IDAS Nikon Filters including for Full Frame Camera

Attention Nikon users and Hutech dealers,  first I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting. Finally it’s time to announce the specific shipping status along with an extra good news. We will resume shipping following filters next week first.

  • For D5300/5500
  • For D5200/
  • For D7000/D7100/D7200


And D5000 filter will come in stock within 2 weeks. Filters for D5100 are currently in stock.

So above 5 kinds of filter frames for Nikon APS-C bodies will be continuously available. Then, you can chose one of LPS-D1, LPS-V4 and HEUIBII.

Also our team in Japan starts seriously working for Nikon full frame camera. A first prototype is for D600. To avoid vignetting, it is forced to take a mirror up before installing a filter like Canon full frame filter. D700 didn’t work. We confirmed. The error message came up. This was reason why we didn’t seriously take up Nikon full frames. Recently we noticed D600 allows to do without any problem. So we have decided to go ahead commercially making for D600. Other models? we are not sure. The key points for working or not are

  • The camera allows to keep a mirror continuously up without electrical failure or not.
  • And physically fits or not.
  • The mechanical size was designed for D600. But intentionally it’s designed at slightly smaller size, which might be more possible to set other models.

As long as we know, D600 is OK. If someone has a different Nikon models and don’t mind verifying yourself, I will send a frame for your testing. We pay shipping fee. Yes, also if successful and you are interested in purchasing, we set special price for you. Let me restrict this testing within US.

So far, what clarified are

  • D600 is OK
  • D700 is not

Finally thanks again for the patience of Nikon users for this matter.



~ by tedishikawa on August 25, 2017.

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