90FL 2nd Lot

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We are scheduling to start shipping 90FL 2nd lot end of this week and notifying pre-order customers. Thanks for your patience for long waiting. Following PDF file shows the basic Series 80 system diagram. For customers who have ordered only objective lens this time, check back parts you currently own and roughly calculate the optical length using your parts based on the diagram. As you know, your system doesn’t have to be exactly same as each system configuration shown here. A key component is 100mm long main tube. This is a new item as white. So I don’t think anyone has this white short tube.  But you may use 7135 or 7150 instead if you can reduce the overall length by changing some other sections. All depends on each your own application.


Although the diagram describes the imaging system, for visual observing 7508 or 7504 allows to insert 2″ diagonal and reach focus with most of eyepieces. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time.

BORG Special Sale

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Update: Special sale will begin from 17th.

I think this will be 1st major special sale in Hutech history. Fortunately BORG worldwide business reached 15 year anniversary this month. To express our sincere appreciation to all of you who are supporting BORG and Hutech most of time, we are pleased to offer special anniversary sale from next Monday to the end of this month. All of BORG items except 90FL will be sold at 15% off from regular price during this period.


This special sale will apply through BORG dealers worldwide. Please contact your local dealer for further details.

Thanks for your supporting BORG products long time. Hutech is working with BORG to continuously provide the attractive new products to astronomical industry.

Ted Ishikawa

SH2-129 and SH2-132 through BORG 60ED F4.0

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These are wonderful narrowband images taken with BORG 60ED F4.0 and Sony H694 chip camera by Michael Keith. I totally didn’t know there were such teal color emission inside sh2-129. I’ve never seen this kind of quality image before. So Michael’s image surprised me a lot.

sh2-129-sm sh2-132Here is his comment on imaging data.

Both of these images use narrowband filters.  The image of Sh2-129 (Sharpless 129) is H-alpha and O-III only, while the image of sh2-132 (Sharpless 132) is a full tricolor image with H-alpha, O-III, and S-II.  In both images, RGB exposures are also used but just for supplying proper star colors.  Note that the large blue/green object in the image of Sh2-129 is the unusual nebula known as Ou4, discovered in 2011.
As described at my blog here several times, small but high sensitive Sony sensor is best match with short focal length optics like BORG for wide-field. These images prove that.

Rich color of stars and nebulae. Great finish!!, Michael. I’m looking forward to seeing another quality of your image shortly.

Technical note on Ou4 can be downloaded at


Total Lunar Eclipse in October

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October’s total lunar eclipse seems not to be as perfect condition as April’s in US. But good view looks still expected in west coast area. Here is the simulation page again. Check at your location.


Also Borg creates the image size chart based on each BORG’s focal length and camera’s sensor size. This chart can be used for the solar imaging too.

月サイズ表aBTW, I will be out of town for the vacation from now on and also will have big sailing regatta at San Diego next week. So no blog will be updated frequently these 10 days.

Yesterday’s Sun by Modified Alpha 6000

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This was 4 hours session yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no big solar activity there. This was 1st solar test with A6000 after modified. The shutter speed was already fastest(1/4000″) even before modified.  So no big advantage in shutter speed. Although at least I could lower ISO setting, I wish the camera has up to 1/8000″. I feel reflections got less because of no filters after modified.

Solarscope Ltd 50 + BORG 77EDII + Modified A6000

It is too early to judge A6000 performance. But at least I can say Olympus’s tilt EVF is very comfortable during focusing.  Mine is Olympus’s 1st generation  external EVF – 1440K dots. Current’s 2360K dots type might make focusing more comfortable. Anyway, these Epson-made TFT display devices are premium quality. I don’t know Sony’s EVF is their-made or Epson though. Probably same. In any cases, tilt-function is big help for the sun. I will try to use A6000 for night sky next.

BORG 55FL & The Sun

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Here is image taken by newly designed 55FL. It looks wonderful optics. I’m eager to use for wide field astrophotography. 

DSC08272s P8310365Xst P8310432st55FL + M57 Iris + 7214(1.4x teleconverter) + Olympus E-P5

Well clean, high color contrast and fully resolved. 55FL has slightly difference lens design from any previous.

Following was 8/30th’s sun. Solarscope Ltd 50 through BORG 77EDII (500mm focal length) + modified E-M5 in 2 hours.

Modified Sony Alpha 6000

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I start playing around the modified Alpha 6000 with several different filters.

a6000aFull Spectrum(no filter) A6000 + Canon lens + E-to-EOS adapter


ir72With Hoya R72


heuibWith IDAS HEUIB-II 37mm filter & MFA under AWB mode


HEUIB-II is well designed to use both astro and regular daytime shots in AWB mode, without changing any camera setting. This filter fully transmits our important emission – Ha while optimizing the color balance. Very well designed by IDAS. If you have the modified camera and your sky is not heavily light polluted, this is the one piece solution for astro and regular daytime shots.

berlirWith IDAS BERLIR 37mm filter and MFA

Above all 3 were taken in AF. Thanks for contrast AF function. This should be one of big advantages in mirrorless cameras.

berlirIDAS Berlir filter allows you to shoot the false color IR imaging without replacing different filters. Following video was taken with Berlir filter in 2900k color temperature. I guess this filter might be very unique in the market which allows to create the false color IR video. At least I don’t have the professional motion picture software to change color balance. So the use of optical filter and in-camera pre-setting are only way at least for myself.


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