BORG Medium Format Camera Adapters & BORG User’s Setup

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Fujifilm’s medium format camera – GFX-50R has been released as scheduled. This is a dream camera at top of my wish list. But I don’t think Santa Clause will bring it for me this year. Anyway, it should be fun to play with a new BOG 107FL. I wish to try some day. 

BORG Adapters (prototype) from left : PhaseOne (Mamiya 645), Fuji’s GFX and Pentax 645D. Each adapter accommodates 67 mm filter. 

GFX’s flange back is 26.7mm according to Fuji. There is a plenty of room to play around with various filters in front. Looking very nice!  

One of Hutech/BORG royal customers and serious visual observers – Craig Scogin sent his recent BORG setups to share with us. Each is slightly different 

Beautiful setup, Craig! I know easy to carry for you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Attention to BORG users, please post your configurations. BORG modular design allows users to build up each unique configuration. So it should be useful to share with other BORG users each other.  


IDAS Body-mounted Filters for Canon R

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Following new IDAS filters for Canon R will be available end of December. 

  • LPS-D2-EOSR : $289.00
  • LPS-D1-EOSR : $289.00
  • HEUIBII-EOSR : $289.00

HEUIB-II with Canon R

Each filter thickness is fully optimized for the modified non-filter R body. A filter has no interference with RF lenses. Hutech will add the modified R camera in our lineup. 

Solar Eclipse Binoscope

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While I can still clearly recall my great visual experiences during the totality through BORG 90FL binoscope last year, I also remember it a bit took time to point Canon 8×42 to the sun after switching. So now I start considering the lower power compact system for covering the entire corona by binoscope for next opportunity. This should be more realistic for overseas expeditions too. I’m not sure when. At least not next year though.

This is BORG 50Ach bino with BORG fork mount(3111) with my most favorite Takahashi metal tripod and pillar. Super solid lightweight. Now I’m shopping around 30-32mm eyepieces, which make the power around 8x. That should be ideal for the entire corona.

Probably my dream setup for 2024 will be two binos – 90FL(20-25x) and 55FL(8x). These should allow me to quickly switch observing side by side. Thanks for US soil opportunity. I’m not a serious visual fan. But binoscopes and binoculars are totally exception, very serious. I want to keep the best ones in my hands. I wish to upgrade to 107FL for the planets and enjoy 300x binoscope viewing though.


Hinode(=Sunrise in Japanese) Constellation Binocular

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I’m so glad my eye judgment was still right. I had more feedback from customers mainly in US these days and all are what I expected. Thanks for sending me quick initial impression. Probably overseas customers will be later. Mostly still on the way to them.

I’m not a serious visual observer. So I wasn’t sure how this binocular was accepted by experienced people. I thought it was very good optical performance though.


Just 180g!

Even for users who own some other super wide bino already, it is worth trying. At least I can tell nothing waste of time and money. In fact, I got the responses from users who own some others too. The summary is the overall image quality of entire 24-30 degree field of view. I don’t tell no distortion. But very pleasing. That’s true. US$139 should be very good value for giving the lifetime enjoyment. Darker sky, more fun.

I’m glad I have a cute companion myself. This gives me more option to spend the time during imaging under the dark sky. Thanks Hinode, Nakamura san and O-san (as a designer). I love it!

Followings simulate 24 and 30-degree field of view. Don’t you think these look fun to observe?

Hinode is a serious astronomical binocular manufacturer in Japan. I’m trying to bring you other attractive products sometime soon. Please stay tuned.


Low-power Bino-viewing

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As expected, I’m receiving very positive feedback from new Hinode Super Wide users. Yes, I agree this is my lifetime item too. 24-30 degree actual field of view is really joyful to look around.

See some of 30-degree field of views I simulated before.


It reminded me how fun the wide field bino-viewing was. So I decided to scale down my 90FL Bino to 50Ach bino. I wished to make the 10 x 50 erecting-mirror binocular with 25mm Ortho eyepiece. But I gave some to friends or customers(I should have kept them…..). So 18mm is longest 1.25″ (and old ortho) I have at this moment. So so far 14 x 50 binocular.

** Someone, is there any recommended 1.25″ 30mm eyepiece? Please advise me.

Anyway, first step to do is the fundamental collimation. This minimizes touching mirror collimators for last fine tuning under the night sky, which allows for binoscope viewing at 300x or even more. Thanks for AOK’s easy mechanical design.


Since the alignment was needed only horizontally, the setup was done only 5 minutes after I took it outside.

And I was just curious how today’s sun was. So I put two IDAS solar filters in front.

Unfortunately very clean plain face…….

Anyway, it’s ready to use nighttime as well as my 1.8x constellation bino.  For a while, I will enjoy sky surfing with these two binoculars. And I will put ones of IDAS LPS filters to make the background darker from my backyard.

55FL Cutaway & Hinode Constellation Bino

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I was not sure I published the lens cutaway of 55FL F3.6 optical system before. So I posted here now.


Total 6-element system including a front fluorite. I will publish new 107FL F3.9ED as well sometime soon. Current BORG astrograph systems use not only fluorite or ED, but also special elements and shapes to maximize total performance. These are BORG-proprietary unique optical design.

Hinode super wide bino are now in stock. It will be available through Hutech dealers worldwide.


Enjoy 30-degree actual FOV night sky surfing!!


BORG 55FL F3.6 & BORG 2″ Compression

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This is 1st test shot by Rick Stevenson in Australia after he was patiently waiting for 55FL F3.6 system a couple of months. Take a look at his beautiful wide-field Ha shot.


Here is his comment. First test is attached. ASI1600mm camera, Chroma 3nm Ha filter, just under 8 hours of 30 sec subs on a Star Adventurer mount and some very quick & dirty processing (no flats yet…)

The system achieves 75% illumination strength at full frame corner. So I guess it might have around 90% at entire 1600 chip. This super high contrast result seems to show us  this scope’s biggest advantage along with the speed (F3.6) over the conventional telephoto lens.  Yes, I love my 55FL F3.6 too. One of most favorites. Small scope and small mount, but no compromise optical performance. This is the concept for this scope.

He selected a following system.


One index mark of 7761 helical focuser indicates 90 micron. So it might allow to manually control 20 micron by 20 micron. This repeatable minimum step should be useful for re-focusing filter by filter if desired, without monitoring the screen.

Rick, thank you so much for your patience this time. I’m glad you finally got what you have been long waiting and it looks performing as expected. Enjoy astro imaging with this powerful small scope.

We are shipping more 55FL F3.6 these days. So I’m looking forward to seeing other 1st light from others too.

A following is new M57-2″ compression ring holder. Yes, nothing new and special in the market. But believe or not, BORG never had 2″ compression type. Still not. So I decided to make it as Hutech. Here is the one.


As usual, it has M57 at the objective side. So it fits all of BORG systems like BORG genuine parts. I plan to add this item as default for BORG visual sets from now on. And yes, it is available separately, which allows to simply replace current holders with this one.

BTW, this is Hutech M57 Rack & pinion.


With 2″ compression ring. M77.6 at the objective side, which allows to attach directly Series 80 tubes

This unit will be first available as a focuser of 55FL F3.6 system.  1:10 knob allows to smoothly and precisely control focusing like Feather Touch focuser.

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