The Comet C/2019 Y4 & Ted Special #3

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1- A friend, Dave attemped to shoot the comet thru IDAS comet filter in unfavorable conditions under the moonlight last weekend.


Thanks for sharing, Dave.

It begins raining in California again and the moon is up for a while. Let’s try after that. I wonder how the comet will show up next. The predication is not as good as what originally made though. Anyway, let’s keep eyes opened.

2- I had too many portable mounts. So I decided to release one of my favorite ones, which is the legendary Japanese-made SkyMemo R.


The key features for this special package are

  • 2030 polar scope reticle aligned by Kenko factory in Japan – accurate
  • Vixen tripod – comfortable
  • Autoguider-ready – convenient

So this is a promissing system. An original alt-az base is so soild. Well-made. But basically only fits their original short tripod. But Vixen tripod makes the imaging style very comfortable becuase of the height.




NEAF Specials

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During April 4 – 5, all IDAS filters are 10% off as NEAF specials.


Apply promotional Code “NEAF2020” when you order online. This is only two-day deal. Don’t minss the chance!





Mirrorless Adapters with IDAS Filters

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Our mirrorless adapters create the various combinations and gives us more fun for the digital photography.

I borrowed Nikon manual lens from a friend. So I can manually control the aperture now.


Modified Canon RP + Nikon manual lens (IDAS HEUIBII filter is set in-between)

First, I set IDAS HEUIBII-52 into Nikon lens adapter and took a snap shot. Here is the result. See how good it is.


This is just a simple JPEG outcome in AWB mode. I don’t adjust the color balance either. As you can see, IDAS HEUIBII filter does the tremendous job with full spectrum camera in daytime as well as nighttime.  This should be perfect for nightscape application since the filter maintains the landscape color balance, shown the above.

I switched a Nikon lens to Fuji X-T1. The LOGO of “Nippon Kogaku Japan” Nikon’s original name. Very nice!


Fuji X-T1 with Nikon lens

Easy to switch EF and F lenses. IDAS NB2-52 and NB3-52 filters are set into lens adapters.

And moreover, easy to switch a lens to 17.5mm BF cameras such as ASI ones. We have M42 and M54 adapters.


And each adapter is carefully designed for IDAS filter glass thickness as well as each camera’s flange back distance. So no optical distortion in any combinations.

This is good solution to people who are looking for various filtering works with wide-angle lenses. Any IDAS M52 and M48 allows to set between a camera and a lens. M48 requires the adapter ring. M52 is highly recommended for full frame sensor.

Comet C/2019 Y2

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I tried to point the comet from my backyard first time. It is moving toward over the sky of Los Angels basin. So I used a comet filter EAO1. I’m sure the filter helps a lot to darken the background while passing C2 lines.


BORG 107FL F6 + ASI183MC + IDAS Comet filter EAO1

A hint of tail is visible., I guess so. I wish the comet will give us the enjoyable opportunity coming months.

BORG 55FL ESATTO & Canon Ra with IDAS filters

•March 25, 2020 • 2 Comments

1- Building-up a short telescope is always challenging. Generally main tube is too long for the focuser and to meet the back focus requirement. Eventually PLL has figured out how to manage to integrate their ESATTO 2″ focuser into BORG 55FL F3.6 system. Congratulations!, Filippo

Now they officially announce this system is commercially available after try-n-error process several months.

Take a look at their page and enjoy a promotional video acted by a Hollywood-grade movie-star, Filippo.


Please contact PLL for more details. For US customers who are interested in this ESATTO version, please contact TolgaAstro. It should be available thru them shortly.

2- One of Canon Ra users – Nicholas Carver in US feedback his 1st light through IDAS filters.


I took 2 hours with the filter – NB2-DR (bortle 9) and 45 minutes with no filter – ODW-DR (bortle 6). It exceeded my expectations, and will allow me to enjoy my Canon Ra under the city light dome.

I guess he looks blending the broadband image taken thru a clear filter at darker site and Ha/OIII image thru IDAS NB2-DR at bortle 9. 9 is quite bright sky BTW.

A filter box he uses is a following Canon genuine model.


The thickness of IDAS filters is exactly same as Canon original. So there is no optical distortion issue, which is usually common in other 3rd party accessories due to the incorrect light path.

Most likely more DR-series filters are expected to be available shortly.

Nico, thanks for sharing your 1st image. Enjoy more astro imaging with a new filter system with Canon Ra.

Nikon APS-C Filters

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Finally Nikon filters are in stock. Thanks to the customers who have been waiting long time. We start shipping today. So you should be notified by your local dealers shortly.

Now all 3 kinds of filters (LPS-D1, LPS-D2 & HEUIBII) are available for D5500 series, D7000 series & D5200.


Now we are ready to take new orders.


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1- These days I receive more inquiries to use BORG 55FL visually.  So I have just prepared an another visual package. This allows to use 2″ diagonal and eyepieces. Super compact and lightweight. Premium quality optically and mechanically in its class.



Again, BORG-proprietary modular concept allows to re-configure other different systems for visual use or imaging. This is an another BORG advantage –  how to enjoy the astronomy indoor while changing components by your own way, if you are forced to  stay at home or the weather is not favor. You can play around various parts indoor like LEGO. This is the privilege only for BORG users.

2- BORG 55FL F3.6 user – Guillaume Crettaz in Switzerland shared his recent shot.


Instrument : Borg 55fl 3.6. CCD : ZWO ASI 1600 Filter wheel : ZWO Filters : Astronomik 36mm

Thank you, Guillaume, beautiful Rosette!

I’m looking forward to seeing your more images later.

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