NIKON D810A Filter and SS-one KODO Controller Kit

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Now IDAS body-mounted filter for D810A is commercially available. 1213a

Part # LPS-D1-NF : $350.00

Part # HEUIBII-NF : $350.00

Like other Nikon APS-C filters, this is the friction fitting. So no tool required. These are mechanically fit and electrically work with D810A and D600.

Also SS-one/Vixen GP Kit prices are as follows.


Part # KODOGPA : $660.00





Part # KODOGPB : $710.00




The difference between A and B is the kit A for dual-motor model while B is for RA single tracking model. Both slew speed is 100x,  and allow to install new motors without soldering or special technique. Easy user installable kits.

KODO controller is fully functional with above both kits.


Part # KODO : $560.00


BORG Electric Focusers

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At this moment, FTF is only option for BORG system as a motorized focuser. FTF is the premium grade. So that’s good. The motor option is well designed too. But I wanted to give the customers more different options. Especially my primary goals are to pre-pack an electric focuser as standard in a package and M57 small type, which should perfectly fits 55FL F3.6 system.

We have started the electric focuser tests while doing several different approaches. 2018 will be the year of BORG electric focusers. I plan to release some items. Here are some as the add-on solutions. Probably some of electric focusers will be included as standard in the system packages.


Also the originally-designed precision focuser will be expected by end of 2018 as well.  I will notify here once they will be commercially available.

I will be happy to hear any opinion or suggestion if someone has. Feel free to e-mail to me anytime.  I’m still quite open for suggestions from users.



Takahashi EM and Vixen GP Mounts with SS-one KODO Controller

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I brought SS-one EM10 mount to USA. Here is mine. A used EM10 price looked good in Japan. Thanks Nakazawa san.

1204eUSB3 on a panel is for a polar camera

As always, all are super solid. I love this setup – light and solid. Perfect for me.

Unfortunately I forgot bring a mount cable with me. So I can’t test. Shame…..

I’m preparing for the user-upgrade kit. All parts are pre-wired. So quite easy procedure without soldering etc. “I can do” means “you can do too”. EM200 is similar way too.

Also following Vixen/SS-one kit will be available. These are also user-installable.


Upgrade from GP dual motor model (using with original motor boxes)


 Upgrade from GP RA motor only (newly added a hybrid motor at DEC)

As mentioned before, SS-one KODO controller is so smart.  Following is the motor parameter setting page, which specifically shows for EM10 mount.


So this user-programmable controller works with a lot of other mounts as long as stepper motors can be physically set. DIY persons, get a controller only and play it around to build up yourself. That should be fun as a hobby too.

CANON 6D Mark II and Big Instant Rebates

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I got back to work from last weekend. It was too busy to enjoy there since I flied to other neighboring countries from Japan. I had the meeting with BORG twice. The super excellent telescope will be coming up next year.

We begin shipping the modified 6D Mark II. Like 6D, it is available as option T. (with Canon UV/IR blocking filter). Flange back is 44.000mm +/- 3 micron.


I feel there are some improvement design and parts inside body. At least it is obvious a tilt-screen is nice.

This morning I realized CANON big instant rebates would be until DEC/9th. Surprisingly $500 for 6D!! Limited time only. Don’t miss this great chance! These only apply to US residents though.



Happy Thanksgiving!

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I will leave for Japan tonight. So the office will be closed from tomorrow to Nov/30.  However you can still reach me thru e-mail. I’m happy to receive them. So don’t hesitate that.

1122Have a great holiday!


Universal Mount Coupler for Takahashi Metal Tripod

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As mentioned several times here, Takahashi metal tripod and half pillar are great combination. They are super solid while light-weight. Even I forced to twist, no flexture at all. It might be seen the high price. But I have realized it is quite reasonable in quality and performance viewpoints if compared with premium brand’s CF tripods. They are further more expensive. Especially half pillar is quite useful to give us more clearance. So for me, this is great and reasonable value.

Now the adapter is commercially available. This is also intended to be used with SS-one mount – Expedition onto Takahashi tripod. See at


I’m sure Takahashi tripod and SS-one Expedition will be the best portable mount system.

Anyway, here is my initial test today.


It has 3/8″ bolt hole at the center. Takahashi original thumbscrews allow to grab firmly and tighten smoothly. Indeed, it’s fun to tighten and loosen. So I decided to use Japanese-made thumbscrews. If you have the chance to touch them, you should be able to feel so.


I tested 71FL BINO system with this tripod first time.

Yes, obviously more stable than conventional center-pole tripod. I intentionally tapped the scope. Vibration was less and stopped instantly. I’m glad it performs as I expected.

Also as shown in a picture, it is quick release system, which should be the great benefit to SS-one Expedition mount.


IDAS Filters for Nikon D810A & Modified CANON 6D Mark II

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The industry leader – IDAS LPS-D1 will be available for NIKON D810A sometime early of next year.


We let you have more specific schedule once the production will be set. This frame also mechanically and electrically works with D600.


BTW, IDAS filters for following NIKON APS-C cameras are currently available. All of items are in stock right now.


More IDAS filters for NIKON cameras will be available next year. NIKON users, please keep your eyes opened.

We are also planning to make the modified CANON 6D Mark II available early of next month. Once we start shipping, we will announce here again.

Here is CANON online catalog for your reference.


(Click to download 20MB PDF file from CANON)

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