90FL 1st Light

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Although the sky was not good condition last night, fortunately I had the chance to point 90FL to the sky.

90flc90FL + 0.85x reducer (#7887) + 6DH

ic1805s90FL F4.7, 20 x 5 minutes at ISO3200 with IDAS LPS-V4-52, entire full frame (no cropped)

Since high clouds were passing time to time, I didn’t want to set the long exposure. To minimize each frame, I decided to go with ISO3200. This was my 1st time to use such high ISO. So I was curious how noisy it was. I have “not-so-bad” feeling especially even at summer temperature. The image was applied to the dark, stacked and slightly stretched only. That’s all. Nothing else.  No flat, even no color adjustment either.  Actually I don’t have any sophisticated image processing technique. So This is always what I can do anyway.

I borrowed this 7887 from the club friend. As expected, 7887 creates quite flat illumination entire full frame sensor. So I didn’t feel I needed to take the flat. This result reminds me of 7887′s all-around-player type of performance. It’s quite easy to use it with any type of optics -F ratio and focal length etc.  It is really good optical design!!

As you might see, there are some coma at each corner. So it’s not optimized for 90FL yet. We have to wait for the dedicated super reducer for full frame camera users. But at least I realized no problem for APS-C sensor at all. Or the distance might remove coma. I will make more test while adding spacer.

Unfortunately the sky was a bit hazy because of monsoon condition in southern California. But fluorite optics seems to show clean and good contrast image as expected.   So far (until the dedicated reducer will come up), 7887 is best match with 90FL.

Keep in mind, as always I’m using LPS-V4 filter. The above image results from the performance of this filter too. The filter maintains good color balance while making background darker.  I love LPS-V4!!

I have an another target taken with same setup and other images by new BORG 50mm. I will try to process images little by little.

90FL – 1st Lot Sold Out

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At first, I’d like to thank all of you who placed order for 90FL so quickly. 1st 50 units have been sold out within just half day. We are now checking around when 2nd lot will be coming up.

This is my recommended system for visual observer.


2591 – 7800 – 7801 – FTF-BORG – FTF 2″

This allows to use 2″ diagonal and 2″ eyepiece too. Since there is no drawtube in this setup, FTF should have the longer stroke.  Especially if you already own standard 2″ Feather Touch focuser, this should be great way to build up premium system while minimizing the additional investment. Surprisingly it fits Mini Borg carrying bag.


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banner_90FLEach price has been set as follows;

DSC01530s2590 – 90FL objective assembly (white) : $1,695.00

2591 – 90FL objective assembly (black) : $1,765.00

950g / 145mm long

Current Series 80 users can simply swap the objective assembly if a short tube is used. Standard 205mm long tube (#7800) is definitely too long in any cases. 150mm long is perfect with standard Feather Touch 2″. BORG helical focuser (7835) and FTF-M57 requires further shorter one such as 135mm(7135) or 100mm (7102) depending on each user’s system requirement.

DSC01787s6290 – 90FL OTA (white) : $1,895.00

2.0kg / 443mm long

DSC01775s6291 – 90FL OTA (black) : $1,965.00

2.0kg / 443mm long

At this moment, there is no optically optimized reducer 90FL. But in my test, 7887(0.85x) works with up to APS-C sized sensor. 7108 – 1.08x field flattener is good for full frame sensor too.

DSC01580s6190 – 90FL Telephoto lens set : $2,480.00

2.3kg / 420mm long

As mentioned early, 1st 50 units comes with a fluorite crystal and pouch.


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90FL’s each part number has been assigned and set to be shipped July 30th.

DSC01962st1st 50 units will come with a piece of fluorite crystal and pouch

DSC01530sObjective assembly – white [2590], black [2591]

DSC01787sTelephoto lens set (white) – 6290

DSC01775sTelephoto lens set (black) – 6291

Although above 6290 and 6291 are called “Telephoto lens set”, you can use for visual observing too. The set (in case of white) comes with

2590 – 7102 (100mm long tube as new length for Series 80) – 7753/7137 – 7835 (as helical focuser) – 7508 – 7509 – 7000

I’m sure following configuration allows for infinity focus with 2″ diagonal.

2590 – 7102 – 7753/7137 – 7835 – 7509 – 2″ diagonal/eyepiece

DSC01580sBlack BORG BU-1 set – 6190

Each price will be announced on this Friday.


BORG Fluorite Crystals

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Following picture shows BORG 90FL objective lens itself and actual fluorite crystals used by Canon. It’s really a kind of gem.


And fluorite optics creates this kind of gorgeous image, which was taken with 71FL F3.9 + QSI and Canon cameras by Ram Viswanathan.

ramAs special note, this image was taken with Kenko SkyMemo portable mount.

OPT Show

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OPT show was held last Saturday. Fortunately this year the marine layer was gone away earlier than usual. So we could enjoy solar viewing long time.

opt4Hinode SG kept the sun at the center all the time during the show

opt5Solar binoscope with IDAS white light filters – was really nice 3D-like view. This is no tracking mount. I was just using Hinode as the solar finder.  Some of experienced solar observers noticed how good this solar image was. All said very clean and high contrast image. Mostly it results in the quality of IDAS filter. Premium quality coating and research grade glass surfaces. And personally my favorite color, not too orange. If we have the chance to compare side by side, it could be quite easy to see the difference. Also this EMS diagonal shows the true sun face. Usually we are looking at the reversed face with conventional diagonals. Anyway, these are Japanese ALL-STAR players. IDAS filter, BORG optics, Matsumoto mirror erecting diagonal and Hutech Orthoscopic eyepieces.  So no surprise at the overall performance.


opt3New 90FL – surprisingly very compact – 400mm long and 2.2kg at this setup. This system with 2″ Feather Touch focuser allows to reach the focus at the infinity with 2″ diagonal. Great travel scope.

opt7Gakken WORLDEYE spherical projector, quite new concept. Video showed rotational global objects such as Jupiter and Mars etc. Many were interested much too.

BORG 50/2.8 and 90FL

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Fortunately, July 4th’s fireworks were good size for 50mm with APS-C sensor at my location. I’m still trying to figure out the proper exposure though.  Anyway, a new lens showed me good contrast.  No image processed at all, just downsized. All of images are slightly saturated. But Fuji camera might still have good dynamic range as expected. Sony A7S with BORG 50 might have been the best combination in HD video mode.

DSCF0115 DSCF0117 DSCF0122 DSCF0143 DSCF0147BORG 50/2.8 (at F5.6) + Fuji X-E2 at Long Beach harbor

Following image was taken with 90FL by Naoki Nakanishi.

90FL・1[1].08DG・ST-8300M M16(縮小)90FL + 7108 + ST8300M (Ha+RGB)

I will try out ASAP.



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