New Camera Rotator

A new type of camera rotator is now available.

This item allows to rotate a camera without sacrificing the weight balance since a camera is rotated at the center of optical axis(center of sensor and lens). This is virtually not possible with ball head. The use of ball head was really annoying me much when trying to compose. This is the solution to eliminate such problem. You will feel more convenience especially with a heavy camera and a lens. The set shown in pictures is well balanced, front and back, and rotated with 90 degree.  ID of  rotator is 110 mm. So you can set any lens as long as its OD is less than that. The lens shown is Sigma 50mm/F1.4 Art.


Part # CR110 : $325.00

This makes composing really enjoyable and comfortable. Highly recommended if someone were annoyed like I was.  Good-bye, weight balance issue.

Riser spacer tubes are included in the set to adjust the height of lens. Mirrorless cameras might be better to use them. The standard distance from a camera mount base to the center of rotating ring is 43 mm.


A mounting plate with a spacer (provided as standard) allows to set directly onto Takahashi mounts without extra parts.

~ by tedishikawa on December 22, 2015.

2 Responses to “New Camera Rotator”

  1. Is the rotator a Borg item or Takahashi?
    Is it available to buy now?

    • Hi Chris

      It’s Hutech item. And yes, in stock now.


      2016-01-01 15:35 GMT-08:00 DigiBorg :


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