My Takahashi 3 Brothers

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Finally I think I achieved the goal I wished originally. I expect I will be able to enjoy with these 3 mounts in the rest of my life. Old Takahashi mounts are modernized by Machinaka controllers, which gives more precision steps as the extra benefit. EM10 and EM200 were converted to hybrid motors from the old-fashioned geared ones.

PM-1, EM10 & EM200 from left

Among 3, I like EM10 setup best at the portability standpoint as dual-axes tracking mount. And MORE BLUE’s mount adapter allows to use SJ’s CF tripod. These are all solid, lightweight and compact. So all are perfectly matching with my expectation. This is why.

And taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank a lot to a genius

engineer – Jim Windlinger who was helping me a lot to build them up. Without him, I couldn’t come here at all. Really thank you Jim!!

Modernizing Old Takahashi Mounts & IDAS NBZ-48 in Stock Now

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1- I tested Machinaka Controller with my Takahashi PM-1 mount last night. It worked as expected and designed.

The controller allows to set various motor steps and gear ratio based on its mount. So basically it works with any Takahashi mounts as far as the proper interface is prepared.

Key features are

  • User-setting tracking parameter
  • Microstep program achieves smoother tracking and guiding
  • ST-4 guide port

If the controller is used with EM-series USD models, the mount has the GOTO and guiding capability as well. So old models will revive with this controller.

Anyway, now my PM-1 mount is ready for the dithered imaging. That was my potential goal for this setup.

2- IDAS NBZ-48 is got back in stock now and we resume shipping most of shops all over the world. So now time to contact your local shops!

Ha Rosette Region

•November 28, 2021 • 2 Comments

I resume the backyard imaging.

IDAS Ha 6.5nm HS + Sigma 105mm @F2.2 + ASI2600mm(gain 0), 40 x 300″ Bortle 8 sky

I really love Sigma 105mm Art. My favorite focal length and speed.

Live Stack Imaging thru IDAS Ha 6.5nm

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An optical expert in Canada – Jim Thompson sent me the quick feedback for his 1st light. Surprisingly these were finished in 30 or 40 x 20″ live stacking mode along with a 40mm aperture telescope under the very bright sky conditions. A lot of Ha signals captured!!, Jim!!

His comment:

I thought I’d share my first light results using the 6.5nm Halpha filter with you.  At the Flickr, you can see my images from this past Monday evening, all captured using a TPO Ultrawide 40mm refractor and Mallincam DS432M TEC camera.  The images are live stacks of thirty to forty 20 second sub-exposures, taken from my backyard under Bortle 9+ skies.  The Moon, 2 days past full, was located high in the sky at the time.  I am very impressed at the amount of faint nebulosity that I was able to pull in from my severely light polluted skies.  These are by far the deepest live nebula views I have ever produced!


Jim, Thanks for your quick feedback. Enjoy the imaging with a new filter!

IDAS Ha Filter with Canon RP

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A friend – Dave tried out IDAS Ha single passband filter 52mm mounted with his modified RP.

I used the Canon RP @ ISO 1600 as I’m having problems using my QHY camera, but they still turned out pretty well considering that not all the pixels are used.  I converted to b/w just so it’s easier to see on the screen.
The Horse Head shot was 41 x 5 min., with the moon 76 degrees away (Phase: Full – 5 days).  The California Nebula was 36 x 5 min. with the moon 29.5 degrees away (Phase: Full + 2 days).

BTW, Ha filters are available at 2.5mm and 3.0mm thickness. 2.5mm is fully par-focal with other IDAS filters. So easy to switch with broadband or dual narrowband filter. 52mm mounted is highly recommended for the full frame sensors.

MORE BLUE Rotators for Takahashi Telescopes

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Telescopes’ internal surface is one of key factors to maintain the high contrast image. MORE BLUE’s rotators are really well done inside for that.


And very solid too.

I think it seems to be useful for the visual observing as well. Personally I don’t like loosening 2″ diagonal section for rotating, since I’m always worried about its slipping down at the dark place. The rotator completely eliminates such concern and makes me quite comfortable.

So I believe it’s very good value.

M56 and M72 are available.

Lunar Eclipse & BORG 150ED

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Although the weather will be concerned tomorrow, I prepared an old BORG 150ED for the event. This is my last white BORG, which was stored indoor more than 15 years. I wanted to give the fresh air to the lens first.

At least I could reach the focus.

Rosette Region

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This was one of my results last weekend. I was expecting something more. Seems I missed focusing.

Sigma 105mm Art @F2 + ASAI2600MC + IDAS NBZ-52, 30 x 5′

The controller trouble didn’t allows me for dithered imaging unfortunately as well.

I didn’t know there was OIII region at the top of Ha region.

BORG 55FL F3.6 with ESATTO 2″

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PrimaLuceLab’s ESATTO is precisely controlling the focus. In addition to that, what I love is the all-in-one design. Unlike most others, a motor and the electronics are all packed inside an enclosure. That’s very comfortable for me in handling and setup.

This is really cute and solid. Only 190 mm long.

These are star tests I did before, in full frame and in APS-C.

As shown above, there are some distortion at each corner in full frame. This is quite typical result in full frame.

But personally this focal length and speed seems to be still something special. Just fine until APS-C.


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I’d like to introduce new MORE BLUE products again.

1- New mounting rings

First, here is the entire lineup now. This should be good image to summarize all rings currently available.

  • 80mm rings are newly redesigned.
  • 60mm is a new ring
  • Two step-down rings are now available.

2- Rotating units for Takahashi scopes

These are newly designed too.

These are fully compatible with Takahashi genuine rotators.

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