Solar Eclipse 2017 – My Dream Comes True and Bitter Taste

What wonderful experiences!

I had two unforgettable completely opposite-side results in this year’s total eclipse.



First, my BORG 90FL binoscope viewing was so powerful and vivid. It’s so hard to describe the view I’ve never experienced before. It was totally out of range I could handle. I continued to say “Wow, Wow…” during the totality.  The vivid color and clean details of prominence and inner corona overwhelmed me much. I didn’t expect the spread-out inner corona was such so powerful. I felt my eyes were having the energy from there. It must be usually overwhelmed by general sun light. So this might be only possible during the totality. The brushed-like details of the inner corona were printed into my eyes. That was really the universal level. When I looked into eyepieces first, it took time until realizing what I was looking at. Also I lost my mind where I was.

My dream has come true!!

As a user, I’d like to mention “thank you very much” to following my business partners who produced and provided such premium products.

Nakagawa san, BORG : giving Fluorite-taste transparent, clean and color contrast image

Aonuma san, IDAS : allowing safest solar viewing with very clean image. (In fact, many people stopped by my place and viewed my binoscope. All said “Wow!” , I was not surprised at all. Fortunately there were many sun spots. Some were the ones I called “Hawaiian Islands”. Everyone agreed this was the best and cleanest sun spot image they had seen. IDAS broadband solar filter is really highest quality and performance. Nothing else to be compared.)

Matsumoto san, EMS : showing me the true sun face along with collimation feature. Without EMS, this system wasn’t complete. This is the key in the system.

Beat, AOK : providing collimatable binoscope platform for Meade LX-90.

Jimmy, Meade : Steady double-fork mount with tracking capability, which gave me comfortable viewing entire the event. And Jimmy, thanks for your arrangement at the site.

Thanks again, everyone. You allowed me to spend the unbelievable time during the totality. As a result, I had the priceless lifetime memory.

Now I’m the addictive of solar binoscope and start planning to build up 2nd one. It should be compact system, which is suitable for overseas expedition – 2019? or 2020?

If someone who had the same totality experiences through binoscopes looked at my blog, please send a private e-mail to me. I wish to share our uncomparable experiences.

2nd unforgettable experience was a bit bitter side. Just before 2nd contact, I tried to activate Promote Control as planned, which should have given me completely freedom for the visual observing. But it didn’t work as expected. The totality was just seconds away. So now I was in the ultimate selection modes – visual? or imaging? Of course, visual. When I almost gave up imaging, I found out the problem. But since I was in panic, I forgot taking a filter out!! So all of my totality images were completely black while controller and camera were continuously taking 7-bracket shot each in 5 second interval. I still don’t understand why I skipped taking the test shot even I had a plenty of time. Everyone must think it was unbelievable action. Yes, I fully agree. I’m thinking now, probably the universe said to me,  “too early for you to have two gifts at same time. One is good enough at this moment. You have something more you have to learn as human being”.  Yes, I follow you, Sir. A bit bitter experience, but not disappointed much since I didn’t originally plan to take pictures during the totality before I got to know Promote Control. At least I achieved my primary goal anyway as mentioned above.

Anyway because my imaging try was failure, I’d like to widely ask Hutech customers for your great pictures and let me recall the memorized image in my brain. I understand the processing takes time. So don’t rush.

I’m sure so many number of people were enjoying this solar eclipse. Everyone, congratulations!! including my wife Mia and myself. And finally thanks the Universe very much. See you next time!

Now back to work, work……..


~ by tedishikawa on August 24, 2017.

6 Responses to “Solar Eclipse 2017 – My Dream Comes True and Bitter Taste”

  1. Congratulations on the fabulous experience of the Total Solar Eclipse with your fine Binoscope!
    Tatsuro Matsumoto

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  3. I’m in sympathy with you about your mating failure Ted! I too totally lost my mind at totality in Columbia, SC. Visually so stunning! I had a wide field setup pre-set to take an image per second during totality and all I had to do was turn it on…but instead I hit the wrong button and changed an image
    per second to an image per hour! So I ditched that setup instead of trying to figure out how to correct it ! I still managed to get about 30 images on a tripod setup with a 100mm Pentax while my old reliable Borg 76ED entertained everyone with spectacular visuals while tracking on a simple Nexstar mount. A marvelous experience!!

  4. Teddy.
    You are not alone, a friend of mine also forgot to remove the solar filter during totality. Good you had so wonderful visual experience.
    Armando A. Busto

  5. hi Morgan,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad to know you enjoyed the solar eclipse too. Congratulations!!


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