Takahashi Clearance Sale

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Takahashi mount parts are now on sale for the stock clearance.


Some are rare and unannounced items. I will check more around in the inventory.


IDAS NGS1 & Dual Narrowband by BORG 90FL

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1- I got the feedback from “AstroBackyard” on IDAS NGS1.


Facebook users0805a


Personally this is my most favorite broadband filter at this moment because the color balance looks as good as HEUIBII and suitable for my backyard sky glow.

See my previous write-up at



Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean NGS1 is always the best choice for all of users. Sky glow is not same. But at least I can say NGS1 is good selection to modified DSLR users who are looking for the filter which blocks the light pollution while maintaining the background color balance like HEUIBII does.

2- A serious BORG user – Steven Bellavia shared his recent dual narrowband image.


Thank you, Steven all the time.

IDAS NB2 & NB3 2″ (48mm), And BORG 55FL F3.6 in Stock at OPT

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Due to the popularity of the size, we have decided to carry 48mm NB2 and NB3. So I updated the comparison chart as follows;


Each price is same as 52mm – $219.00 and will be available end of this month.


We shipped several 55FL F3.6 sets to OPT today.  So they will have in stock on Monday. If someone ordered already, I’m sure you will be notified by them shortly. Or if you are interested, check out OPT site.

This is most popular configuration. B5536FTF-SB


6-element optical system

Users’ Astrophotography

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Pipo Lozano – a serious local photographer shared his recent image. I was surprised this  was his 1st attempt to use IDAS HEUIBII filter.

integration m8m20 7-29-2019 2

Hi Ted I’m very happy with filter HEUIBII last Saturday i tested for first time and filter is very nice. i send the astrophoto. i used following gear sony A7SH+borg 76mm f5.5+borg FFlattener+Idas HEUIBII+takahashi EM200 temma 2

Yes, IDAS HEUIBII filter is the perfect match with a modified camera.

2nd is taken by Naoto Sakai , an another local imager. This was his 1st shot thru IDAS NB1. 

M27 JUL 5 2019-12x600secCOLOR-05Jul19DDP2a01

C11 + ASI071MC + IDAS NB1, 12 x 600″

NB1 looks boosting OIII/Ha contrast as designed. Nice finish! Sakai san

Anyway, I’m glad to know both are enjoying with these IDAS filters.


Canon RP

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HyperStar user – Allen Ruckle is updating his recent images taken with his modified RP.  Thanks, Allen.


12 – 2 minute exposures taken with C14 + HyperStar, EOS RP full frame Mirrorless camera, Full spectrum camera with IDAS HEUIB II clip in filter. ISO 800


This is # 5 of 6 DSOs photographed last night from the SDAA Dark Sky Site in Tierra Del Sol, CA This Galaxy is 3° wide which will not all fit on an APS-C sized sensor 12 x 120 sec ISO 800, C14/HyperStar Canon EOS RP Mirrorless full frame camera using a clip in IDAS HEUIB II UV/Ir cutoff filter.


12 – 2 minute exposures, also with the C14 + HyperStar ISO 1250 from the SDAA site July 26, 2019

As expected, HEUIBII filter looks continuously the best match with a modified camera. RP seems to create very clean shots.

Following noise tests between 6D and RP were done before. Allen’s shots seem to be justified by my test.


I wish to use mine ASAP.

I’m expecting to get Canon filter mount adapter and filters shortly. This system allows to use wide-angle lenses with IDAS narrowband filters. This should be fun with Sigma Art series.

As far as I know, this is only one choice to use narrowband filters with wide-angle lenses while electrically controlling a lens.  Each drop-in filter is exactly same thickness as Canon original. So there is no optical issue due to the different light path.


BORG 55FL F3.6

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More 55FL systems are being prepared by the factory now. So I believe this number of units should be mostly filled in long pending pre-order list now. These are all shipped out within this month. Recent orders will be most likely next month or September.

And I think I already notified to all of customers and dealers who are waiting for this packages long time (not recently). If I missed something or if you don’t receive the notification from me, e-mail to me. 7880 reducer itself will be available too.

Current promotional price will end August 31 2019. 

This is an another user setup – rack & pinion version by a recent owner – Olivier Calvetti.


He is using Takahashi clamshell holder. I used to use this holder before. It’s convenient for the back-heavy setup like 55FL F3.6. Olivier, enjoy with a powerful small scope.



Filter Box for DSLR

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This is to share with DSLR users who are seeking for the solution with new F3.9 scope systems along with a filter box.

I wished to use my lovely noise-free cooled 6D with IDAS NB2 and NB3 last time. But no room to add one more filter box in front of a camera. So I was forced to use a mirrorless camera like SONY A7.

Now I tried to figure out the solution for coming new moon opportunity. Here is my answer for DSLR users.


  • Remove M57 rotator (7352)
  • Replace 7000 with 7923


This gives us 18mm new room. Yes, unfortunately we lose a camera rotator. So inconvenient for the time being. But just temporary. Don’t worry, I start preparing the large rotator indicated the above.

BTW, new rotator is large enough for 55mm diagonal sensor such as GFX or Pentax 645 camera.

As described yesterday, IDAS filter makes light path 0.85mm shorter. To meet the correct back focus requirement of BORG, we need to “mechanically extend” 0.85mm to “offset”.

2 x 7879(2mm) is the answer. I’m glad it was much simpler than what I expected.

BORG BF is 80.00mm as designed. 80.85mm with IDAS filter(=80.00mm light path thru a filter)

80.85 – 55(44 as Canon + 11=5005) – 15(7519) – 7(7507) – 4(2×7879) = – 0.15mm

0.15mm is too long. But I’m sure it should be within the tolerance. And from the viewpoint of general BORG optical behavior I experienced before, longer looks relatively better than shorter.

And once a new rotator will come up, you can simply replace a current rear unit with it without changing other parts configuration. Then, you can orient a camera body while using a filter box.


Twin-filter box system for 107FL F3.9ED and 6D.

Nikon DSLR is same thing. Just replace above 5005 with 5003. That’s it.

If your camera has IR blocker inside body, you can use NB2 and 3 alone. No extra filter needed. My 6D has a clear filter inside body. So I need to have 2 filters. I hope not to be confused.



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