Astro Photography in Chile

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Sam Berrada e-mailed me his latest news in Chile. I’m glad to hear all of his gear taken to Chile including his new 107FL system perform as expected and his astro expedition is enjoyable.

Here are his recent shots in Chile.

0406a90FL F4 + Canon 6DH

0406cBORG 107FL F6 (w/1.08x flattener)  + Canon 6DH

Click each image and enjoy viewing the entire field, corner to corner of full frame sensor.

One day I wish to take BORG there too.

Sam, thanks again for sharing your gorgeous images with us. Enjoy the southern hemisphere sky.

SS-one ZWO Image Capture & SONY A7 Series

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LCD touchscreen panels for ZWO unit are coming in now. So ZWO capture is available too. From tomorrow, we will resume shipping ZWO units to the customers who have been waiting. Thanks for your patience.

0324a Both AG Element and ZWO Capture are now in stock.

SONY Prices have been dramatically dropped recently. Now our pre-modified camera prices are as follows

A7FH : $1,195.00

A7SFH : $2,195.00

As one of A7 users myself, I feel A7 camera is really bargain as full frame sensor category in my opinion.  We have filter package as well.


Body-mounted filter allows you to enjoy the filter work with wide-angle lenses.

Only drawback for “some customers” is no PC remote control software for SONY as far as I know. SS-one Complete allows for the dithered imaging with SONY camera without PC.


WiFi Connection with SS-one Controllers

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For the customers who are waiting for ZWO Capture, thanks for your patience. We are scheduling to start 2nd lot shipment middle of next month.

One of good features for SS-one controllers is the mirrored function with a smartphone or tablet etc. This allows to control and keep watching imaging status remotely. Probably most convenient in cold winter time.

0327aAt this moment, WiFi antenna optionally provided by us is only one we can guarantee since the software driver is already in. But according to one of users, following device works without installing the driver. So this is virtually plug and play mode.

Setting procedure is

1) Plug WiFi USB adapter before powering on. Once ZWO Capture gets ready to use, “ssonecmos” pops up in the WiFi list on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Connect “ssonecmos”.

3) Start up the viewer software and initially set as follows;

Host :

Port : 5900

4) And press “Connect”. Then, you can see same screen on smartphone or tablet, and control on touch screen.

I’m using “Remote Ripple” freeware. It looks reliable and stable, and easy for initial setting.

This procedure is exactly same for AG Element and AG Complete too.

Enjoy astro imaging in comfort.

SS-one 3 Brothers & BORG 1.25″ Helical Focusers

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Hutech will demonstrate 3 SS-one controllers at NEAF.

0324aPlease stop by Hutech booth at NEAF, and touch and play it around. From left, ZWO Image Capture, AG Element and AG Complete. Each model’s features can be seen at

As mentioned earlier, ZWO capture and AG Element are commercially available. AG Complete will be later.

As many are using, BORG 1.25″ helical focusers are very convenient tools and long-seller items among BORG components. #4317 is rotating type while #7315 is non. Each focuser has M36.4 thread at the objective size. This is the quite popular thread size in most of Japanese brand telescopes including Vixen crones. So this fits those scopes without an adapter. But some adapters give us more attachment possibilities. Most common is # 7423. This allows to attach the focuser onto male t-thread shown below.

Also 7315 is t-threaded outside, which allows to connect a camera without nosepiece. The focuser achieves fine focus tuning. So it’s perfect match for planetary viewing and imaging. If your scope system has no such a thread, generic 1.25″ nosepiece adapter # 7316 allows to insert the focuser into the opening. Enjoy high power viewing and imaging with those focusers!






Nightscape Picture & BORG Premium Finder Scope

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Hutech official nightscape photographer – Stan Moniz shared his 1st light taken by his modified SONY A7S and IDAS HEUIBII filter.

0321aSpecial note for this picture is this is the conventional one shot finish. Not the one created by combining between the sky and landscape generally we see these days.  IDAS HEUIBII filter allows to fully capture various Ha nebulae while neutralize the sky background and the terrestrial color.   I think this picture shows us the biggest advantage of HEUIBII performance and is exactly what I expected from him. Usually astro photographers are pointing the sky only. Please try to shoot including the landscape next time, so that you can see more what the optical designer has intended.

Stan has various great landscape pictures there. Please enjoy looking around his site as well.

I have set BORG finder scope page.


Enjoy the high quality erecting viewing along with fine focusing. You can see the attractive package discount. It will be available from next week.

SS-one Mount Expedition & BORG 55FL F3.6

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I forgot describing an another important feature on SS-one Expedition mount yesterday. As shown below, the scope allows to pass the meridian without flipping it over or without interfering with the mount.


This is why DEC section is intentionally set toward the north side. This should be helpful much for users who are taking long imaging session for one target.

BORG 55FL F3.6 is getting popular these days. Yes, this is really a fun scope. Following is the 1st shot for Mark Marfoglia in Canada. IMG_0812

He took this shot in New Mexico with his Canon 6D. Some other 55FL F3.6 are on the way to each customer. I’m looking forward their 1st light too. Enjoy wide-field imaging with the Fluorite optics.

SS-one Portable Mount “Expedition”

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This will be the mainstream of SS-one “PC-less” project.  Key concepts for the mount Expedition are

  •  Heavy-duty portable GEM capable of handling 3″ or 4″ (in case of BORG) scopes and heavy cooled cameras.
  • More open space when pointed to the zenith
  • GOTO and dual-axes tracking/autoguiding capability without PC
  • Built-in electric polar camera as standard
  • Dithered imaging when used with SS-one KODO controller
  • Low profile DEC unit allows to reduce the counterweight
  • Compact size – 180mm  x 220mm x 90mm when disassembled

In short, this is the airline-transportable mount for the overseas expedition. Target users will be those who wish to minimize the system weight and size while maximizing the imaging performance without PC at the field. Stay tune.


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