Nature Photography Show – NANPA

My 2-week roadshow was over. It was very tough weeks starting from Japan trip to San Diego show.  Fortunately this show was most responsive from visitors among the non-astro event ever. All Blacks seemed to be intrigued for the people. Also I thought today’s sophisticated camera features were matching with BORG optical system too.





Most serious visitors stopping by Hutech booth were Sony and Olympus users. They are looking for high quality fixed focal length’s telephoto lenses since both brands have no such length at this moment. Also they knew today’s EVF made focusing easier too. They were convinced while actually trying to shoot with BORG there. So we had very fruitful discussion with these potential customers. This show has assured me Black BORG Series is the right way to go here in US too. Japan is way ahead in business standpoint. But I will try to catch up.

BTW, this is 89ED with carbon fiber tube. Really light weight!! Just 1.7kg with Feather Touch focuser.


Now I’m back to normal work. Next show will be NEAF in April and I might make the surprise announcement before that.

~ by tedishikawa on February 23, 2015.

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