Hinode SG PC Control Software

•April 9, 2014 • 2 Comments

Primary tester – Dave Kodama created the tutorial video showing the actual image result.

Lower the sun, flatter its shape.  Since Hinode detecting the full disk image, it results in getting slightly shifting.

The software works with Windows Vista, 7 and 8.



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Since LPS-D1 was released end of last year, we already shipped very good number of units in short period. As expected, D1 filter is getting very popular these days.  Thanks for choosing D1 filters.

Now new MFAs are available. New version doesn’t require any tool. Like 1st generation FF-type, it is the friction setting again.  Following is the built-in D1 MFA (Part # LPS-D1-EOS). It fits any Canon APS-C sensor cameras. This is more cost-effective way because of one-frame.


And 2nd generation of MFA is available as part # MFA37. This 37mm-threaded frame allows to set any IDAS 37mm filter like previous version.  But no tool and no screw to be used.

mfa37MFA37 with UIBAR-37

Enjoy astro imaging with premium quality of IDAS filters.

BORG 50/f2.8

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BORG 50/f2.8, expected to be released this summer, should give us high quality pictures as well as the fun to use camera manually.

50mmF2[1].8(X-E1)50/f2.8 + 7844 + 7840 + 7843 + 5016 + Fuji X-E1

This configuration allows to reach the focus from the infinity to 1m distance. Longer helical focuser – 7842 and 7841 make the closer. But we lose the infinity instead. So 7840 should be best overall.

50mmF2[1].8(桜4) 50mmF2[1].8(桜5)As one of Fuji X users, I believe BORG optics and Fuji X-Trans sensor along with imaging processor should be perfect match. As shown, this creates clean and color depth. X camera doesn’t [positively at least for me]  show crisp sharp edge (generally shown at JPEG by most of other brands). But well resolved and the details are fully reproduced even at high ISO. Maybe I can say looking soft but well resolved.  Current EVF makes manual focusing quite easy and fun.

Orion Nebula & Spring in Japan

•March 31, 2014 • 1 Comment

Long-time BORG user – Pavel Pech sent his recent gorgeous image.

Ha 1393097348


Spring has come in Japan. Cherry blossom is the classic sign the winter is over.

DSCF7227Xs2 DSCF7233Xs

I was told this great tree stands up at the residential backyard!! Size looks the national monument level.

DSCF7304sAbove 3 pictures are taken with BORG 50/f2.8 @ F8 and Fuji X-T1

DSC05259sBORG 50/f2.8 @ F8 with Sony Alpha 7R

All were taken by Noboru Nakagawa. What beauty they are!!

Solar Eclipse 2014 with Hinode SG

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I notice there are two solar eclipses this year. Although partial one is quite common, it looks visible almost entire North America.

eclipse2014Hinode should be the essential companion for long sequence imaging like time lapse movie and visual observing without being annoyed the continuous sun’s shifting

sftwrControl software is currently being brushed up. Screen shows the sun position, each correction log as graph and also allows you to manually control the mount motors for initial the sun’s centering. So you will be able to fully control Hinode SG as well as the imaging camera from your regular desk.

Birds with BORG

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These are nice bird pictures taken through different BORGs.

First, these are taken by a professional wildlife photographer – Rei Ohara.

aDSCF2481Bald Eagle, 89ED Black  BORG + Fuji X-T1

aDSCF2548Baby Pelican, 89ED Black BORG + Fuji X-T1

His blog shows how he is carrying 89ED and all of  his rigs including camera. This is the comfortable backpack-capable 600mm telephoto lens. As mentioned several times here, the combination of BORG and Fuji camera reproduces great color depth. This image shows that too.


 DSCF0628r3_589DSCF0661rup_590Red-flanked bluetail, 77EDII + Fuji X-E1 by Nishida

梅メジロ2 梅メジロ1Japanese White-eye with cherry blossom  71FL + Olympus E-M5 by Masatune Takmura

Southern Hemisphere and BORG Pamphlet

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The astro legendary Alan Dyer, known as co-author of the long seller book [Backyard Astronomy's Guide] sent me recent his gorgeous image from Southern hemisphere. This is great book!! I have both editions. Highly recommended.


carinaHe is enjoying astro imaging with his BORG 77ED F4.3 astorgraph and 5DIIH w/option T camera.


Recently BORG made the excellent pamphlet in Japanese. Great color and  print quality!! Because of so beautiful finish, I decided to share with you even if it is printed in Japanese.  Instead I made PDF-based English version available online.


This printed version be available at the show, will be enclosed in the shipping box and be distributed to each dealer, etc.

PDF-based English version is now downloadable at [BLACK BORG PAMPHLET] as well as BORG catalog section.

If you have the chance to get the printed version, enjoy the beautiful pictures while reading English texts online.

Unfortunately, online version is compressed much. So it’s so hard to see on computer screen how the printed moon picture is so contrasty and sharp.


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