90FL w/NBX – 2

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1- This is 2nd one.

BORG 90FL F3.9ED + Cooled 6D + IDAS NBX-52, 7 x 5′ No dark/flat applied

This was even after reduced the red saturation.

2- Now Prima Luce’s Eagle 3 and related accessories including ECCO are on sale. These were only displayed indoor in the show. Never used outside.

BORG 90FL F3.9ED with NBX

•October 23, 2020 • 2 Comments

Now I had the time to review my result by another setup – BORG 90FL last weekend. I had the weird tracking trouble all the night. I repeatedly made polar alignment, guider calibration and check the weight balance etc several times. But in vein. So I gave up my all results.

I was reluctant to checking the result. But surprisingly not bad at all. What was it that night??

BORG 90FL F3.9ED + Cooled 6D + IDAS NBX-52, 7 x 5′ No flat/dark applied

Personally I like 90FL better than 107FL because of wider field of view, more compact and flatter illumination. As described above, the flat isn’t applied.

As expected, IDAS NBX filter gave me the good color contrast. I’d better to continue to shoot more frames.

And thanks to my lovely cooled 6D.

BTW, several different filter drawers are now available.

CTB-1/Abell 85 & Auriga Wide-field

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1- This is an interesting target taken by Steven Bellavia.

Thank you, Steve. One day I will try it out too.

2- Another my wide-field thru NBX filter. My target was the inside Auriga and its east region including Simeis 147.

I noticed 3-minute exposure were too short to capture more signal of Simeis 147. I will try again.

Wide-field thru IDAS NBX – 2

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This is the another various Ha regions.

IDAS NBX-52 + Sigma Art F1.4 (@F2.8) + Modified Canon RP (@ISO1600), 20 x 3′

I don’t recall why I stopped 20 frames. I wanted to take more.

A lot of stars turn reddish. I start experimenting to use RGB-programmable panel to correct the color shift. The flat color might be still something inappropriate. Anyway, this is the best I can do so far.

Orion thru IDAS NBX

•October 18, 2020 • 8 Comments

I just made the quick image processing for one of last night shots. I was curious how NBX filter performed with wide-angle lenses. A filter was set between a body and a lens. Actually the frame was slightly cropped due to the annoying uneven background.

IDAS NBX-52 + EF/R filter adapter + Sigma 50mm Art F1.4 (@F2.8) + Modified Canon RP(ISO1600), 30 x 3′

I’m now figuring out the practical exposure time and setting for NBX filter with several different optics and cameras.

I want to more enjoy the wide-field imaging with NBX filter. I have to consider how to take the good quality flat frames though. That’s most challenging…

I’m looking forward to seeing other shots too.

Unfortunately California sky is still hazy and smoky. I wish the transparent sky will come back to us soon.

Filter Drawers for Mirrorless and ASI/QHY Cameras

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1- First, this should be the big benefit for Nikon Z users. We had a filter adapter for Nikon Z. But it wasn’t the drawer type. This is more convenient for easily switching filter during the same imaging session.

We will carry Sony E and Canon R soon as mentioned below.

Features are

  • 52mm filter drawer. 52-48 adapter available as option
  • Light path is fully optimized when one of IDAS filters is in place
  • User-replaceable lens mount adapters between Nikon F and Canon EF
  • User-replaceable body mount adapters among Nikon Z, Canon R and Sony E

Sony E adapter will be available next. Sony E camera users will enjoy the performance of IDAS filters with Nikon F or Canon EF lens, without compromising the optical performance.

2- As announced before, ASI filter drawer is now in stock.

You can set something like

Features are

  • Fits ASI6200MC, 2400MC and 2600MC
  • The set includes 52mm filter drawer. Allows to set 48mm with an optional adapter
  • User-replaceable lens mount adapters between Nikon F and Canon EF
  • Fully optimized for IDAS filter
  • ASI camera adapter can be replaced with QHY600 (requires QHY’s a short mount plate)

Now filter drawer’s lineup includes Nikon Z, Sony E, Canon R, ASIs and QHY600. This adapter’s biggest benefit is to allow to use IDAS filters with wide-angle lenses without the optical distortion. Generally wide-angle lens is very sensitive to the back focus. Inappropriate distance by adding an extra glass (a filter) causes the optical distortion mainly at each corner of the sensor frame.


