Player One Poseidon-C – #1

I start playing around Poseidon Cameras now. First, I’m preparing for a color camera. I set up a filter drawer. BTW, the camera body is so beautiful finish. I love it.

Setting of a filter drawer has two ways. One is the threaded connection like other manufacturers. That is easy way. But personally I don’t like that method since a lid doesn’t match a camera orientation. It’s no harm for imaging. But this is just my feeling. Anyway I appreciate Player One to give us 2nd option.

A filter holder is well finish too. Dark matt powder coat is applied. So I’m sure this fully prevents from the internal reflecting.

Thanks to Player One, I saw the philosophy as the manufacturer. Great company!!

I’d like to write up a front plate and the body shape next time.


~ by tedishikawa on March 9, 2023.

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