New IDAS Narrow Band Filter – NBX

We proudly announce a new IDAS dual narrow-band filter – NBX, which is scheduled to be commercially available at following sizes early of August.

NBX-48 : $299.00

NBX-52 : $299.00

NBX at 300 to 1200nm

Features :

  • 10nm bandpass for Ha and OIII respectively.
  • IDAS-proprietary “flat-top”, “steep cut-off” and “off-center” design eliminates the emissions’ signal loss due to the spectrum shift until F2 speed.
  • Available 48mm and 52mm mounted (2.5mm thickness)
  • No IR blocker required
NBX at 400 to 700nm

Spectrum shift at F2


Left : on-axis & Right : F2 cone


As shown above, NBX maintains original transmission rate even the spectrum shift occurs while the conventional design dramatically looses the emission signal. They are still 10nm vs 7nm comparison. But we should consider at the viewpoint of S/N ratio.

~ by tedishikawa on June 29, 2020.

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