Fuji X-E2 vs Canon 6D

Canon 6D was the smoothest camera I have ever owned. I’m feeling Fuji’s image results showed always clean and smooth too.  So I was just curious how Fuji X-E2 fights with Canon 6D in long exposure noise. This is 10 minute exposure comparison.


6ddark10-minute/ISO 800 dark by 6DH. This is quite familiar result for me.

fujidark10-minute/ISO 800  dark by Fuji X-E2. Take close look at histogram bars!!

I can’t see bright dot in X-E2 dark even if I overstretched histogram bars like the above. Of course, in-camera noise reductions were both off. When I noticed Fuji’s file size was only around 300KB(normally 3MB in regular color pictures), I thought I opened a wrong file. I’ve never seen such a small file size even if it is the dark. Canon 6D is 3MB in the dark, which seems to be quite common for me. Yes, two are different sensor sizes and the number of pixels in-between.  But 10 times difference??

This dark frame results proves me why X-E2 image is very smooth. Since each camera manufacturer might set slightly different ISO tuning, this might not be the same ISO comparison. But Fuji’s result is absolutely and extremely low noise. No need to compare.

This result more encouraged me to shoot astro objects. First, I should try to the moon and the sun since I feel X-E2 has fair dynamic range. The camera has 400% dynamic range mode. I don’t think it makes 4 times wider than the native capability though. Probably it should be software adjustment like the tone-curve.  In any cases, this camera’s X-trans II sensor and image processor create very interesting images.


~ by tedishikawa on December 11, 2013.

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