Player One Poseidon-C

One of unique features for Poseidon color camera is it has the clear opening window. As far as I know, most deep-sky cooled color cameras have the in-camera IR blocker.

So Poseidon-C requires a kind of IR blocking filter somewhere. But instead this gives us more user options. One example is we can enjoy the near-infrared deepsky imaging through IDAS GNB(galaxy & nebula) filter.


As you are aware, NIR area is not affected by the light pollution much. So this filter helps a lot for galaxy imaging in the city. Poseidon-C and GNB are the best matching for that purpose.

Probably this camera’s sensor is not as sensitive in NIR as IMX585 and 464 sensors, which are mostly provided as the planetary cameras. But Poseidon-C is the cooled cameras designed for the deep-sky objects. That should be the huge advantage for long exposure imaging.


~ by tedishikawa on March 11, 2023.

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