Veil Nebula thru IDAS NBZ

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It was 1st time to point Veil thru NBZ filter. This is 107FL F3.9ED result last weekend.

BORG 107FL F3.9ED + ASI2600MC + IDAS NBZ filter

IDAS NBZ filter is well designed to minimize Halo now. I really appreciate IDAS efforts.

BORG 107FL F3.9ED and Hide’s 90FL with Kenko SkyMemo

BORG 107FL, Wide-field & My Neighbors

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1- These are a friend – Dave kodama’s 1st test shots taken by a newly acquired BORG 107FL F3.9ED scope last weekend.

BORG 107FL F3.9ED + Modified Canon RP + NGS1-52

I was told he needed some mechanical fix for the adapter coupling.

Dave, thanks again for selecting another BORG scope.

BTW, Dave was 1st official BORG owner in US after Hutech started distributing BORG more than 20 years ago and still piled up more BORG collections.

This 20-years old or more BORG 100ED Series 80 which was traveled with him around the world including several total solar eclipse. I believe this is one of his best companions for the special events. He also has Series 115 F4 super reducer configuration for the large format film as well

New 107FL behind 76ED and, 45ED as a guide scope at the top of the legendary Astro Physics 150EDF. Really gorgeous setup!!

He also still owns BORG 125ED F2.8 scope too. So I think 107FL is his 5th BORG scope and still all are fully active.

2- Following is my wide-field shot taken last weekend. It’s quite hard for me to finish the even illumination and colors. Anyway this is all I can do in my skill.

Sigma 50mm Art + Cooled 6D, blended IDAS NBZ and HEUIBII filters

A guide scope was used for the dithered imaging. I’m not sure it helps noticeably increasing S/N. I think I should move a lot more during the dithering. I will try with Sigma 20mm this weekend. I understand the image processing should be harder. Anyway, let’s try and see.

3- This is another neighbor – Jim Windlinger’s BORG 107FL F3.9ED and 60ED or Ach(?) as a guide scope, along with his own-made mount. His PlaneWave CDK and Astro Physics mount are set in his observatory shown at the left. Jim is a really highly-talented imager as well as an engineer, and also known as a developer for Hinode solar guider. Recently acquired Sigma Art 30mm(?) and Canon Ra can be seen with Japanese-made Kenko SkyMemo behind. All look perfect.

IDAS Single Narrowband Filters

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I have a big announcement today. Following to the dual-narrowband, IDAS will seriously enter into the single narrowband filter market. A first item available will be Ha 8.5nm in this July to August. Other narrowband filters will be coming up in the short period of the time. The key feature is the precise F-ratio classifications to maximize the overall optical performance based on users’ optical speed.

Ha-8.5 Type G : Generic version from F2 to any

Ha-8.5 Type S : Extremely high speed version specifically designed for RASA and HyperStar

As shown above, Type S achieves over 95% transmission with RASA8. This is perfect for RASA and HyperStar, which allows RASA and HyperStar users to fully enjoy the optics’ fundamental performance without the major signal loss. In short, you can get more signal in shorter exposure. I believe it results in the extremely higher contrast image.

Features are ;

  • Multiple 8.5nm-passband selections
  • 4 different frames – 50.8mm, RASA8, M52 & Di
  • 48mm clear aperture (50.8mm frame for CFW) / 47mm (RASA8, M52 & Di)
  • IDAS-proprietary flat-top design – allows to maintain the maximum transmission in the spectrum shift
  • Clean star edge
  • Easy handling : fingerprint-free
  • Clean storage : dust- & lint-free – no paper wrapping
  • 50.8mm frame fits QHY, ZWO and ATIK filter wheels (or any other CFWs – 3-point screws type)
  • 2.5mm (TBD) glass thickness – fully par-focal with other IDAS filters
  • US price : $449.00
  • Made in Japan

A following is the prototype 50.8mm frame as NBZ filter.

This 50.8 frame will be available for current IDAS lineup such as NBZ and LPS-D3 etc as well, so that you can enjoy with OSC cameras too while electrically changing filters.

Current RASA8 drawer and filter.

M52 filter fits various Hutech filter drawers and HyperStars.

My BORG 90FL Bino

•June 8, 2021 • 2 Comments

Finally a last piece of puzzle has been set into the system and now completed.

I did quick collimation test outside. As expected, it’s finished within seconds by tweaking mirror adjustment knobs. As described here several times, Japan’s Bino-techno platform doesn’t require the initial collimation. That’s really comfortable to a lazy person like me. Always ready for viewing night time.

Masuyama 26mm 2″ eyepieces are the best match for the wide-field with BORG at least for me.

