Fuji X-E2’s Astro Performance

I was curious how new Fuji mirrorless camera works for astro photography. This is the initial result by the stocked(non-modified) X-E2. As anticipated, like previous models – Fuji S3Pro and S5Pro,  new Fuji’s still has more transmittion at Ha line than Canon’s. It looks like close to Canon 60Da transmission rate at Ha.

DSCF9972 xe2nikkorFuji X-E2 + El-Nikkor 50mm F2.8 (stopped down to F4) with IDAS LPS-V4, single 10 minutes exposure

No dark and no flat

Newly designed BORG 50mm F2.8 should outperform El-Nikkor. So I expect more clean and higher contrast image by BORG 50mm/F2.8. It seems the commercial production for BORG 50mm F2.8 will start soon??

Generally LPS filters are not recommended to be set in front of 50mm focal length lens. But it is the case with full frame sensor. This camera is APS-C sized. So fortunately, looke like no spectrum shift issue in this setup.  I want to try this lens and filter with STF-8300C next.

~ by tedishikawa on May 4, 2014.

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