Partial Solar Eclipse

Have you checked back your solar gear and been ready to go for next week’s partial solar eclipse trip? I decided to go with IDAS-made broadband filter this time instead of Ha filter since personally I feel the broadband filter’s color more natural.  So I start testing with it. Unfortunately, no big sun spots today though. 89ED is 600mm focal length. I noticed there is still a plenty of room in Sony’s APS-C sized sensor.

spot   BORG 89ED + IDAS 82mm  UHB-RS filter + Sony NEX-6000H

The above image was taken with the modified Sony 6000. Even HEUIB-II filter was put in the optical train to reduce red portion, it looks still reddish finish to me.


IDAS solar page shows my Annual Eclipse images. That image strongly reminds me how much manual tracking correction was painful during the eclipse that time. Even I corrected time to time, the sun was still moving around. And eventually I gave up creating time lapse movie. That was my painful memory. Now Solar Guider allows me to completely focus on the visual observing. Thanks for Hinode SG!! Since I’m planning to create the time lapse movie, the guider is a kind of must-item for me.

And solar binocular with the eye-safe IDAS UHB-RS filter.

canonbino 52mm filters are set in front.

As described here several times, Canon binocular shows me very clean sun surface. It should be good transmission and minimal internal reflections. So it shows me very high image contrast. Also the image stabilizer function is charm. Very comfortable. This binocular is my best companion for solar events. And the premium solar filter creates high contrast image and my personally favorite’s yellowish solar surface too. I love this combination.

~ by tedishikawa on October 15, 2014.

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