HUTECH Office Move Clean-up Sale

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  • BORG 50FL F8 objective lens : $185.00 (Some spots)
  • 0115a 

    50 mm aperture, F8 and fluorite – as you can guess from size and f-ratio, virtually aberration-free optics was there at corner of the inventory shelf long time. Since LOGO print was not ready yet that time, I asked BORG to send it without a printed hood. But the optics is exactly same as commercial units. Still in good condition. There are some smudges though. Very light weight, 140g.

    Price was



  • KENKO Alt-az mount : $50.00 (demo)0118c
  • Losmandy piggyback mount : $30.00 (Unused. This is an old model. Current model should be DVCM)


  • Vixen zoom eyepiece 8 to 24 mm : $100.00 (No box, good condition. Used a couple of times only)


  • Shoestring USB guide port interface (GPUSB) : $45.00


  • Mr.Matsumoto-made binoscope platform with handle: $450.00 (Used as demo)


  1. 20mm inter-pupillary adjustment (144 to 164 mm center-to-center plate separation)
  2. Capable of handling 4″ class refractors (5″ BORG) – BB-160 class
  3. Collimatable vertically and horizontally
  4. Side plate allows to attach Vixen-compatible plate


  • COMBO Quark (Chromosphere) : $956.00 (Used only once for focusing test)


  • Daystar Quark original (Chromosphere) : $800.00 (Personally used several times. Still good condition)


  • ASI120MM (w/Japanese-made high-resolution fish-eye lens) : $100.00 (Personally used for testing)


  • ASI174MM : $400.00 (Personally used. Still perfect condition)
  • BORG 9857, M57 crayfod focuser : $250.00 (Brand-new)


Current 9857 page

This is the perfect match with Mini Borg configuration.

  • BORG 9000 Black BORG Main Unit : $550.00 (Brand-new)


Current 9000 page

  • Casady Dovetail Saddle for Takahashi EM 400/500 series 9″ long – $100.00 (Brand-new)


  • Casady Universal Dovetail Saddle 8″ long : $100.00 (Personally used)0108b
  • Casady universal dovetail saddle 12″ long : $100.00 (Never used, but some scratches)


  • CANON 24-105mm IS STM lens (originally as a part of 6D lens kit) : $400.00 (Brand-new. Includes CANON US warranty. No box)


  • Lacerta Standalone Autoguider Set : $500.00 (Personally used. Still working flawlessly. Highly recommended)



New Office, 71FL BINO & BORG 7866

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Finally new office setting is nearly done. I found out wide variety of unexpected or dead stock items and my personal junk parts(even after some are thrown away) during the move. So I plan the office clean-up sale sometime soon. Since there are so many number of items, I will do little by little.

Here is a new space viewing from my work desk. Very comfortable! Please stop by here anytime you have the chance.


One of recent BORG BINO users – Sebastian Pless in Germany sent me a very interesting picture.


He set the scopes below the platform. This is a really unique setup. I guess this helps better stability. Nice idea! Thanks for sharing with us, Sebastian. Enjoy wonderful binoscope viewing with BORG 71FLs.

A BORG user is currently looking for the discontinued reducer – 7866. This is an another hard-to-find item. In fact, it was an excellent super reducer designed by BORG and produced by Pentax.


If someone are interested in releasing it, please send a private e-mail to me.


Happy Holidays!!

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2017, it was one of greatest years for BORG business. I’d like to thank continuous and new BORG owners. Continue to enjoy the astronomy with BORG! We plan the surprise new BORG scope next year. I start field-testing now. Please keep your eyes opened.

We will get to work from January 3rd next year at a new place. From tomorrow, our office’s moving time.  Just changing the unit number (from 11 to 17). So not big move. Almost same office space, but more favor entrance direction for us.

I saw very nice Facebook site handled by Hashem Al-ghaili. This is 2018 astronomical event calendar in video. I’d like to share this gorgeous event calendar with you here.  122617a

I believe this should be very informative for your plan 2018.

Thanks again for your continuous support to Hutech as usual this year. Have wonderful holidays! And see you again 2018!


SS-one EM10 Field Test Ready

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Finally a controller cable has come in here and it turns out to be ready outside. As mentioned earlier, these are the upgrade projects to modernize the obsolete non-TEMMA EM mounts and to make the overall imaging procedure more convenient, while maintaining EM mounts’ greats features – solid and mechanically reliable as it is.


Following is SS-one EM10KODO kit. Some screwdrivers only required by users. 1221b

EM10KODO : $1,095.00 (includes all shown above)

EM200KODO kit is quite similar. Followings are motors and brackets for EM200.


EM200KODO : $1,175.00


Kits and manuals for KODO controller are expected to be ready in January.



NIKON D810A Filter and SS-one KODO Controller Kit

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Now IDAS body-mounted filter for D810A is commercially available. 1213a

Part # LPS-D1-NF : $350.00

Part # HEUIBII-NF : $350.00

Like other Nikon APS-C filters, this is the friction fitting. So no tool required. These are mechanically fit and electrically work with D810A and D600.

Also SS-one/Vixen GP Kit prices are as follows.


Part # KODOGPA : $660.00





Part # KODOGPB : $710.00




The difference between A and B is the kit A for dual-motor model while B is for RA single tracking model. Both slew speed is 100x,  and allow to install new motors without soldering or special technique. Easy user installable kits.

KODO controller is fully functional with above both kits.


Part # KODO : $560.00

BORG Electric Focusers

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At this moment, FTF is only option for BORG system as a motorized focuser. FTF is the premium grade. So that’s good. The motor option is well designed too. But I wanted to give the customers more different options. Especially my primary goals are to pre-pack an electric focuser as standard in a package and M57 small type, which should perfectly fits 55FL F3.6 system.

We have started the electric focuser tests while doing several different approaches. 2018 will be the year of BORG electric focusers. I plan to release some items. Here are some as the add-on solutions. Probably some of electric focusers will be included as standard in the system packages.


Also the originally-designed precision focuser will be expected by end of 2018 as well.  I will notify here once they will be commercially available.

I will be happy to hear any opinion or suggestion if someone has. Feel free to e-mail to me anytime.  I’m still quite open for suggestions from users.



Takahashi EM and Vixen GP Mounts with SS-one KODO Controller

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I brought SS-one EM10 mount to USA. Here is mine. A used EM10 price looked good in Japan. Thanks Nakazawa san.

1204eUSB3 on a panel is for a polar camera

As always, all are super solid. I love this setup – light and solid. Perfect for me.

Unfortunately I forgot bring a mount cable with me. So I can’t test. Shame…..

I’m preparing for the user-upgrade kit. All parts are pre-wired. So quite easy procedure without soldering etc. “I can do” means “you can do too”. EM200 is similar way too.

Also following Vixen/SS-one kit will be available. These are also user-installable.


Upgrade from GP dual motor model (using with original motor boxes)


 Upgrade from GP RA motor only (newly added a hybrid motor at DEC)

As mentioned before, SS-one KODO controller is so smart.  Following is the motor parameter setting page, which specifically shows for EM10 mount.


So this user-programmable controller works with a lot of other mounts as long as stepper motors can be physically set. DIY persons, get a controller only and play it around to build up yourself. That should be fun as a hobby too.

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