Hutech Holiday Annoucement

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Hutech office will be closed from tomorrow to end of this month. E-mail is still accessible. But the response might delay since I will be in Japan the entire week. The meeting with BORG is scheduled for next year’s new product development too. We will get back to work December 1st.

Pre-modified SONY Cameras

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After exchanging several paperwork with SONY, Hutech has been officially approved by SONY as one of their authorized dealers in US. As Japanese, I’m proud of carrying their brand. Although they might be trying to re-establish the new SONY, I’m expecting their developing and manufacturing power very much as the world largest imaging sensor supplier. I was told several new type of sensors they are currently developing. So I believe their future in imaging market should be very bright. Smartphone? I hope they will hang on. I’m a SONY Experia user. But no one around me owns it……. It’s well popular in Japan though.

Anyway, now we are scheduling to start shipping the full spectrum Alpha E-mount cameras sometime next month. As always, I will use all of cameras to see myself how they will perform in each different application. My basic business policy is I don’t handle what I don’t know and I don’t accept in quality. So please keep your eye open here. I’m sure these are promising as already shown around the net.


1) Like Canon, pre-modified brand-new camera comes with Hutech one year warranty. Conditions are exactly same as SONY original.

2) The modification option is “no filter” only. AF is still fully functional because of contrast AF. But E-mount lens don’t reach the focus at the infinity. You can select following options.


IDAS is preparing for the unique adapter to E-mount camera and filter.

3) We plan to carry following 3 models at this moment.

- Alpha 7S (full frame)

- Alpha 7 (full frame)

- Alpha 6000 (APS-C)

No plan for A-mount camera at this moment.

4) One of big advantage over DSLR is the short flange back, which gives us an extra room between the sensor and Canon or Nikon lenses. This is the valuable space to set and enjoy IDAS filters. IDAS plans quite new type of filter system next year.

Finally see IDAS test video. Keep in mind, these are not the still image. 1/4″ shutter speed real time video.

It is obvious 7S be a monster camera for videography in low-light condition. But I’m curious how 7 is close to 7S in the still imaging at bulb’s long exposure. We will see.

BORG 50/F2.8 & Fujifilm

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I’m sure this lens and camera is the perfect match. These pictures should proves so. And the result give us the great gift while having fun by manual operation. These color contrast must be exceptional.

DSCF6374s DSCF6594sBORG 50mm/F2.8 at F8 + Fuji X-T1

Also our partner in Indonesia – Winston Setiawan sent the link showing his recent pictures taken at Bali. He is a very experienced nature photographer. He looks loving this combination too.

winston158192133.iyHsRixd I plan to release the BORG lens package as well as Fujifilm package, as one of Fuji authorized dealers next month. Personally I own only X-E2. X-T1’s graphite silver version recently released looks so great. It really hits me a crack. Unfortunately a bit more expensive though……


Arizona Show & QHY

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It was great show at Arizona. And I was feeling more people were stopping by our booth and shopping around this year.

DSC_0228Thank you for stopping by our booth!

And we have decided Hutech starts carrying QHY cameras as one of US dealers. We plan special packages with BORG scopes. Mainly we will be carrying one-shot color cameras.

DSC_0226BORG guider scope with QHY 5LII and astrograph with QHY10

Our Jimmy will be the specialist in this setup and hopefully he should show us great stro pictures shortly.

New Reducer for 90FL

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I start testing around the prototype of a new reducer.


Shown with # 7352 – camera rotator

Mechanical design is similar to 1st-generation quadruplet ED super reducer, wonderful design!!


As you can see, this mechanical design allows a camera to move very close to the focuser.

As always, thanks for BOEG’s clever optical design.  It looks optically and mechanically satisfying the expectation of the high-end astro imager. The prototype will be shown up at this weekend’s Arizona show first time.

Please hold your questions such as price and more technical details. We will announce them as soon as all will be set.

BORG New Items

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Followings are some prototypes we are currently testing.


The picture includes 55FL objective lens assembly and new reducer for 90FL. Unlike current 7870, a lens barrel goes inside focuser. This makes focuser less stress and the main tube longer. As a result, it should be relatively easier to set up and use.


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Since my wife finally upgraded her iPhone, now her 5S turned the dedicated thermographer. It’s a scientifically good toy.


I noticed one of good features is to see the temperature even for distant objects.  I’m not sure how far it can measure though. Thermography only shows relative temperature difference in each color. But this number should be absolute and hopefully accurate. This is very interesting to see.



Silver body

FLIR0045Teal body

I will be pointing more targets around to see the invisible. In California, the drought is becoming serious problem and the synthetic grass is getting popular to save the water these days. I’m thinking of it especially for my front yard too. But I’m very curious how much temperature different is between real and synthetic. I will walk around my neighbor to measure.


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