TOKINA Cinema Lens

This is a loaner unit of TOKINA 180mm/T1.9 designed for the cinema photography. TOKINA seems to be entering into the high end photographic market now.

Fortunately I’m allowed to see how it performs as the astro photography. T1.9 sounds like close to F1.4(correction: F1.75 according to Tokina) at regular consumer standard?? Anyway, I setup with my Canon RP.

Very unusual rainy California in this season. Again, the weather won’t be favor for any outfield works at least couple of days.

“Beyond Full Frame”, this is one of their key concepts. Their VISTA series are designed to cover a bit larger than full frame sensor. See the details at their web site. Shorter lenses look T1.5. One day I wish try to test some. 85mm looks tempting for me.

My lovely Sigma 105mm/F1.4 is the monster lens too. But this TOKINA lens is more than that.

I’m just waiting for the clear sky!!

After using several TOKINA lenses, I realized their optical products, all produced in Japan, look superb mechanically and optically. One day, I will try to look around finding out their consumer lenses suitable for astro photography as well.

TOKINA is a very serious optical manufacturer, who is all designing and producing at their own factory.


~ by tedishikawa on March 10, 2023.

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