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1- IDAS long sellers – LPS-P2 and LPS-D1 have been recently discontinued. LPS-P2 turned the de-facto standard as light pollution suppression filter after LPS-P1 was released 21 years ago. Their proprietary multi-band pass design became their trademark in the industry. Since then, some other manufactures followed IDAS design. I’d like to really appreciate IDAS contribution to our community as a pioneer long time.

Both M48 are already out of stock at Hutech either. M52 and some other sizes are still available.

This is a new broadband filter – LPS-P3.

Features for LPS-P3 are

  • Primary target light pollution to be suppressed are mercury and high/low sodium vapor lines. So different concept from LPS-D2 and NGS1
  • More strongly blocking UV and NIR until 1200nm than previous models.
  • Color balance is more tweaked for astro one-shot color cameras.
  • Higher and flatter transmission peaks while deeper optical density for blocking sections – higher image contrast and less reflections possible

LPS-P3-48 and LPS-P3-52 will be commercially available end of this month.

BTW, a following was the actual plot for 1st LPS-P1 production measured on June 26 1999.

LPS-P1 was originally intended for film photography. So it was not seriously considered for blocking IR yet. In fact, the digital camera was not popular for amateur astronomers when it was designed.

2- A new NBX user – Gil Ching sent an initial single test shot thru NBX with his F1.9 Hyperstar.

I’m happy with the IDAS NBX. I’ve attached a photo of Eastern Veil, a single 300” shot with f1.9 Hyperstar, unstacked, unprocessed, no calibration frames, only did color adjustment with Lightroom. Next week I’ll add calibration, stack with the rest of the data, and process in PS. 

Thanks for your quick and initial feedback, Gil. Looking forward to the completion.

Soul Nebula & Smart Lens Heater

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This was last night shot at my backyard.

BORG 55FL F3.6 + IDAS NBX-52 + ASI183MC, 40 x 350″

At least NBX filter makes astro imaging at my backyard more enjoyable and comfortable.

BTW, I used More Blue’s smart lens heater in the absolute temperature mode although it was quite dry last night. So the purpose was not to prevent the lens from the dew formation.

It’s hard to verify once or two. But at least it looked working as expected. Probably I can verify when I continuously shoot entire night at high desert. Seems to me this is becoming a kind of must-have item now to maintain focusing as much as possible.


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Here is the next response from NBX user – Fred Eiserling.

Finally got a chance to image with the new filter. Really needs longer exposures.
This is the Helix nebula, CDK14, 30mins(5 x 3′ + 3 x 5′) exposures with Canon 6DHmark2.

Fred, thanks for your quick test and feedback. Beautiful color!!

IDAS NBX Filter with Fuji X-T1

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I tried to use X-T1 with NBX filter last night.

BORG 72FL F4 + X-T1(stocked) + IDAS NBX filter, 30 x 2′ at ISO3200

It was the tough challenge by a stocked consumer camera under bortle 8 sky.

First, I thought what was these purple? I’ve never seen this kind of outcome before. I understand I should tweak the color finish. But I will share as it is anyway, as the result so far. Followings are RGB channel individually.

At least red channel shows a lot of nebulosity entire frame. Purple section looks the real nebulosity section too. That’s good to know anyway.

NBX filter shows me a new face of California nebula with a color camera.

I try to shoot by ASI camera with NBX filter tonight.

BTW, this is RAW image thru NBX filter.

This is a stocked camera. So the result is something predicted. Probably astro OSC camera should be the ideal color balance. Let’s see.

A following is the quick test for NBX filter from Ziv Greenberg in Israel.

I had a chance (a clear sky) to test this filter from my white zone location, and I was really impressed! It is a live stacking via the ASIair Pro for just 8 x 300sec.

Thanks for your quick feedback, Ziv

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