Fisheye Lens

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I resumed the lens test. This IR-corrected lens looks creating the good quality of star image even without an IR blocking filter.

Unfortunately moon light and marine layer completely washed out the sky middle of night.

Taken with ASI 120MM and SS-one Image Capture

The lens seems to be able to handle smaller or more number of pixel sensors. I wish to test one day.




Solar Filters

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Attention to users who attempt to shoot the sun through the filters first time.

One of common questions to me these days is to set IDAS 52mm filter into Nikon or Canon telephoto lens filter holders. The filter MUST be always set in front of the objective lenses. Please don’t set a solar filter into filter holder and point to the sun.

Also keep in mind, some of solar filters available in the market are not intended for visual use. Please don’t try to look though even “camera’s optical viewfinder” through such filters. IDAS solar filters dramatically reduces solar energy at IR region to the safer level for human eyes. So it allows to do that. If you are not sure of a certain filter you intend to use, contact manufacturers or astronomical shops. The sun has the huge energy. Don’t under-estimate that. Also always double check a filter is securely set in front of the objective lens before starting solar viewing and imaging. There is nothing too careful for the sun.

Enjoy solar eclipse safely with such extra cautions.

Here is the yesterday’s sun. Taken with Panasonic GX8 and IDAS solar filter.


After testing several times while changing configurations, finally I decided to go with GX8 and 71FL for the eclipse. Adding 1.08x flattener takes to 432mm focal length (equivalent to 864mm in full frame sensor). I hope it will be proper.


SS-one AG Camera

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Finally SS-one autoguider camera is available. Lens-kit is still behind the schedule. But body-only is now in stock.

Cute and solid body. (135g / 45mm x 40mm x 40mm)

A square body shape doesn’t require the alignment of mount X/Y axes and mounting rings or brackets. Nice, I love this cute solid finish. It works with SS-one controllers like AG Element as well as Windows software (requires downloading ZWO Windows driver)

SSAGC : $239.00

See my previous page.


CANON Binoculars & IDAS Filters

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CANON 10x42L is my most favorite binocular. Optics is very good and image stabilizer performs very well too. I can’t go back to non IS binoculars. Only drawback is heavy. But I understand the weight tells that CANON made this seriously without compromising.

And thanks CANON designers. They added filter threads in front.


Basically it allows to set any 52mm filters. Nighttime, it’s good match with IDAS proprietary LPS filters. LPS-D1 is most practical in my experiences. LPS-V4 looks a bit too dark. LPS makes background of FOV darker.


And daytime, set IDAS 52mm solar filters.

Also as mentioned several times here, I highly recommend magnet filter holders for quick release solution. Manfrotto seems to have purchased the startup company who originally released this nice item.

0707cEnjoy visual observing with premium IS binoculars while switching filters day and night.

BORG Fork Mount & All Sky Image

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BORG fork mount is compact and solid. It weights only 700g and 170mm high / 70mm wide. Now it has Arca Swiss compatible clamp. Unlike previous models, it doesn’t require any special dovetail plate. Arca Swiss plates are widely available in the market.


It should be definitely airline traveler – friendly equipment.


The mount handles up to BORG 4″. Other brand of scopes should be 3″ class.

I was looking for good quality of a fish-eye lens. This looks what I was seeking for.


The above was taken without IR blocking filter. So this image includes NIR spectrum. As advertised, this Japanese-made lens seems to be “well NIR corrected”. Looks very sharp and pinpoint stars entire the sky without blocking IR. I will test more seriously without the moon. BTW, we can see a hint of milky way under the moon light condition. I want to shoot with the smaller pixel sensor since a lens looks having the good resolving capability.

HINODE Solar Guider

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Thanks for more picking up Hinode SG these days. It seems people are now seriously entering into the eclipse mode. Yes, it is a kind of the essential item to relax you during the entire eclipse sequence and allow for more focusing on imaging as well as visual observing. At least you don’t have to keep watching viewfinder or LCD screen time to time.

0619a Hinode SG doesn’t require any special technique. Everything just goes straight. Easy one-press calibration process. But at least please pre-test with your mount before traveling, to ensure enjoying the priceless time.  Using Hinode SG for the total eclipse will be first time for me. But I did in partial eclipse. See the time-lapse movie at


From the partial eclipse, probably you can guess how Hinode SG handles the sun.

BORG 107FL 1.4x Teleconverter Package

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I was too busy these days to write up my blog.

Now BORG 7215 (1.4x teleconverter) is available and we start shipping 107FL 1.4x teleconverter special package.


One customer who selected this package asked me to re-configure for his FTF-M57 without drawtube. So I tried to figure it out. Here is the system which allows to reach the focus at infinity. I wanted to share with others here. Someone might be interested too. Looks much simpler finish. I was using a helical focuser since I don’t have FTF-M57 at this moment.

063017cThese configurations are currently longest focal length(=840mm) among BORG family. BTW, a camera is an old Pentax film camera. It’s convenient since it easily enables me for the infinity test without powering on.

BORG teleconverters are well known as the anti-ghost design. Take great total eclipse shots in August.


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