Eyepiece Advice Wanted & More SS-one Project

A new customer who is interested in 71FL BINO system is asking me the suitable wide-field eyepieces for 71FL F5.6 native optics. If someone knows the good-match eyepieces with 71FL or generally with BORG, give me your advice please. Personally I’m curious of that too although I’m not a big fan for the wide-field viewing. It’s 1.25″ and eyepiece body OD must be less than 60mm.



SS-one project is further more expanding. Now we are preparing for modifying the old EM10 and EM200 (non-GOTO version) mounts. The concept is to modernize those out-of-dated mounts while maintaining Takahashi-proprietary super solid body and mechanical performance.

Features are

  • replacing original old-fashioned geared motors with premium quality hybrid type
  • more torque, quieter, smoother and quicker response.
  • Built-in electric polar camera as standard
  • All controlled by a single device, SS-one controller – KODO©, without PC



I plan to go to Japan end of next month. So I reserved one EM10 already and will bring SS-one converted EM10 with me after having technical training at Nakazawa san’s work-shop.

SS-one KODO is a really smart controller (actually Nakazawa san as a dveloper is so clever though). The controller allows to be numerically set based on each mount’s gear ratio and motor step etc. This is an another wonderful feature in the controller.




~ by tedishikawa on October 17, 2017.

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