup even it is heavier.

Also a polar scope is always accessible to the sky view. So we can setup all of equipment on the mount before the sunset and just wait to see Polaris. This means it allows for polar alignment without changing setup after the dark, For me, this is important.

PM-SP left, PM-1 right

And I want to point out one important thing. All of Takahashi mounts have metal polar scope caps. Especially this should be most useful for portable mounts since they are being carried around by car and airplane etc. So this protection is critical to prevent the factory-installed reliable polar scope from being misaligned by the shock. Kenko SkeMemo (previous Japanese-made) was a good quality mount. Like PM-SP, compact and solid. And there is an accurate built-in polar scope. But unfortunately the polar scope’s rear section was not protected at all. So I had experience the polar scope was off-axis by the shock during UPS shipping. (Be careful for SkyMemo users) That time I thought I wanted to have the protection cap. This is a small piece of part. But it should play a big role.

And always each clutch pleasingly works. Even if it is way unbalanced, nothing moves. Completely stop and smooth move after loosened. This should be a kind of Takahashi quality. Well designed and made.

This is probably most expensive as portable mounts in the market. But the performance, quality and satisfaction should justify the cost in my personal experience. Especially for special evens such as overseas expedition and total solar eclipse etc,  enjoying such opportunities without trouble is priceless. So mechanical and electrical reliability should be most important factor for that.



Solar Time-lapse Movie 111315

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This was almost 6 hours session on last Friday. At least the sun looks now a bit more stable than in summer time. Unfortunately no big flare and prominence though.



BORG 55FL Super Reducer

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It was shipped yesterday.

P3600079s1mjAll have been set to go!!

【6258】光路図BORG 55FL F3.6 Cutaway, 6-element advanced petzval design

Part # 6258 package will be available next month


With Canon 6D by T. Saitoh

No cropped full frame

I believe this was taken from  southern hemisphere

m31_d600_55fl-200_StarSharp_hdWith Nikon D600 by Hiroshi Numajiri

This looks a kind of unusual composing.


This is an another fresh image to me. I didn’t know there are large Ha gas left side.

As mentioned several time before, 200 mm focal length with full frame camera gives us various fresh composing we’ve never took before. These remind me of my medium format film with BORG 300 mm and 400 mm scopes that time. So I’m sure 200 mm with full frame make us a lot of fun.

And finally good news for small sensor users too. 200 mm allows to capture the whole part of Sh2-240 with 8300 chip, without mosaic.

55FL(SH2-240 0.8x ST-8300M Hα 15分x11)With SBIG ST-8300 by Naoki Nakanishi

Enjoy with BORG 55FL F3.6  and 200 mm focal length!!

It’s really a fun scope.

Takahashi Mounts

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We are now working on Price list. Here is the summery.

PM-1_catalogsPM-1 single motor : $1,995.00 (no tripod included)

PM-SPsPM-SP : $1,095.00

Followings are some major accessories.

 platesetCounterweight set : $169.00

sdlSaddle : $110.00


Davetail plate : $133.00

TGSlow motion DEC unit : $149.00


XY stage (black or green) : $269.00


Metal tripod S : $595.00


Extension pillar : $139.00

And more available…..

Takahashi PM-SP

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Finally I got Takahashi PM-SP for my own use. It’s originally same as PM-1’s DEC unit. It converted into RA unit as single axis tracker. So more compact and various accessories available. Like PM-1, it has the versatility too. And as usual, precision polar scope is installed at the factory.

pmsp1Basic unit. It’s very compact, but actually heavier than looks like since premium quality 6 ball bearings (4 for body and 2 for worm) are used inside.

pmsp5Takahashi standard. Very well made.
pmsp2Saddle and dovetail plate allows to set two cameras side by side while adjusting weight balance. It should be perfect match for meteor shower. Unlike most of other portable mounts, it’s possible to see polar axis all the time without unloading equipment from the mount. It is very convenient too.   pmsp3With RSS panning clamp and a prototype plate, which allows for universal setup with Arca Swiss compatible accessories.

pmsp4With BORG 67FL and BORG-made arca-swiss mounting bracket. This should make easy and lightweight casual setup while using popular arca-swiss compatible parts.

BTW, we are scheduling to release a professional grade camera rotator next month. It’s very useful for lenses which has no rotating function. Since it rotate on optical axis, virtually no weight balance changes even rotated. Usually ball head does. That’s a bit painful.


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