MASUYAMA 32mm & Astro Image

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MASUYAMA 32mm is now in stock.

mop-32Looking very nice. This was what binoscope users were eagerly waiting for.

BTW, I thought someone might be misunderstanding. MASUYAMA is a brand name as well as company’s owner name of an original manufacturer registered as “Ohi Optical Co., Ltd.”. MASUYAMA or Ohi Optical has long produced most of Japanese-made eyepieces under their brand name as well as so many different other names many people are still using.

Hutech’s one of very close partners in Europe  – Frist Light Optics in UK, James Mackay starts using BORG 55FL F3.6. Here is his recent shot.  Nice color and well composed.


BORG 55FL F3.6 + IDAS HEUIBII-EOS + Modified Canon 650D

James is fully knowledgeable on BORG system and First Light Optics is carrying wide variety of BORG parts in stock. Please contact James at FLO if someone in Europe are looking for BORG parts. You should get the good solution from him.

This is the trial shot with 600mm f.l. (89ED) and SF50. So it’s 50mm F12. The shutter speed was 1.xx millisecond. As DSLR measurement(I prefer), 1/700″ to 1/800″ I think it was not too bad. I wish the faster though.

Single 133 frames in 3 minutes interval.


 I will try to shoot with a field flattener next time to see any change.


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We have IDAS QRO Series in stock now. LPS-D1 48mm/52mm and HEUIBII 48mm/52mm are currently available as top of the line in IDAS product lineup. LPS-V4 is expected to be coming up later.

1.1mm glass thickness minimizes the light path change. It has good advantage when it is set within the light path-sensitive optical train.

Also as shown below, CNC-machined precision frame is carefully considered for the reflections caused by the mechanical factors. The matte finish taper shape with clean knife-edge top mechanically avoids the internal reflections as much as possible.

qro2sIDAS continues to lead the astronomical filters optically as well as mechanically.

Deep-sky Shots & Solar Time-lapse Movie

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One of Hutech cooled 6D camera users – Fritz Kleinhans shared his great pictures for deep-sky targets. Since this blog mainly shows wide-field image only, I thought these are something very fresh. Click to link to each his page.



I took series of solar image. Although my result is totally different level from recent Charles ones, I think this is somehow the best I can do as a lazy man at this moment. 66 single shots through SF50 and BORG 50FL F8 in 3-hour duration.

1017aI will try with a longer focal length optics next time. I hope the shutter speed will be still high enough. I’m still hesitating to make the efforts for stacking a number of shots to create one image frame. It requires the tremendous efforts I’m not totally pleased with. I wonder if someone will write up the program which allows for the batch process for multiple image holders throughout by one click.

Stunning Solar Activity Animation

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One of HINODE solar guider users – Charles Shahar in Canada creates the gorgeous solar animations. See and enjoy his wonderful image. These look very good textbook for me to learn the solar activity. I think he is capturing through Daystar Quantum 0.4A filter. Really great image!!

MASUYAMA 32mm Eyepiece

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A new MASUYAMA 32mm will come in stock within several days.

Specs are

  • 5 elements in 3 groups
  • 85 degree AFOV
  • 20 mm eye relief
  • 450 g
  • 58mm (OD) x 120mm (L)

OD is less than 60 mm even with a rubber grip!!, completely fits EMS binoscope system. I’m sure binoscope owners love these eyepieces.

Part # MOP-32 / Price : $329.00



HUTECH 6DH & IDAS Filter Availability Update

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One of recent 6DH owners – Fraser Gunn in New Zealand sent us his recent beautiful picture.

20161009-horsehead_2xI think it is the tough area to shoot since there are various bright stars around there. This picture, however, shows clean star edge and minimal reflections. This is the strongest feature for 6DH over other modified 6Ds.

Also he is using HEUIBII filter, which neutralizes background color balance and reproduces beautiful color. The neutralized background by an optical filter technically makes post processing easier to isolate faint Ha from background.

I have some IDAS filter availability update. These days, we had hard time for the inventory control due to the recent rapid sales growth. So some items got totally out of stock. For the customers and dealers who are currently waiting, I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting. Here is the update for each availability.

  1. LPS-D1-EOS : New lot is expected to come up end of this month. Please be patient until it will come in stock again. IDAS is catching up with the demand by the best possible way.
  2. LPS-D1-48 : We are scheduling to resume shipping middle of this month. However, since only limited number of units will come up, it might be sold out instantly. Next production will be in November.
  3. QRO Series : LPS-D1 and HEUIB, 48mm and 52mm are now available. As described before, it is 1.1 mm thickness and knife-edge top taper shape frame.
  4. Solar filter 82mm UHB-RS : We have reduced the price to $209.00 This is the special sale for coming solar eclipse and will last until sold out.  I recommend using 82mm filter with a magnet quick release filter holder for the total solar eclipse event.
  5. Filter for SONY A7 Series : We realized the production is so time-consuming. So they are forced to redesign the frame to ease the assembly process. We still have some in stock. But once the stock will be gone, we will temporarily stop accepting new order. Meanwhile, we will continue to ship all of back-ordered units to dealers who are still waiting for the shipment from IDAS.



Meade LX-90 with BORG

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As everyone knows, a double fork mount is the stability king. I’m sure it should be most beneficial for binoscope system. While waiting for a new bino platform’s coming up, I start using LX-90 with BORG single scope.


Since Meade removed the sun from object library, what I did was

  1. One-star alignment by selecting daytime’s nearest star to the sun – “Regulus”
  2. Press GO-TO Mercury, center by fully guessing with a smartphone planetarium software and sync
  3. Then, manually move to the sun by a hand controller

Of course, the sun is slowly drifting. But not much soon.  It was there in longer period than I thought. That’s good enough.

I saw nice and big spots today. The image stability during focusing is the one I was expecting. Comfortable very much!!

LX-90 doesn’t have the auto-guider port. But an optional cable allows to convert AUX port into guiding use. I’m so curious if it works with our Hinode solar guider or not in alt-az mode. One day I wish to try it out.

BTW, above method for pointing and observing the sun is fully responsible for each user. Keep in mind, at least Meade clearly doesn’t recommend this use.

Especially LX-series mount is originally to be used with SCT scope only. So the scope itself is not intended to be used for the sun either.




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