New BORG Fork Mount (#3112) & 1.08x Field flattener (#7108)

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BORG single fork mount was well known as a solid compact mount. Now Arca Swiss compatible version is available too.

3112Part #3112 : $210.00

A new price is dramatically reduced and unlike previous models, it doesn’t require special dovetail plates. So overall cost is very minimal. It fits popular Arca Swiss compatible dovetail plates available in the market.

I switched all of my mount clamps and dovetail plates to Arca Swiss interfaces.   So all optical systems I have fit all mounts I own, including a single fork mount. This mount is ideal for casual visual observing.

One extra good feature is a clamp is functional as a riser block too, so the scope a bit moves further from the mount, which gives you more chance to point the scope toward zenith without interference, even in alt-az setup shown below.


It was 1st time for me to use 7108 – 1.08x field flattener for deep sky objects last new moon period. Unfortunately the result I took was only one. But this was my happy ending although I had some mid-night trouble.  When I saw 1st test shot on camera’s LCD screen, I felt something different on the image. It was high color contrast I’ve never seen. Generally camera’s LCD screen shows us very vivid tendency. But it was different from usual. I’m now leaning one of factors is 7108. The cemented two-element field flattener seems to be doing good job as well as 107 fluorite.

0504bEnd of this month, I will try to use the same configuration for different targets. If I still feel the same, my feeling must be real.

Anyway, this multi flattener is very useful for the multi-purpose.  Adding 7425 in front, it allows into 2″ opening. Optically works with 300mm to 800mm focal length. Very versatile design. High recommended.

I noticed SONY announced an interesting technology. Experia Touch (click to YouTube).

y_G1109_technologyI’m eager to have!!  I’m so curious how the image processor creates the image shape based on the projected size. The sensor feedback the various image scale to the processor? Anyway, I’m very glad to see this kind of product is coming up from SONY. I’m one of proudly very very rare Experia users in US. Actually I’ve never seen anyone who own Experia smartphone except SONY staff. GO SONY!

I hope this should be able to become the wonderful flat-panel planetarium without star distortion(??). Let’s see.

Astro Images

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Canadian serious astro photographer – Sam Berrada came back from Chile and continuously sent me several gorgeous Southern Hemisphere images, which I’ve never taken yet. Especially I don’t remember I have seen a following object before.

Blue Horse B90 JPG 3Blue Horse IC4592 with B90FL F4 and Canon 6DH (24x4min ISO 1250)

TAR LRGB SAT JPG5.jpgTarantula with B107FL F6 and Atik 460EX LRGB

Sam, thanks for sharing your beautiful images. I’m glad you had great time there. I’m glad he is enjoying with his two BORGs.

My long-time astro friend, – Dave Kodama begins to use ZWO Image Capture with a newly acquired ZWO camera – a cooled ASI1600C.  This is his 1st light in this particular system.


BTW, he is still using large format film cameras – 4″x5″ and 6×7/6×9. All have the vacuumed back, which I used to use myself too. His observatory looks like the museum of the classic astro film cameras. Probably we can see some of them at his web site.


I have some more images from Sam and from some others. I will post them tomorrow or later on.


Attention to Users of ZWO Image Capture

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The operational manual for SS-one ZWO Image Capture is now available online and uploaded to the temporary site.

sszwo(5.6MB PDF)

BORG M75 Helical Focuser & 1.08x Flattener

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M75 helical focuser is a very fine pitch focuser. Finest among BORG focuser family. But my “excuse” out-of-focus problem last weekend was that the focuser was too far to reach while viewing camera’s rear screen. The focuser was set behind the objective, a flattener moves a camera back and a cooled camera’s screen is further back. All 3 factors gave me struggling.  Actually very hard to see LCD screen while reaching to the focuser. So I re-set the focuser at rear side as follows

0504cNow It looks better. Still further than normal though. Anyway, much more comfortable now. My fundamental problem is my eyes are getting older and more astigmatism though. Next time, I will try to use SS-one Complete, which allows to focus on its controller. So I don’t have to hassle to view camera screen.

BTW, I wanted to mention the focuser’s secret functions.

  1. Both ends’ threaded rings are removable, which gives the freedom of focuser’s attachment. You may decide the direction based on your favorite. 0504a2. 2nd is it has a taper ring inside which was originally intended to adjust the focuser’s orientation. Same time, it works as camera rotator too. I added 5 thumbscrews. It’s M4. You can replace by yourself. But probably the curved smooth tip should be more suitable. I have a lot of such thumbscrews. It’s a bit too long though. If you specify the request in future shipment, I’m happy to enclose them to your box. New 107FL reducer which is expected to release this fall will be large size. So the focuser’s camera rotator should be default like this. Maybe BORG will provide thumbscrews as option that time.

