Olympus E-M5 Mark II with BORG

Eventually I got Olympus E-M5 Mark II. I was very curious of their sensor-shift’s high-resolution technique, especially for high-res lunar or solar imaging. Probably it doesn’t work because of air turbulence, seeing or mechanical factor. But I will try to see anyway.  Also I was told the latest in-body image stabilizer got further stronger too.  I wanted to check.


Very nice shape! I like the body finish.


I just did the initial test with 71FL. Yes, obviously more stabilized than 1st generation of E-M5 I still have. Some good features at least for me are

– now allow to select zoom up ratio from 3x to 14x easily. 3x is more comfortable and still magnified enough to see the fine focusing during handheld shooting. 3x was what I wanted to use when I was using 1st generation one.

– Once switched to magnified mode, the stabilizer is automatically on. I don’t have to half-press the shutter button any more. This is good too. Convenient.

EVF image is still well stabilized at handheld 400mm focal length even at 3x mode. That’s amazing.

Now I feel E-M5 II is capable of making the handheld shooting more realistic and comfortable even for 71FL(400mm). 2-crop factor turns 800mm as field of view. I will play around to more practice and be ready to go to the field. Also I will start practicing handheld HD video with this E-M5 II for near future 4K video.

One day, I will test high-res mode for the sun and the moon. E-M5 II takes 8 shots while shifting the sensor, and stack to create 64MP image. I wish if the camera has the capability to align each frame. I was told Canon 7D Mark II can align and stack 4 frames. I’ve never seen the astronomical image result by that function though. Japanese magazine shows how background noise turned smooth after 4 shot stacking. So I believe Olympus can do so near future too. Pentax plans similar stacking technique too. I expect those features will be common soon.


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