BORG 55FL & SONY Alpha Cameras

Each part # for BORG 55FL has been assigned.

DSC09982XssPart # 2555 : 55FL objective lens assembly, M57/P0.75 female at camera side (Series 60, and 80 with an adapter)

The hood has 58 mm filter thread at front

95 mm long / 200 g

DSC09812ssPart # 6255 : 55FL telephoto lens set, including 2555, 7758, 7602, 7604, 7205 and 7000

(A picture is shown with tube ring and mounting bracket sold separately)

230 mm long / 530 g

Adding a camera adapter, the system allows to focus from 3 m distance to the infinity.

And finally we are pleased to announce the prices of Hutech performance-enhanced SONY cameras have been set as follows

_MG_1597sAlpha a7S : $2,699.00 (Hutech part # A7SH)

Alpha a7 : $1,595.00 (A7H)

Alpha a6000 : $749.00 (A6000H)

Brand-new unit supplied by SONY USA, comes with Hutech one year warranty.


~ by tedishikawa on December 15, 2014.

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