Takahashi Portable Mounts Introduced By Hutech

Takahashi Japan and Hutech have reached the agreement Hutech will carry following high-quality Takahashi portable mounts as the authorized distributor in North and South America continents. Hutech will play role in the territory as the secondary distributor. But these two items will be only available through Hutech. Two mounts will come with Hutech original controllers under Takahashi brand, incorporating the unique KODO(TM) adaptive tracking engine. KODO is described as “Heartbeat” in Japanese.  This is the great collaboration between Takahashi’s traditional craftsmanship mechanics and Astro Hutech’s modern electronics. These mounts should be the best match with lightweight BORG telescopes too. See some preliminary shots.





    The modular design allows for many configurations like BORG philosophy.

IMG_20150214_162207GEM mode with Hinode SG

And this is my most favorite setup – called Planet Fork. This allows to point the scope without counterweight from +/- 30 degree (up to + 60 degree with some modifications) depending on the size/shape of scope and camera. As shown in picture, DEC unit can be slid for weight balance adjustment.


Planet-fork mode

 Now I can carry the whole set including the scope by my hands. No-counterweight makes me feel good very much.  I think we can load up to 4″ BORG without counterweight. If necessary, DEC unit allows to attach the counterweight shaft too. But then, I think GEM mode should be more convenient. The issue in fork mode is the polar alignment. The polar alignment has to be done without loading the scope. Solar guiding is not the issue at all. Although it has no GOTO function, I’m confident Takahashi-quality solidness and accuracy should meet the expectation the serious astro imager.

2) PM-SP

PM-SPThis solid and compact portable mount looks the familiar shape. But the industry-first tracking features makes astro and terrestrial imaging much more fun.

PM-SP_5 PM-SP_34s PM-SP_eqs

These mounts will be shown at NEAF next month and will be commercially available with new hand controllers this summer or later. The built-in KODO engine portable mounts should be the best gears for overseas expeditions. Come see at NEAF, and touch and feel their solidness. I will update the news and describe various Takahashi advantages usually we might not pay attention as extra value. Please keep your eyes open.


~ by tedishikawa on March 27, 2015.

2 Responses to “Takahashi Portable Mounts Introduced By Hutech”

  1. Will the new controller have auto guider port? If it is so then its really the best of both worlds.

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