NIKON Body-mounted Filters

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First, I apologize to all of customers who are interested in NIKON body-mounted filters. At this moment, we have only HEUIBII-N3 (for D5100) in Stock. Any other types? sorry, I can’t specify the shipping schedule right now. Next month I will discuss with the machine shop in Japan who is making filter holders for us and conclude next production plan. I will announce here again once we can set the production schedule.

SONY DSCSorry again for the inconvenience to you. Please wait for my next announcement.

The joint photo gallery between Fujifilm and BORG will be held two months in Tokyo. This is the amazing event.


Photos are taken by a professional wild animal photographer – Rei Ohara and Mr.BORG – Noboru Nakagawa. Yes, as one of Fuji and BORG users, I fully agree this is the great combination. As described several times here, Fuji’s color depth is superb. And image finish is not like digital. Well resolved, but not jaggy. The details look soft at glance, but still resolved. I love that like film taste. One drawback in this case is no image stabilizer in a body or in optical train. Anyway the shooting skill might solve that.  If someone will have the chance to stay in Tokyo, please try to make the schedule to visit to Bic Camera Ikebukoro shop 8F Photo gallery.

My Eclipse Imaging System

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The total eclipse is almost two months away. Although the imaging during the totality is not my priority, I start considering my day and night imaging system. For solar guiding, I need to have dual axes motors. So I changed my Takahashi PM-1 mount back to dual-mode and set two SS-one controllers first time. So I needed to test with Hinode solar guider. It has just worked as expected. One drawback is many cables as shown below. But this trip opportunity will be priceless. So I wanted to select most reliable way among the gear I have. Especially I loves the accuracy of the polar scope for the night time imaging. Anyway, this test has assured me I can fully focus on binoscope visual observing entire the eclipse period. I can enjoy the time with my favorite beer.

And all of my equipment work at 5V. So I don’t think I will need big battery night and day.  Probably adding one small battery as backup should be good enough. My home-made fragile power converter is the least reliable item. So definitely I need to prepare the backup for that. And I will just do what I can surely do. No challenge.





Running Chicken & SkyNews Magazine

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I think this is the object I didn’t know. Sam Berrada took an another wonderful shot in Chile, taken with BORG 90FL F4 system and Canon 6DH. IC2944 – Running Chicken

Normal RGB – Nice color-rich finish


Ha filter version – more faint nebulosity


Very nice.

And surprisingly his recent image in Chile were covered in two full pages of SkyNews magazine. Congratulations, Sam!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACanadian SkyNews, one of my most favorite magazines. Get it and take a look at.

2nd surprise is the back cover – Subaru under the milky-way sky, nice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI feel Subaru still has the aircraft manufacturing spirit. Well well made. I was told the latest platform and body are further solid. I understood they were popular in snow/icy area including Canada. But it is getting popular even in California too. Go, Subaru!

There is a couple of miles dirt road before our club observing site. Since I own Subaru, driving on the dirt road makes me fun with faster speed. Well absorbing rough surface and yes, very stable as expected.


SS-one Auto Guider Camera

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Here is each price. These items will be available from Hutech dealers worldwide too.

SSAGC : $239.00 (camera only)


SSAGC75 : $425.00 (camera and built-in dew heater 75mm/F1.8 lens with hood)


SSAG75S : $530.00 (SSAGC75 + SSAGE set)


As you are aware, this is nice package discount. I believe this should be very good value as complete standalone system including optics and controller. We are scheduling to start shipping sometime next week.

To set a camera, we have to bolt up* from the bottom. So my suggested attachments to BORG users are;

1 Arca Swiss clamp and plate


This is a nice quick release solution.

2. Hutech universal base (Part # UDB)


This setup allows to set Hinode solar guider daytime and SSAGC nighttime without changing system.

Also it is fully compatible with the conventional finder scope clamp base too. Yes, very universal as described.

An extra benefit to above both methods is to raise an auto guider up to more secure the optical clearance in front.

* Be careful of selecting the length of 1/4″-20 bolt. The camera has only 6mm(including metal thickness) clearance room inside. Double check before tightening a screw.

