Tak Abbe 32mm & BORG 55FL, And PLL Eagle Core

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1- One of Hutech royal customers suggested Takahashi Abbe Ortho 32mm when I was looking for 1.25″ longest f.l. eyepiece for my binoscope. Last night I tested it with BORG 55FL before imaging session.


I didn’t expect the performance much since the scope is F4.5. But the referee reversed a call. Stars are clean, sharp and round entire field of the view. Takahashi Abbe’s AFOV is just 44 degree. So It might not be wide field of view as 7.8x magnification. That might be the reason. In any cases, it was the pleasing view very much. I bought them a couple of month ago. But I didn’t use much. I realized I should use it occasionally from now. It’s a bit pricey. But it’s good value at the performance viewpoint, and 32mm Abbe is very unique.


2- PrimaLuceLab’s Eagle Core is for the controller for DSLR imaging. It might be often compared with ASIAir. But I realized there are two major differences. First, take a look at their nice presentation video.

Philippo is a great actor. Fun to watch!!

Fitst, it is power distribution. It has 3 power outputs. Surprisingly two are 3A/12V and one for 5A/12V. So it is capable of handling a cooled DSLR too. The another is not probably for everyone. Especially for me. I love using Adobe RAW to de-bayer from the RAW created through the camera’s  image processor. This is one of reasons why I’m still using Canon or other DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

I’m not the expert at all. But I feel Adobe’s de-bayering looks something superb. Great color reproduction. And Eagle Core allows to save original RAW format into a camera’s memory card unlike (if my understanding is correct) ASIair’s FITS/TIFF into a box. If someone like saving original RAW files without PC, this Eagle Core should be the answer.


BORG & ASI Auto Guider Package

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This is BORG 50 + ASI 120MM-mini connecting via the rigid c-mount thread. Flexure free setup. Camera weight is nothing. Super lightweight overall.


With BORG 90FL F3.9ED & PrimaLuceLab 115 Rings

Following mounting plates are recommended.


Both plates have slots, which allow for the easy adjustment of the ring separation.

BORG 55FL W/Ortho 32mm & FTF-M57 on Sale

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1- After discussing with a customer, I temporarily converted my 55FL F3.6 astrograph set to the visual configuration. We are curious how Takahashi 32mm Orthoscopic eyepiece performs with BORG 55FL. Fortunately, simply I removed the reducer unit and added 2″ compression ring, then I could reach focus with 2″ diagonal. That’s much easier than I thought. I realized this was the excellent double-duty scope for fluorite-quality wide-field imaging as well as observing.


In daytime test, it looks good. At least no vignetting. Unfortunately still raining here. Star test should be tomorrow night.

2- This is the special offer for brand-new FTF-M57. Regular price is $520.00.


The great opportunity for current BORG owners to upgrade your helical focusers to the silky-smooth Feather Touch crayford focuser. Limited quantities only.

Attn: Customers who are waiting for BORG Telescopes

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1- First, I apologize to the customers who are waiting for BORG scopes these days. Shipping  is now way behind the original schedule.

Primary reasons for the delay is the lack of BORG staff capacity. Recently some left the company and others are not in fully working conditions. So they are far from normal conditions. Also Japanese big show is coming soon.

And thirdly more people are paying attention to BORG optics these days. Especially BORG 55FL’s lead time is longer and longer.

Because of multiple reasons, it’s hard to get BORG these days. So I thought I have to notice you in advance. We are doing best to catch up the delay ASAP.

Sorry again for the inconvenience to you.

2- One of most serious visual observers – Nicolas Kountouris in Cyprus shared his upgraded BORG 55FL. He is using 55FL as a guide scope for Takahashi FS-128(?).


I’m sure this is the most gorgeous finder scope along with Televue eyepiece and Baader prism diagonal. Very well setup!!

3- Steven Bellavia updated his recent image which was taken in the frozen area.


Last night it was a new moon, clear, above 25 degrees, and not windy. We have not had that in a while!
(though it was very damp, which became thick frost on all my equipment, and the sky was not perfect with below average seeing and transparency).
So, I imaged Thor’s Helmet, (NGC 2359, SH2-298):
It is not far from the star Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major, approximately 9 degrees East and North.







PrimaLuceLab – Eagle 3 & European BORG Distributor

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As many people in our community are aware, Italian-based PrimaLuceLab(PLL) is the leading company in the astro photography field.  They are providing very nice Italian-taste products along with the innovative features.

Now Astro Hutech becomes one of US dealers. We already carried some items like their SESTO SENSO motor unit & mounting rings. From now on, AH will start carrying their core and innovative products – Eagle 3.


As shown the above, AH will mainly demonstrate how to set Eagle 3 with BORG systems here. “Much More than Computer”, Yes, I fully agree. Especially power distribution and dew heater controls look very impressive to me. All in one in a box.

Also PLL and AH has recently made the strategic partnership agreement and now we are closely working together to market each product in US or Europe.

One big step is that PLL has becomes the European BORG distributor. So for any dealer inquiries or any BORG inquiries in Europe, please feel free contacting to PLL. The owner of the company – Dr. Philippo Bradaschia is quite familiar with BORG systems and components. He was involved in BORG business even before he established PLL. In fact, he made the complete BORG catalog by himself before. So I’m sure he can do the excellent service and support to all of you in Europe.

PLL also looks aggressively taking part in the trade show entire Europe.  So if you have the chance, please visit their booth, and see and touch BORG telescopes. I’m sure BORG presence will be much better in Europe from now on.


At same time, AH is promoting PLL products in US. Eagle 3 and BORG guide scope will be set at the top of above BORG 107FL F3.9ED soon. Stay tuned.

IDAS NB1, Nebula Booster I Now Commercially Available

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As announced, IDAS new filter – NB1 has come in stock. We shipped most of pre-orders today. Looks like almost 2/3 of 1st lot we received have been gone all over the world. I’d like to thank you – all of customers and dealers who trusted IDAS brand. Your pre-orders are now on the way.

In US, they should come in stock at OPT and Starizona etc on Monday or so. Please contact them to purchase.




But…… unfortunately raining over this weekend in southern California. Moreover, it seems to be raining until Tuesday……. I can’t wait for 1st shot at my backyard.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing your 1st test shots through NB1 filter. Please send it to us whenever you will have the chance. I think most area of US looks frozen though.


Attn to BORG Visual Observers, & Focusing Depth of New BORG Astrographs

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1- Believe or not, BORG didn’t (still does’t) have 2″ compression ring type holder in spite of common item in the market. I understand this is a demanded item by the visual observers. So I decided to carry as Hutech. Now it’s in stock.


M57 male at one side. So you can simply replace BORG 7504 or 7508 etc with this. 18mm light path. Slight shorter than them.

New BORG visual scope sets provided through Hutech will include this holder as standard.

2- Recent BORG astrograph – 107FL F3.9, 90FL F3.9 & 55FL F3.6, these scopes’ focusing depth is super shallow. Losing the right distance affects not only the image sharpness but also the quality of star shape at each corner. Inward or outward focuses show sagittal or meridional coma.

Because of that, they are also very sensitive to the temperature change. These are typical behavior in these optics. I realized that after field testing by myself. So they require paying more extra attentions to achieve the fundamental optical performance. But if you do, you get the wonderful rewards. The result is totally sharp entire the frame.

Recently I started using a following WO’s mask to more secure my focusing. (My eyes are getting older and older)


Yes, this comparison is true. Brighter and larger. For manual focusing, this is a highly recommended for super critical focus like recent BORG astrographs.

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