New Reducer for 90FL and 71FL

•October 31, 2014 • 1 Comment

I start testing around the prototype of a new reducer.


Shown with # 7352 – camera rotator

Mechanical design is similar to 1st-generation quadruplet ED super reducer, wonderful design!!


As you can see, this mechanical design allows a camera to move very close to the focuser.

And by adding a supplied extension tube, it will be optimized for 71FL too. As always, thanks for BOEG’s clever optical design.  It looks optically and mechanically satisfying the expectation of the high-end astro imager. The prototype will be shown up at this weekend’s Arizona show first time.

Please hold your questions such as price and more technical details. We will announce them as soon as all will be set.

BORG New Items

•October 29, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Followings are some prototypes we are currently testing.


The picture includes 55FL objective lens assembly and new reducer for 90FL and 71FL. Unlike current 7870, a lens barrel goes inside focuser. This makes focuser less stress and the main tube longer. As a result, it should be relatively easier to set up and use.


•October 28, 2014 • 2 Comments

Since my wife finally upgraded her iPhone, now her 5S turned the dedicated thermographer. It’s a scientifically good toy.


I noticed one of good features is to see the temperature even for distant objects.  I’m not sure how far it can measure though. Thermography only shows relative temperature difference in each color. But this number should be absolute and hopefully accurate. This is very interesting to see.



Silver body

FLIR0045Teal body

I will be pointing more targets around to see the invisible. In California, the drought is becoming serious problem and the synthetic grass is getting popular to save the water these days. I’m thinking of it especially for my front yard too. But I’m very curious how much temperature different is between real and synthetic. I will walk around my neighbor to measure.

Canon Rebate To Continue

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Canon rebates have extended for most of cameras. Although these are not instant rebate, you have good deal with a new American Express card.


Especially 6D with 24-105mm lens kit is very good deal. This lens is the premium quality and $1,150.00 value if purchased alone.  But the kit cost is only $600 extra. See Hutech price list.

Note all of our prices are shown before rebate. Don’t miss this great chance! BTW, 60D has been recently discontinued. So these will be removed from our list soon.

90FL F3.9 (with 0.7x Reducer – 7870)

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I posted 90FL F3.6’s performance several days ago. This is the recent feedback from one of 90FL owners – Sam Berrada. While many 90FL users are waiting for the dedicated reducer, he had 0.7x reducer already. So he wanted to see how 90FL works with 0.7x reducer  while he noticed the reducer was not optimized for 90FL. Here is his result.

Picture saved with settings applied.

90FL F3.9 + modified T3i + IDAS LPS-P2, 10 x 4 minutes at ISO 100(!!)

Surprisingly this was taken in the city of Montreal.  IDAS LPS should do great job as expected. While the dedicated reducer is scheduled, this result shows the current reducer still works with up to APS-C sensors too. According to him, this was not completely focused yet because the optical system is a bit too long to reach the focus at the infinity. Sorry for that, Sam. So he expects he can make the image sharper and capture more faint nebulosity. Anyway, 90FL + 7870 is promising for APS-C sensor or smaller.

Partial Solar Eclipse – 2

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Mike Gifford in Northern California sent his eclipse image taken with IDAS UHB-RS solar filter and Nikon 300mm/D600.

Eclipse 10232014-1

And Following is my image taken by BORG 89ED + IDAS UHB-RS 82mm + Sony Alpha 6000H.

pse102314sBoth above were taken through same filter. But set at different color taste. Using IDAS filter photographically and visually this time again realize me its superior optical performance to create high contrast and clean(minimal internal reflection) image. Best broadband solar filter!! IDAS did great job to achieve that. I like it very much,

Partial Solar Eclipse – 10/23/14

•October 24, 2014 • 3 Comments

Fortunately we successfully enjoyed the eclipse at front of my office this afternoon.

This looks the maximum eclipse at my location around 3:30pm.


And following is the sequence of the eclipse starting around 2:10pm to 4:40pm.


Some sailing friends and neighbors came and enjoy visually with Ha solarscope and binoculars. As the above picture shows, we could see the moon’s bumpy crater edge visually too. That was very interesting to see.

Finally, thanks the universe for showing us such a great event.


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