HOO Wide-field

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This is HOO wide-field image with Sigma 105mm thru IDAS Ha and OIII, which includes M8, M20, M16 & M17.

IDAS Ha UHS & OIII 52mm, 20 x R + 5 x B/G each. Sigma 105mm @F2 + ASI2600MM

And this is my setup along with a lovely Sigma 105mm.

PST Bino – 2

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I got a 2nd PST this morning. So I built up and aligned two scopes quickly.

Once everything was aligned, I said “Wow!”. As expected, I can see more details including the filaments than thru a single unit. This is always common experience with the binoscopes. It’s same for planetary viewing too.

I’m sure now this is my ultimate Ha solar Bino in my lifetime. I can carry all together. Very compact and lightweight! That’s very important to enjoy long time. The performance is much more than what I expected. I’m so glad to go for it.

Thanks to Meade and More Blue!

Counter Weight for CFW

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This is the counterweight for CFW.

A mounting ring is MORE BLUE’s 90mm – TB010

The above picture shows a CFW and a weight are in balance. There is a plenty of the extra room for the weight. So 7-filter CFW should be OK too.

This should completely eliminate the weight balance issue at DEC even if CFW is rotated.

This counterweight kit will be commercially available soon.

BTW, I switched filters to Ha and OIII 50.8 (3.0mm each)

And following is 36mm setup, which is scheduled end of this month.

IDAS Single Narrowband Filters

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As an industry leader, IDAS have published the actual measurement data for their all filters since LPS-P1 was released in 1999. No exception. At beginning, we included the measured plot lot by lot before.

1st LPS production measured by Hitachi U4000 June 25 1999 (23 yeas ago!!)

This is the industry-first multi-bandpass technology filter – LPS-P1. (It was designed for the film photography. So NIR wasn’t seriously considered that time)

Since then, the measurement data has been published for all models.

Now IDAS stepped more forward. In the single narrowband filters series, they include the individual test plot unit by unit. So the plot and a unit have the unique product code. (not lot #). So this is the proof of the performance. What you see, actually what you expect.

Recently a hot YouTuber – Cuiv compared with his measured data. Take a look at this.

Cuiv doesn’t take the actual imaging under the sky. So take a look at these pages if someone are interested in actual performance with a bright stars.



BTW, 36mm is expected to be ready end of this month. And SII including 36mm will be available sometime this summer.

Coronado PST Bino – 1

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Why PST now?

I thought this was the easiest and the least expensive ways to build up the Ha solar binoscopes.

So I bought one unit first to see the optical performance and to measure the maximum width. New Meade owner – Orion has in stock.

The size was very important since my inter-pupillary distance is 60mm. So the width must be less than that. Unfortunately a rubber tuner section is 60.2mm. So I almost gave up. But just for taking a chance, I removed a rubber. Then, fortunately max width turned down to 59.8mm. So 0.4mm separation between two. Probably wide enough.

Mechanically passed, optically? very good too as I heard from someone before. This is a very good prominence scope. Good contrast with the dark background. I love it! I saw several huge prominences this morning.

So I decided to get 2nd PST and to move forward the project.

The platform? Following More Blue is the best match.

This is a low cost bino platform. The price includes 2 dovetail bars. Thanks to More Blue!

Stay tuned on the progress of this project.


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IDAS HEUIBII filters are back in stock.

This is the perfect matching with the modified cameras.

IDAS NBZ Back in Stock & Meteor Show

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1- Both NBZ-48 and NBZ-48 UHS are now in stock, and we begun shipping based on the waiting list from yesterday. So your local or favorite dealers should have them in their inventory shortly.

2- Dave Kodama looks enjoying the meteor shower during Memorial weekend.

Enjoy at his site. According to him, the real time movie is editing now too. A lazy Ted stayed at home that night.

Focus Ring for SIGMA 105mm

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SIGMA 105mm ART is the best ever I’ve owned and used. So I wanted to more enjoy using it in my lifetime span. A friend – Dave made a ring to assist focusing by his 3D printer for me.

Fortunately 3D printing material was soft enough to tighten bolts down a bit. So they stay solid. Two handles make feel better for focusing now.

I’m looking forward to focusing this weekend.

Thank you, Dave!!

Tokina Reflex Lens 500mm/F8 & Hoya ND100000

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I took some test shots with Tokina 500mm reflex lens & Hoya ND100000 solar filter this morning. Both are Japanese-made high quality products.

Tokina 500mm/F8 + Hoya ND100000 82mm + Panasonic GX 8, 1 x 1/8000″ @ ISO1600 guided by Hinode Solar Guider

The lens is quite compact and lightweight (310g)

I’m glad to I used 1/8000″ shutter speed at ISO1600.

The camera interface is T-thread. So there are wide variety of camera options.

This should be one of the best options for the people who are looking for the ultra compact telephoto lens at the affordable price (US$379.00) for the distance targets like the sun and the moon.

We plan to carry the eclipse package with HOYA ND100000 67mm.

Orion Belt & Tak Focuser Upgrade Kit

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1- A friend – Jim Windlinger’s image of Orion Belt region was picked as “Image of the day” several days ago.

Really gorgeous finish!! Congratulations, Jim.

This is his setup – BORG 107FL and his own designed and machined EQ mount.

2- Finally we are now ready to take orders for the focuser upgrade kit for Takahashi telescopes.

The customers who have already put in the waiting list will be notified shortly.

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