Yesterday’s Prominence

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This was my 1st attempt for prominence image with a monochrome camera – ZWO ASI174MM. Unfortunately it was not the exciting prominence activity though. I uploaded anyway. Looks like I wish to have smaller pixel or longer focal length for larger image scale. Taken with SF50 + BORG 77EDII + ASI174MM while tracked by Hinoe SG. 7 hours sequence.

Classic Summer Objects & 55FL F3.6

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Long-time BORG user as well as many BORG scopes and parts owner – Scott Denning sent two summer images, which were taken with his 71FL F3.7 (0.66x reducer) and modified Canon 40. As shown below,  IDAS HEUIB-II filter creates very neutral color balance with modified DSLRs. If your sky is dark enough, I highly recommend this filter. Since background turns neutral with this filter while capturing max Ha photon, it makes image processing relatively easier. Big benefit is the dim Ha region can be more isolated from the background color.



Meanwhile, as expected, I had very good response on 55FL F3.6 from many people. I understood premium quality 200 mm focal length telescope was what high-end users were seeking for and there is nothing in the market. I tested myself and I can mention this is the promising optical system.  You can choose Series 60 or 80. Mechanical design is quite similar to current 0.72x reducer. So it is easy to build up the system even if it is very short focal length. Above two images were taken with 260 mm focal length at APS-C sensor. APS-C users can get wider field of view with 55FL F3.6. Although the system covers full frame sensor, it should be big advantage for the users who own small pixel/sensor like SONY 694/814 chips and looking for widest possible image field.

OPT Show & 55FL F3.6

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DSC_0461OPT show Hutech boothDSC_0464Takahashi PM-SP, controller under development

DSC_0469BORG 55FL F3.6, 1st public appearance. DSC_0470Unfortunately cooled 6D wasn’t shown up yet.DSC_0471BORGs with Lacerta standalone autoguiderDSC_0472Takahashi PM-1, controller under developmentDSC_0473Great solar viewing day. Fortunately it was no marine layer even in the morning time at Oceanside.

Hinode SG kept the sun center the whole day without centering adjustment. Very convenient.

And as shown above, the dedicated super reducer for 55FL came in. I did star test last Friday.

55flreducerSystem configuration : 2555 + 7861 + 7604 + 0.8x reducer + 7000 + 5005 + SONY A7

Very clean and sharp star edge entire full frame sensor

200 mm F3.6 super telephoto lens

It is expected to be commercially available this fall(?)

User’s Image and 55FL Reducer

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Kayron Mercieca who was already enjoying 77EDII with 0.7x reducer asked me the shortest possible focal length among BORG. So he picked 45EDII and several parts to build up the system including his 0.7x reducer. The system is something like that. This turns 225 mm focal length.

b04550ftfs45EDII F5 with FTF-M57

And here is his 1st shot.

kayronOne of challenging parts was the weight balance back and forth. As shown at 1st picture, main tube is only 25 mm long!! Yes, this is crazy configuration. you can imagine, this setup becomes way back heavy. I believe he could manage to set properly. Congratulations, Kayron.

Meanwhile, I was told prototype of 55FL reducer is ready in Japan. Hopefully it will come to me next week. This is the dedicated reducer for 55FL which fully covers full frame sensor. This should be further shorter than above 45ED system. Good for small sensor users who are seeking for wider image field.  I will keep updated on it.

I’m looking forward to testing the new reducer with cooled Canon 6D which looks available now in Japan.

Sun 07/14/15

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Following movie was made from 83 single frames during 10 am to 5 pm yesterday. Although morning period doesn’t look bad, it was getting worse toward late afternoon as anticipated. Still heat wave makes the image terrible. But we can see some flares anyway.

Solar Imaging Setup with BORG New Tube Rings

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Since BORG new Series 80 rings – prototype has come in for my test, I have changed my solar imaging system. A ring itself is 100 g lighter than previous 7083. And the machined-made ring has a lot of threaded holes all around a ring while achieving precision finish. I believe this is very good improvement.

solarsetup3SF-50 + BORG 77EDII + 7780 (new Drawtube Holder DX) + Takahashi PM-1 mount

solarsetup2Hinode SG was set at the top of two rings via universal base.

7780 and new tube rings are basically same concept. By loosening thumbscrews, a tube moves smoothly. I noticed this smoothness allowed me to adjust the weight balance easily and accurately even if each thumbscrews are a little loosened. Once they are tightened down, it holds completely. High quality Teflon inside and precision machine-made achieves both smoothness and rigidness. Very good quality.

BTW, these pictures are taken at F1.4 aperture of Fuji 56mm lens without ND filter. Shutter speeds were 1/32000″ and 1/22000″ respectively. Thanks for super high speed electric shutter. Really excellent Fuji lens and camera. I love this combination.

BORG 89ED with Panasonic G7

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Electric shutter must be very practical feature to reduce the vibration especially with long telephoto lens. 89ED is 600mm focal length (1200mm at micro 4/3rds sensor). Although this camera has no IS function, it looks avoiding the image shaking.  Followings were taken by Mr. BORG – Noboru Nakagawa.

P1060073xxxs1 P1070057xxxxs3 P1070058xxxs1 P1070145xxxxs21/1600″ at ISO1000

P3560460s1BORG 89ED + Panasonic G7, with new Series 80 ring prototype


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