BORG M75 to M75 Adapter

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This should be the convenient for users who are using Series 80 configuration with 45ED(II), 60ED and 55FL. A main tube becomes really short in Series 80, especially with a reducer. This is the solution for people who are struggling short tube configuration.

The adapter has M75 male at both ends which allow to connect Series 80 tubes at front and back, and M57 female for the objective. See following example.

As shown, a front ring is clamped at the objective section without the concern of squeezing the objective lens. Unless a front tube blocks the objective’s field of view, you may use a longer tube too.

60ED(2260) can be connected directly. 45ED(II) and 55FL needs 7457 to convert the male thread. It is now available at $69.00 (part # M7575)



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SONY loaned me QX1 camera. I was interested in this concept very much when announced. But before purchasing, I realized software doesn’t allow to enlarge liveview image. So I was hesitating to move forward and waiting for software(or firmware?) update. While I reported SONY this is very crucial feature for our industry, I start playing around.


Very compact as expected

qx1eqx1dJust quick snap shot

I love NFC ‘s quick connection. That’s great. While I still need the zoom-up function for fine focusing, I love this ease and convenience. I might not set the image size correctly. Original files seem to be too small. I will learn more and try again. In any cases, so much fun to use.

Nature Photography Show – NANPA

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My 2-week roadshow was over. It was very tough weeks starting from Japan trip to San Diego show.  Fortunately this show was most responsive from visitors among the non-astro event ever. All Blacks seemed to be intrigued for the people. Also I thought today’s sophisticated camera features were matching with BORG optical system too.





Most serious visitors stopping by Hutech booth were Sony and Olympus users. They are looking for high quality fixed focal length’s telephoto lenses since both brands have no such length at this moment. Also they knew today’s EVF made focusing easier too. They were convinced while actually trying to shoot with BORG there. So we had very fruitful discussion with these potential customers. This show has assured me Black BORG Series is the right way to go here in US too. Japan is way ahead in business standpoint. But I will try to catch up.

BTW, this is 89ED with carbon fiber tube. Really light weight!! Just 1.7kg with Feather Touch focuser.


Now I’m back to normal work. Next show will be NEAF in April and I might make the surprise announcement before that.

CP+ in Japan

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It was really busy show entire 4 days.



DSC05507sSo many people came to BORG booth, touch products and take test shots. This show reminds me Japanese are the camera freak. They are very skillful of well operating a camera with BORG. I also had the chance to talk with new potential dealers in several countries. Wonderful time there.

DSC_0360aConcept product – 107FL 600mm/F5.6

BORG doesn’t decide to go commercial production for 107mm fluorite yet. This is just the future plan. Even moving forward, it won’t be this year. And will become high price.

DSC05542sSeveral carbon fiber tubes. Hopefully this should go production. It was really light weight. BORG is already lightest telescope in its class. But this makes it further lighter, and more strength and much less coefficient of thermal expansion. This CF was produced by the company who made for Formula one body.

DSC05549ssAnd several other new items. These all will be commercially available next month and April, depending on items.

New Reducer [#7872] for 90FL and 71FL

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Now it’s the time to officially announce the newly-designed dedicated super reducer [#7872] for 90FL and 71FL. It will be commercially available this spring.

DSC09874ss2nd prototype


Features are

1) 0.72x quadruplet design for full frame sensor

2) 90FL = 360mm/F4 and 71FL = 288mm/F4

3) 48mm filter in front

4) Fits filter box(# 7519) and camera rotator (#7352)

Since the lens section is moved into the inside focuser, the distance between the focuser and camera gets much closer (less stress for the focuser). As a result, it allows to use relatively longer main tube (easier setup).
Well mechanical design!!

7872-02 7872-03

90FL(オリオン大星雲  新型レデューサー)s90FL F4.0 (0.72x reducer), luminance taken with ST8300M and color with ST8300C

We schedule to announce the price by end of this month.

Olympus E-M5 Mark II

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I didn’t need the time to consider once I saw new EM-5. Although I’m not sure I will use this camera for regular photography, definitely I try to use and see the result for my solar/lunar imaging, and birding video hand-held with BORG scopes. Olympus engineers did really great job. I can’t imagine how precisely the sensor is controlled micron by micron. Half-pixel should be 1 to 2 microns. More advanced 5-axis in-body IS and a new sensor shift must be great technology in engineering as well as manufacturing. 1st generation of 5-axis IS was still great. I wonder how much further advanced….. It’s amazing.


Originally I was waiting for the camera which automatically composites multiple shots into one frame for Ha solar imaging. My goal is the solar time-lapse movie. So stacking multiple shots to creates each one frame is really painful. This high-resolution mode is slightly different from what I expected. But 8 shots stacking might still somehow contribute to the better S/N, I hope. Also I’m curious how 64MP resolution in half of full frame sensor is effective under air turbulence condition. Anyway, very interesting feature and the technology we can feel the future. I was told SONY plans the similar technique to achieve Foveon-like result. Actually this EM-5’s 1st 4-shot process looks same technique to capture RGB data into each pixel. 2nd 4-shot process by shifting 0.5x pixel by 0.5 pixel should be for higher resolution while interpolating each color. So looks great mix of two different processes.

Even though the camera might not meet my expectation completely, I want to applaud Olympus’s challenging spirit and its achievement. At least I can feel the value as their efforts I want to spend without hesitation. If possible, I wish Olympus to move the manufacturing facility for this type of high-end camera back to Japan.

The camera seems to be available end of this month. Before that, probably I can actually see it at CP+ in Japan next week. Only issue for going to Japan this time is very cold and possibly snowing. I’m a spoiled California guy.


XY Positioner in Stock

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Limited number of XY units have come in stock.

xyBORG feature is to connected XY unit t-thread to t-thread(or c-thread with another adapter). So all are solid. No flexure and slippage concerned at all. BORG 50 is short focal length and relatively fast speed while today’s autoguider is very sensitive. In general, no issue to locate proper guide star even without XY. But this should more secure for proper guide star.  Especially if the mount doesn’t allow to extend guiding exposure time, this should be useful.
This was the highly demanded item. So it might be gone quickly.


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