Astro Image

I got some astro pictures during holiday. 1st image 2016 is the one done with tremendous efforts by Naoki Nakanishi.

SH2-240(55FL 0.8x ST-8300)s1


2 x BORG 55FL F3.6

ST-8300M with Ha filter for monochrome : 57 x 15 minutes

ST-8300C with IDAS LPS-V4 for color : 41 x 15 minutes

Very good color contrast and details shown up. As mentioned several times, 200mm focal length with 8300 chip is best match for this target.



Followings are taken by Earl Grayson with his BORG 90FL F3.6. 0.65x super reducer was used with 90FL. 0.65x ED reducer was not originally intended to be used with 90FL. But looking very good result entire full frame sensor. Very nice image, Earl!!


BORG 90FL F3.6 + Central DS 6D, 8 x 5 minutes @ ISO1250


BORG 90FL F3.6 + CentralDS 6D, 5 x 10 minutes @ ISO3200

Recently he got a Hutech cooled 6D. I’m looking forward to his more image with his new gear.

~ by tedishikawa on January 4, 2016.

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