Only drawback in this system is the heavy and bulky tripod. That is a kind of annoying part. But I need a motorized tracking in alt-az mode for high-power planetary viewing. So I have to be patient.

I can’t wait for the coming planet favorite season!

Most likely this will be my key visual system for the next annular and total solar eclipse in US a couple of years later. Super-wide Masuyama 26mm might be the best in magnification and apparent field of view (85-degree) to observe the inner corona during the totality. Thanks for the home field advantage. I now recalled my exciting experience for observing and feeling the energy of the inner corona in the last total eclipse again………


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The scope is the top of the line in current BORG lineup and one of most favorite scopes for myself. A new owner – David Leech sent the quick feedback used with QHY268C several days ago.

Fortunately the back focus was close enough at one attempt. That might be a factor by APS-C sensor.

Anyway, very nice setup, David!. Enjoy astro imaging with a new scope long time. I believe the scope well satisfies today’s sensor requirements.

Hinode Solar Guider

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Now all parts are in stock. So we resume shipping. If you already placed orders at your shops, you should be notified soon.

BORG 72FL F3.6 & Lunar Eclipse

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1- A new 72FL F3.6 set is now available.

Key features are

  • Quite sharp image entire APS-C sensor at F3.6 speed
  • EAF-compatible MORE BLUE focuser
  • Compact and easy to convert to the visual configuration without changing the entire system
  • Premium quality and performance at more affordable price

2- This is the time-lapse movie created by Dave Kodama, who made great efforts under the cloudy condition.

I used the Borg 76ED with 0.85x reducer and Nikon D850 for the magnified shots, and Canon RP with HEUIB filter and Nikon 24mm lens for the wide angle shots.

Blood Moon 2021, BORG 72FL & ASI EAF

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1- I didn’t prepare for imaging due to the questionable sky. But my close friend – Hide never gave up. His result between the clouds was

BORG 90FL + 1.4x Teleconverter (7215) + Fuji X-T3, 2″ at ISO 640 taken by Hideharu Takemoto

Congratulations, Hide! Nice shot!

2- This is my new wide-field setup for the nebula season – BORG 72FL F3.6 (with Starizona Apex ED reducer) for ASI2600MC.

3- One of MORE BLUE focuser users – Steven Chun tested with EAF.

According to Steven, “it goes on easily and didn’t need any special adjustments [FYI, the EAF max focus distance is a little over 22,800].  Finally, I’m attaching some shots of my 71FL setup using the More Blue Focuser and a bunch of ZWO stuff.”

Steven, thanks for sharing such an valuable info.

My Bino & IDAS NBZ/RASA8 Special Package

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1- Yesterday’s Robert Rodenstein’s Bino picture pushed my back to resume considering something new for myself as well. Yes, still one big piece of puzzle is missing. Poor Ted.

I wish the larger aperture. But at handling standpoint, 90FL should be more realistic in size and weight for my needs and favorites after I experienced with 107FL Bino before.

The parts newly used are MORE BLUE focusers. Focus travel is long enough, smooth and solid, and fortunately allows to easily switch the pinion direction even by non-skillful person like me. And nearly half cost of FTF. So quite suitable for Bino setup.

Another feature is Bino-techno’s adjustment-free super solid platform fully machined from a chunk of aluminum alloy. This makes setup always ready to use without the initial collimation alignment. That’s very big point to a lazy man like me.

2- This should be great news to RASA8 users. IDAS is prepared for a special filter package dedicated for RASA8. The set includes a high-speed NBZ-Di(F1.8 to F2.8) and a RASA8 filter drawer.

This is only available for the limited quantity.

Enjoy high-contrast imaging with high-speed optics without losing the signal.

Binoscopes & M101

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1- Robert Rosenstein in US completed his DIY project along with Matsumoto EMS diagonal system and now starts enjoying binoscope observing.

I thought you might be interested in seeing my completed binoscope using the Bino-diagonals I recently bought from you. This binoscope uses two Orion Apex 127mm maksutovs at f/12. Works great with two Televue 19mm “pantopic” eyepieces. It also works with two 0.63x Antares optical compressors for a final of f/7.56.

Congratulations, Robert! And thanks for your feedback. The optics must have a plenty of light gathering power into your eyes and brain for deep sky objects. Loos very nice.

2- This is my a last remaining shot taken 2 weeks ago. After Windows update, the notebook power was automatically shut off during the session. It took a hour or more when I noticed. So this was only 10 frames.

BORG 107FL F7.8 + IDAS HEUIBII + ASI2600MC, 3′ x 10

Again, this was no dark applied. Probably after updating various software, old dark images don’t match with updated capturing software setting. I will re-create new library. I hope that will be the solution.

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