IDAS LPS-D2 Filter

1st lot of this new filter has been set to be ready for shipment next week. Thanks all of customers for ordering already. All dealers who placed the order should receive 1st lot end of this month. So please contact your local dealers as well.

Here is part#, price and availability.

LPS-D2-48 : $189.00

LPS-D2-52 : $189.00

Above two sizes will get ready next week.

LPS-D2-EOS : $199.00

LPS-D2-EOSF : $289.00

LPS-D2-A7 : $289.00

Above 3 items are scheduled to be available in April.

As shown below, LPS-D2 effectively suppresses high pressure sodium vapor (HS) and white LED spectrum while completely blocking low pressure sodium vapor (LS) lines (589.0nm & 589.6nm).


Now we have 4 different LPS filters. LPS-P2 and LPS-D1 completely blocks LS too. They partially do HS, but not much. They were more intended to suppress the mercury vapor emission lines.  So to make things clear and simple,  now I describe each filter as follows.

LPS-D2 : LPS filter for high/low sodium and white LED

LPS-D1 : LPS filter for mercury and low sodium

LPS-P2 : LPS filter for mercury and low sodium

LPS-V4 : LPS filter for nebulae (only passing Ha, Hb and OIII)

Each LPS has pros and cons, and there is no perfect and one-piece solution. The complete solution is to simply block all of light pollution spectrum. But we lose most of astronomical photon too. So think about the best possible compromise.

BTW, the difference between LPS-D1 and LPS-P2 is


Also before I summarized each filter feature as follows

IDAS comparison

Finally following list is categorized by size/type.

IDAS specs021318


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