About 7108 with 107FL, the flattener has no 600mm index mark. So set a lens barrel as shown below.

0504bThe optical distance for 7108 is not super sensitive. So you don’t have to be too careful.

IDAS Filter Availability, Another Last Weekend Shot & SS-one Mount – Expedition

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Some of IDAS filters are currently out of stock even in the manufacturer.

  1. LPS-D1-72 and 82 :  First I apologize to all of customers who are waiting for them long time. Unfortunately, 72mm and 82mm were out of production more than 6 months. Finally the new production schedule has been set and they are expected to come up end of June. Still nearly two months away though. There are no dealer stock either.  I appreciate if you can be continuously patient.
  2. CANON and SONY body-mounted filters :  Recently manufacturer stock has run out. I’m sure there are still some dealer stock. At least Hutech still has some in stock. New lot will come up sometime next month.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

A following was a result taken by an another system – 90FL last weekend.

na1BORG 90FL F4 + SONY A7H + IDAS HEUIBII-52, guided by AG Element, I was too tired to take flat and dark. So this image is no dark/flat applied either. I could apply GradientXTerminaor. But I thought this might be good example to see the fundamental performance of 90FL F4.

This is nothing special. But at least what I assured are

  • HEUIBII did work as expected. No color balance adjusted in above image.
  • SS-one AG Element and KODO Controller were working flawlessly.  It was good and steady guiding.
  • Takahashi PM-1 polar scope was very accurate. At least no noticeable DEC drifting at 360mm focal length in 2 minute. AG Element with 75mm guide lens showed DEC graph was just horizontal bar entire above imaging sequence – about 30 minutes. This assured me of extending the exposure time more without DEC correction.

This was the system I used.


SS-one owner – Nakazawa san keeps working hard to develop SS-one GOTO mount – Expedition. Here is 3rd generation prototype.


FSQ85ED is a bit heavier than BORG 107FL. So I guess above total loading weight including cameras etc looks around 5kg or so. Nice! I can load my 107FL with a heavy cooled 6D camera too. Especially in this picture, the one I wanted to point out is a small and square counterweight. The lower DEC allows to reduce the counter weight and the square shape is the good fit to battery pack. As far as I know, no one designed this kind of counterweight shaft. Smart design! His final goal is to achieve the mount weight less than 4 kg. That will be 4th (and I guess final) prototype. Let’s keep our eyes opened on the progress.




M8 w/107FL, SONY And Canon Further Price Reduction

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It’s been for a while since my last astro imaging. I had various system problem during the night. I tied to shoot M81/82. But it was out of focus. Shame! Many things happened last weekend. Anyway, this is only one taken by 107FL. I was glad I could bring back at least one result anyway. Very common target though.

m8BORG 107FL F6 + Cooled Canon 6D + IDAS LPS-V4-52, No dark/flat applied. Simply stacked and gently stretched. That’s all done.

I didn’t think I needed to take flat since 7108 flattener created very flat illumination entire full frame sensor.


Now SONY and Canon battle is getting intense.

SONY A7 is now $50 rebate. Further discount. So current Hutech price for modified A7 is $1,145.00 It’s bargain as full frame sensor camera in my opinion. Many astro customers are choosing A7S. But I still like my A7. At same time Canon new rebate starts too. Current Hutech price for 6D is $,695.00. This price will be applied to customers who ordered before and are currently waiting for.

Jimmy brought back a very nice gift from Japan after he was enjoying there very much.


Now all of visitors to Hutech are welcomed by a solar-powered tireless SUMO wrestler. Jimmy, thank you very much. I love this. Send me the video for the solar-powered Sushi Chef you have. I was told he got them at Asakusa.

BORG 90FL & 107FL

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The weather looks good this weekend. So I start checking my gear I plan to use since I didn’t go to the club observing site for a while. These are two I plan to use.

0428bThis is one of my most favorite setups. Total weight of OTA and cameras was 3.2kg. No problem for the mount to handle this at all. This is the one – 360mm/F4 with Sony camera. I can hear the mount says it’s too easy. So an another is 107FL.

0428aIt was 7kg. Camera is heavy too. I don’t think I want to actually use like that. But I was just curious how PM-1 handles this kind of system. Still very steady – Takahashi-proprietary super solid-made. I thought this was too much before loading. But I don’t feel so now. It seems to be still realistic combination.

One of Hutech-modified camera owners – Bryan Morrison sent his beautiful milky way shot.

20160801-lakegranbyrv copy2

Canon 60D Astro Modified by Hutech

ISO: 2500

Exposure: 60 seconds

Tokina 11 – 16 mm f/2.8 @ f/2.8

Polarie Star Tracker

Processed with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Enjoy with a camera, Bryan. Thanks for sharing.

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