DayStar with BORG

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I got 1st Quark to figure out what BORG configuration is the best with Quark.

The optics I used first was 67FL. It is 300mm focal length. 25mm Ortho eyepiece was the perfect match for full disk, and showed me very clean and high-contrast solar image. This looks one of best view like what I saw through my UK’s Solarscope LTD filter. The background is dark enough to see faint prominences. It assures me DayStar filter well minimizes the internal reflections.


ds282mm UV/IR filter is set in front of the objective

And APS-C covers full disk in 300mm focal length.

ds3No cropped single shot by 67FL(300mm) with Fuji X-E2

This is just the image scale test. I will fully focus with tracking mount next time. I’ve never touched tuning knob today. So I will adjust and see the difference the next too. This is my 1st time with DayStar filter and I realized I have to wait until green lamp (in case of Quark) turns on. So I need to learn and experience more for best possible result. One day I plan to shoot with Sony Alpha 6000 since it has 24 M pixels. Hopefully it should be better than X-E2 for solar imaging in resolution wise.  Overall, DayStar Quark looks performing as high-quality Ha filter I expected and encourages me a lot to seriously use. Great products!!


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This is 2-mosaic frame for the whole Veil region taken with 71FL F3.9 and ST-8300M by Masanori Kirimura. A lot of colorful stars like gem.


As briefly announced before, 55FL is expected to be released end of this year. This will be 5th fluorite lens(250mm/F4.5) from BORG. Prototype has come up now to test. So I expect I can show some test image little by little from now on. This should be a super scope for guiding as well as wide-filed imaging.

DayStar Solar Filter – Quark

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Hutech starts carrying DayStar’s new-concept Ha solar filter – Quark and plans to prepare for some BORG special packages including Japanese-made high-quality UV/IR blocking energy rejection filter. Once we receive units, we will write up my testing report here.

dsI will try to figure out what focal length, F-ratio, eyepieces and cameras are good combination to achieve full disk view. BORG 50 should be the best to start. Focal length is 250mm. Since Quark multiples 4.2, system focal length will be just 1000mm. I believe it should be short enough for some eyepieces and at least APS-C sensor. My challenge will be how I can maximize the aperture size while maintaining full disk view.  Let’s see.



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The new availability for 90FL has been set as 3rd batch in December.

moon90FL + Fuji X-E2

Sony E-mount Filter System

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Hutech starts offering following two IDAS filter systems for Sony E-mount cameras. These systems allow to set filters between lenses and bodies, so that the interference type of filters such as LPSs can be used with wide-angle lenses without spectrum shift issue.

1) Sony Taper

kadThe set comes with 2 pieces – taper holder (body side)and taper/bayonet adapter for Canon and Nikon. A taper unit is attached body’s opening chrome plate directly. Remove body’s original 4 screws to attach it. This system allows to use IDAS 52mm filters. So large enough for Sony full frame sensors like Alpha 7 series. Also the adapter works as camera rotator when it is attached onto telescopes. But as you see, original E-mount lenses can’t be used. (A taper holder has to be removed) So this is more suitable for the dedicated astro or scientific cameras. Also no aperture control from camera either.  This adapter set is now available at Hutech.

2) Sony MFA

mfasony3rd party’s E-mount/Canon EF adapter is used with current IDAS EOS/MFA filters. This adapter has the electrical pins so that it electrically controls EOS lens aperture from Sony camera body. Canon lens’s rear element 33mm diameter or smaller is recommended to be used with.

This is the manufacturer’s page for this adapter.


Since 3rd party’s programmable remote timer controller for some of e-mount cameras such as Alpha 7 series and 6000 is available in the market now, we plan to offer the pre-modified Sony cameras like Canon.  AC adapter was available from before. Now with a wired remote timer controller, Sony alpha gets ready as system for astro imaging finally.

90FL Availability

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First, I’d like to thank customers who placed the order for 90FL. Next I deeply apologize to the customers who didn’t get 90FL from 1st batch. I didn’t get sufficient number of units from Japan this time. I really sorry for such improper arrangement.

2nd for 90FL has been set. It is expected to be early of October. Definitely we will take care of customers at top priority who have missed 1st lot.   Please wait for more specific schedule.  Thanks for your patience.

2nd lot is running out and next batch is being prepared for this December or later.

Here is some special 90FL arrangement with M75 iris and crayford focuser.


Sh2-129 by 90FL

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Sh2-129 was tough target…..

sh212990FL with 7887 + 6DH, 8 x 5 minutes at ISO3200

I wanted to extend longer exposure and more frames. But sky conditions didn’t allow.  Total exposure was obviously too short.  I re-try someday.


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