SS-one AG Camera Commercially Available

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Finally SS-one auto guider camera got ready now. Body-only and 75mm lens complete system are available.




Part # SSAGC : Price (TBA)


  • C-mount lens standard, which is fully compatible with any C-mount lens available in the market
  • MT9M034 monochrome sensor, 3.75 micron pixel size /1.2MP – same sensor as ZWO ASI120MM
  • 5V dew heater power output* – dew heater is optional
  • 1/4″-20 threaded hole at the bottom. No mounting rings or a bracket required
  • Square box body virtually eliminates the matching alignment with the mount X/Y axes
  • Works with SS-one controllers as well as Windows-based software**

* Dew heater needs the additional 350mA/5V power. So be careful of your power management. Camera’s power consumption is 100mA/5V.

** It requires downloading the latest camera driver from ZWO site. The camera includes the license to officially use ZWO driver.


Part # SSAGC75 : Price (TBA)

75mm lens set comes with built-in heater dew shield as standard. The package with AG Element controller will be available too.


Attention to SS-one & BORG Users

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SS-one download site is now available online at Hutech. A latest file – Ver.0.21 for ZWO capture includes a new function – the gradual temperature control. The operational manual has been updated accordingly. Here is the summary of the procedure to update.


  1. Prior to downloading the program,  install “Win32 Disk Imager”. It’s available online.
  2. Insert micro SD card into SD card adapter and format on the card.
  3. Download SS-one program. It’s approx. 2.7GB ZIP file. So it takes time until completion.
  4.  Extract ZIP file so that it expands to about 7GB IMG-format.
  5. Open “Win32 Disk Imager” and select the IMG file and the drive where SD card inserted. Then, click “Write”.

Continue to enjoy astro imaging with SS-one controllers.

Nakazawa san – a founder of SS-one project is now preparing for the focuser control function. This will be incorporated into coming new controllers as well as an existing ZWO capture.  A following is the screenshot of KODO controller for the GOTO mount – Expedition. BORG’s rack & pinion focuser is expected to be motorized, so that it is electrically controlled by SS-one too.


You will be able to control the focuser without PC soon!!

220 Degree FOV & New LPS Filter

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Olympus 8mm/F1.8 is well known as the premium quality fisheye lens. I was told it is very sharp entire image circle even at full opening – F1.8. As far as I know, fastest as fish-eye. This is originally a diagonal lens at micro 4/3rds sensor.  Our concept is to use the lens with SONY A7 Series as the circular fish-eye, which achieves 220 degree field of view in full frame sensor. So it covers below the horizon.

Here is the excellent result with a modified 8mm lens designed by IDAS. Go to YouTube to watch in full HD mode.

Image data

  • SONY A7S with IDAS modified Olympus 8mm lens captured by Satoshi Sugimoto
  • ISO 64000 and SS 1/60″
  • In Finland March 28 2017

Congratulations, Sugimoto-san! It’s really great video.

Keep in mind, this is not time-lapse movie. It’s real-time video at 1/60″ shutter speed in full HD mode. So this is the actual motion speed. Amazing, great camera and lens!!

The key for the lens modification is to allow for manual focusing without the electrical signal from the camera body. Don’t worry, AF is still functional when it is set onto Olympus/Panasonic cameras, after removing M4/3-E mount adapter.  F1.8 fast speed optics and A7S high sensitivity is the perfect match to create wonderful real-time aurora movie shown above. I didn’t know how fast aurora is moving around. This looks NHK or BBC broadcasting quality!! The modification kit will be available from Hutech shortly. Also we plan to sell pre-modified Olympus lens as well.



Also IDAS is being prepared to release a new type of LPS filter which is mostly suitable for aurora imaging. This is the moderate sky glow suppression filter while maintaining balanced RGB color. The filter is only designed for SONY A7 Series as a body-mounted type. It should be very helpful to make aurora details higher contrast even the sky is relatively light-polluted.

Please stay tuned here on the update news of these products.


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