North Amerca Nebula & Little Tern

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Summer constellations have came up again. This was taken by Fred Eiserling with his SONY A7H and Nikon 300 mm lens.

6 x 3 minutes through IDAS LPS-V4 52mm

Nice image, Fred. I wish to take some astro imaging myself too since I didn’t have chance to do these months.

Followings are taken by Wag with his 71FL & Olympus E-M1. All were taken without tripod. Great technique!!







45EDII F5.0 & Standalone Autoguider

•May 22, 2015 • 1 Comment

This is really unusual shape you’ve never seen. 45EDII F5 is the shortest focal length covering full frame sensor among BORG astrograph family at this moment. If FTF is used with, tube option is only 25mm long!! The picture shows an extra tube over the objective lens, which allows for 75mm length total for easier clamping.

b04550ftfs1.2 kg / 220 mm long

2046 – 7050(over the objective lens) – 7457 – M75/75 adapter – 7025 – FTF-BORG – FTF-M57 – 7870

Main challenge in this setup is how to manage to set proper weight balance while avoiding interfering with camera and mount. Tube is very short and the weight is way back heavy. This is challenging. But if you are looking for widest possible field of view with sharper optics than conventional telephoto lens in its class, this is the one. This also allows for reliable PC-control focusing.

Hutech has been appointed as the North American distributor for Lacerta standalone autoguider. One of most interesting features is the built-in dithering capability while synchronizing DSLR’s exposure and interval timing. This is perfect companion with DSLR and portable mounts.


This item looks very popular and highly demanded in Europe and Asia. The manufacturer seems to have a lot of back-order right now. Some units are expected to come in stock within a month or two. More number of units will be September or later. This will be available through Hutech dealers in US as well as Canada too. US price is $595.00 I was told SONY’s ICX279AL sensor was really sensitive. I will use myself once 1st lot comes in and shows various setup solutions with some Hutech original accessories.

Canon New IS Binoculars

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Canon has added two binoculars into their IS binoculars family. These are lightweight and affordable price. It should be perfect for solar viewing in size. We plan the filter attachment for them. 10×30’s weight looks just half of 10×42 I own. 10×42 is superior quality. But actually heavy. I try it out once it’s available.


Today’s Solar Activity

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Most fun thing on solar imaging for me is that each day the sun shows the unique face and activity. Also I don’t know which part of the sun is active until time-lapse movie is made. So it makes me fresh every time. These are 4.5 hours time sequence today. Unfortunately it was cloudy this morning and not active day. So total sequence is a bit too short. But somehow this is today’s result.

Series 60 astrograph & Hinode SG

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These are some sample configuration as Series 60 astrograph.


B0673860B (67FL F3.8 black)  — 0.9 kgb0714060baB0714060B (71FL F4.0 black)  — 0.95 kg

If you are looking for lightest possible system without compromising optical performance, these should be good options. Both allow to replace 7604 (60mm extension tube) with 7517which makes them portable mount friendly setup. 

hsgTo customers who are waiting for Hinode SG, sorry to have kept you waiting. Now we are scheduling to resume shipping small volume of quantities end of next week. Although these quantities don’t fill current all of back-order yet, we are doing best to catch up the demand ASAP. 

7800/6000/7083 discontinued

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I think this kind of announcement will be common for a while. As I mentioned earlier, BORG will focus on black-color OTA. So white parts will be fading out after current stock will be gone.

7800 (205mm tube) and 7083 (tube rings) are no longer available. 6000 (Series 80 OTA) has been discontinued too because of lack of 7800.

1) 7800

Instead 205mm matt finish black is now available as #7803.

White shorter ones such as 7136(135mm long), 7150(150mm), 7050(50mm) and 7025(25mm) are still in stock. So White color-based astrograph packages are still available too. You can build up 200mm long white by combining 7150 with 7050.

2) 7803

Instead of 7803, we offer 7804 for a while.

7084This has 1/4″-20 at the both sides. However, limited number only left. So this part # should be gone soon. BORG is now preparing for machined-made rings for series 80 tubes.

Transition time for white to black might confuse you time to time. But I try to clarify you and go smoothly as much as I can.

Solar activity 05/11/15

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These are 7-hour image sequence taken with Solarscope 50 and Olympus modified E-M5, guided by Hinode SG. We can see several flares.

50ssI’m still trying to figure out best possible configuration for myself by changing cameras and extending focal length, including teleconverter and flattener etc. I feel like simple prime focus (less number of lens elements) by 50mm F8 (400mm f.l) looks good compromise so far. Also Olympus’s tilt EVF is very convenient under the sun and allows to see the focusing difference more clearly than SONY’s EVF. I don’t know why. Epson-made EVF looks more suitable at least for solar imaging than SONY’s made.


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