BORG 107FL F3.9ED & 90FL F3.9ED

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Following were the test results by these two scopes.


107FL F3.9ED + Pentax 645Z

These are the images cropped in 100% mode from the center and 4 corners of 55 mm diagonal sensor. (Click to enlarge for the full resolution)




I didn’t pay attention to a remote timer controller. So I couldn’t set longer exposure. One day I will rent 645Z again to shoot specific targets with longer exposure. In any case, what I thought at a glance is “doesn’t look bad at all”. They were better than I had anticipated, and I felt it was promising for 43mm diagonal sensor (Now I hesitate to use the term – “full frame”. I expect the camera industry people set the proper term ASAP. “Full frame” is obsolete and fuzzy term now, or better to say Leica size?)

BTW, I tried to check the star image at outside-focus and inside-focus. No false color to be seen at both sides. Well corrected!!

Anyway, this was the one with a modified 6D. I will try to shoot by this setup under dark site this month.


I understand many people are seriously paying attention to these two astrograph. Thank you very much!! I will let you know once prices and shipping date will be set. Please be patient a little bit more.


SS-one ZWO Image Capture DX

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This is a proprietary model of 1st generation Image Capture. Now it is commercially available as DX version with larger screen and solid metal body


This is basically an image capture from ZWO cameras (monochrome or color). But it has some other features too.


  • larger screen (600 x 800 5″) makes focusing more comfortable
  • The unit has the internal clock. So it allows for the polar alignment with an optional polar camera without GPS module, unlike AG Element.
  • Also autoguiding function like other SS-one models – KODO and AG Element. But unfortunately not possible to use with an imaging camera same time. So it has to be set for either imaging OR guiding.
  • There are some 3 others. But these are not the supported menu.
  • Biggest advantage over 1st capture model is an external shutter trigger port, which allows for the dithered imaging with ZWO camera when used with SS-one KODO or Lacerta MGEN.

Unfortunately I don’t have MGEN at this moment. So I simulated by a regular remote timer controller instead. If someone are looking for using your MGEN with ZWO camera, this is the solution. It allows for the dithered imaging with ZWO camera “without PC”! like DSLR cameras. If dithering is not needed, no external trigger required. Simply set the time sequences internally. The unit is operated at 5V.




1.35x Visual Field Flattener

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I hope this should be good news for BORG visual observers if works as expected. Harry Siebert has made his best efforts to more optimize his 2″ 4-element telecentric barlow for BORG F5.6 optics. Here is 1st unit.

This is a basically 1.35x barlow. But I’d like to describe it as a field flattener for the purpose of improving the focal plane rather than the magnification.

I don’t have various 2″ eyepieces. But I will try to test as many as possible. I wish to see it makes the curvature of field better at BORG F5.6 optics. Let’s see.



Series 115 Setups

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I plan to prepare Series 115 basic sets for 107FL and 90FL, which are versatile starter kits for visual observing as well as easily converting into the imaging system with ED super reducer or more.

More classic telescope style.



These systems are ready for visual observing. By removing one of main tubes and adding a reducer, it turns F3.9 like

90FL F3.9ED

107FL F3.9ED

so quite straight forward for each converting.  And yes, the basic sets work with 1.08x field flattener too, which makes each system F6.5 completely covering full frame sensor.

Europe Trip – 2

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Eventually we met 7 partners in Europe this time.

To the European customers, BORG and Hutech products should be more available through these our partners sometime soon.


Demonstrating SS-one KODO controller with EQ5 mount at Telescope Service in Germany.

Now TS and Lacerta own KODO controller at their shop. If someone are interested in it, please contact them. They should demonstrate for you.

I decided to resume Larceta MGEN standalone autoguider as well their new focuser controller  – MFOC.


A motor unit was set onto BORG 55FL I brought by Lacerta shop.


I brought one for myself and start playing around to learn. There are DSLR ports to synchronize with MGEN Autoguider to adjust the timing between re-focusing and exposure.

