Motorized Flat Panel Bracket

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The colleague – Jim designed the neat attachment bracket for WanderAstro’s motorized panel, by economical and still practical ways. Thank you, Jim!

This reusable quick-release method is convenient unlike the manufacturer’s supplied zip ties, which has to be cut down to take it out every time.

This is a 1st prototype. After testing around more, we will make the kit commercially available for WanderAstro users. Please temporarily use the supplied zip ties until it is ready.

Comet ZTF

•January 25, 2023 • 2 Comments

White LED-dominant sky was quite tough to find and see the comet from my backyard. I also reassured my eyes got old and weak. I gave up searching it around with Canon 10×42.

But fortunately an old Fujinon 16×70 allowed me to observe the cotton candy-like the coma. I’m glad I still own it.

I look forward to observing it at the darker site within this week.

Pentax 125SDP – 2

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Finally I had the chance to make the star test after the series of the stormy west coast weather. The result was great as expected.

The focal plane was around 215mm away from the end of the drawtube. So as predicted, I can add ESATTO 3″ in-between. The only pain is further heavy….

Anyway, it was great optics along with OHARA FPL-53 and FPL-51 which were still produced in Japan. So they were so expensive elements that time.

And the key design is that 1st and 2nd elements are widely separated. This gives the designer more options. But it requires higher level of machining quality and building-up skills. I applaud Team Pentax already did 20-30 years ago.

This is a page scanned from one of Tenmon-guide pages published a long time ago. As shown below, the g-c lines are gathered within 0.1mm or less. And meridional and sagittal look close each other. So we can expect the good and clean star shape the entire of the sensor. Keep in mind, 0-44.0mm is radius. So just half in today’s full frame sensor.

And my result seemed to be just like that. The scope was made more than 20 years ago? But it seems to be nothing obsolete.

I was told in the past the optics could somehow handle NIR too. I’m looking forward to seeing the result along with IDAS’s recently released GNB filter.

MORE BLUE Premium Half Pillar

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Sightron Japan tripod is Gitzo 5 compatible. So I tried to set a new More Blue half pillar. Once I opened a box, I’m so surprised at its quality. It’s really solid and beautiful! I feel its weight is almost same as the mount.

Azimuth movement is very smooth. And it raises up the mount to more comfortable height than the original Takahashi tripod and pillar I was using shown below.

Some might feel it’s pricey. I don’t deny. But definitely you will see “what you pay, what you get”. So this pillar looks the best matching with the heavy-duty tripods and EM200-like big mounts in the costs and the quality.

Pentax 125SDP – 1

•January 17, 2023 • 2 Comments

I heard one of our club friends was about to release his 125SDP. Yes this was my dream scope from the film era. The conditions look almost brand-new.

Of course, I was so interested. But I was hesitated at two things. The helical focuser. I, however, found out 125SDP’s back focus is surprisingly so long. So I tried to see how it would look like with ESATTO 3″ shown below.

Fortunately 125SDP’s OD is same as BORG 150ED. So I can use those mounting rings I had unlike the original clamshell type.

BORG-ESATTO adapter looks the perfect matching in size. (The special adapter is not made yet)

2nd thing is the weight. Yes, Sooo heavy!! Especially I was so spoiled by BORG’s lightweight design long time. I feel really painful.

This is obviously the heaviest scope I’ve ever had. Adding ESATTO will be further heavier. Unfortunately this is no way to make me feel better. I have to stand anyway.

MORE BLUE mini focuser is set with BORG 72FL. And I noticed the focus was really solid. No wobble at all even I strongly pushed to various directions. Looks very good! The focuser has t-thread at back end as well. This should more secure the connection too.

All of Pentax telescopes were designed by one of my Japanese business colleagues when he was in Pentax. Yes, it was long long time ago. But the tech data shows it seems to be still good enough for today’s digital sensor too.

Before ESATTO adapter comes up, I will try to enjoy with the helical focuser during the galaxies’ season.

Next time, I will write up such things along with the designer’s concept on 125SDP I have heard before.

IDAS New Filters

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Following 2 filters are now available.

1- GNB (Galaxy & Nebula) : available at 1.25″ and ZF (drop-in) type. This industry-first filter takes us to the new world.

And perfect matching with IMX585(Uranus-C) and IMX464( Neptune-C II) sensors since these are well sensitive in NIR.

ZF model allows you to set a filter into a camera body.


 2- NB12-DR

This is a dual-narrowband filter for Canon filter drawer.

Keep in mind, the filter doesn’t block NIR completely. So it requires an in-camera IR blocker. But you can enjoy the performance like NBZ while electrically controlling EF lenses.

BORG 107FL F3.9 with NiteCrawler & New M57 R&P

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One of BORG advantages are “modular” design, which mainly gives us more focuser options.

1- In addition to ESATTO 3″, you can build up the 107FL F3.9 system along with MoonLite’s NiteCrawler. This is a new setup of Trevor Tarnowski in Canada.

Looking perfect! thanks for feedback, Trevor. Enjoy imaging with a new scope.

Canon Fluorite in front.

This is BORG package for NiteCrawler.

2- Now Kasai M57 R&P focuser is available.

The good thing is this focuser allows to use BORG’s M57-threaded reducers. Probably it works with 55FL F3.6 too. Let me test and see. I understand many BORG users are seeking for M57-threaded R&P or Crayford. This is the solution for you.

New Wanderer Astro Products in Stock

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Following Wanderer Astro items are now in stock.

Lightweight motorized flat panel are available up to 320mm.

Compact and low profile power boxes are in stock as well.

All are well made!! Highly recommended.


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A long-time royal customer – Craig Scogin sent his initial feedback for his new scope – BORG 72FL.

Looking the perfect match with Kasai focuser. Thank you, Craig!

MORE BLUE New Products

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More good news for Takahashi users. Especially rings for E-180ED are available at a very reasonable price and in a nice looking shape. And the solid and rotational half pillar looks very nice too! Take a look around.

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