HOYA Twinkle Filter

As I mentioned earlier, I bought two HOYA Sparkle filters.

So I tested last weekend. First, I took 4x and 6x each to see how they look like. 6x looks clearly something new to me. 6x(or spikes) stars looked like more twinkling. This filter softens stars too. So bright stars got slightly larger.

Definitely I like 6-spike filters. It should be better for nightscape photography.

Cygnus region
Cassiopeia & Double Clusters/Nebulae

I set 77mm size in front of Sigma 50mm Art and insert IDAS HEUIBII into a modified 6D.

This HOYA’s twinkle filter(I’d like to call that to simplify) makes stars more natural, like usually what I see the night.

Also star colors seems to be more showing up even if I didn’t do anything for that. This is very nice too since I didn’t expect that. This is because of attenuating star’s saturation??

Anyway, to the nightscape photography fun, try it out once!

ps. These were 2 minutes exposure since I wanted to capture the nebulae too. But for stars, such long exposure are definitely not needed. I will try to shoot with a minute or less, so that brighter stars are expected to be colored. Let me see.


~ by tedishikawa on July 4, 2022.

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