One of great features for Lacerta MFOC is the imaging session is temporarily stopped during re-focusing by the temperature change. So the controller measure the latest temperature and re-focus if necessary. During that, the exposure doesn’t begin. The temperature probe is included as standard.

Also the controller allows to pre-set each focus point filter by filter without PC too. This is an another smart controller like MGEN as standalone unit.

MGEN and MFOC will be available from Hutech soon.

I took 3 different trains – OBB (Austria), SBB (Switzerland) and DB (Germany). As expected, the Vienna-Zurich route through Salzburg and Innsbruck was really the beautiful scenery. The train was passing through the textbook glacier-made U-shape valley until Zurich.

And AOK Swiss’s home town – Lucern. Great lakes and mountains!!

And missing trains this time.

TGV serving between Paris and Zurich. This should be a next train I should take.  I took 1st generation ICE before. I’m curious how the latest one is. The train trip in Europe was really fun for me. I love that!!

Europe Trip -1, PHASEONE

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It was wonderful time during travel in Europe. Although one of our flights was cancelled, we managed to go all well on schedule anyway. Weather was entirely so good. Actually much warmer than southern California. And as expected, all of beers are tasteful!! Hot weather naturally pushed me to have them more.

One of main purposes for Europe was to visit to PHASEONE.

These are an actual test shot.


The target is inappropriate. But this was the only place to avoid vibration from the road. So this image purpose here is to show the evidence of the actual shots only.

This is 100MP RAW image – 125MB!!. Fully illuminated entire 67mm diagonal sensor. At least no mechanical light cut-off. Since there was no flat target there and BORG scope is very thin depth of the field, I can’t examine image distortion of each corner. Although I can’t show the full resolution image here, the focused area is cleanly resolved in 100% mode as expected. I didn’t take a daytime shot through this scope before. So I was a bit surprised how good this optics’s sharpness and color contrast are. Probably PHASEONE people instantly realized those too.

Anyway, they satisfied BORG optical performance and we both have agreed to more closely work together for mutual business developments from now on. First step will be to send the loaner units each other for further test and study, and creating the marketing image materials for both of us.

And besides Schneider lenses, eventually BORG two optics (107FL F3.9ED and 90FL F3.9ED) will be added as their lens lineup one day. Schneider’s longest focal length is currently 240mm. If some PHASEONE users will be looking for the longer, BORG will be the option for them.

BTW, this is PHASEONE new camera incorporating SONY’s latest back-illuminated 100MP sensor – 55mm diagonal.


I guess Fujifilm will release a new GFX camera with this sensor sometime soon. I deeply WISH one day this type of camera will be available at reasonable price (at least affordable to me). I believe this should be the perfect sensor for astronomical camera some day.

BTW, this was a bag for 107FL to keep shouldering the entire European travel 10 days and took it into the aircraft cabin all the time without any trouble.


I’m sure this should be only one scope as 4″-plus airline-transportable telescope. I made the proof for that myself.


Office Close Until May 29th & IDAS UIBAR-III Filter

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My office will be closed until May 29th for my European tour. E-mail is still reachable to me although there might be some response delay.

A couple of interesting new items are expected to be coming up shortly. I will announce after my coming back from Europe.

Last stock of IDAS UBAR-III came in stock.

This filter was originally designed for the replacement filter (called “Type 1b) for Canon camera. So the design and production were fully cared as IDAS best efforts to extremely minimize the internal reflection with the sensor. In fact, one of highest quality as UV/IR blocking filter. As shown the above, steep cuts at both sides while maintaining maximum transmission (again this is the production measurement). This was why Hutech Type 1b filter installed Canon camera were well known as the one creating clean star edge. Now 48mm is available at $169.00 as last units. Unfortunately all other sizes have been gone.

If someone are looking for better solution to reduce the reflections or the halos, this should be the answer.






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