Player One Cooled DSO Cameras

Player One announced their 1st cooled DSO cameras today. At first APS-C sensor cameras will be coming up next month.

First, as I expected, the plate tilt adjustment is allows without taking a camera body apart from a telescope. Personally this was exactly what I was waiting for long time. Thanks to the Player One designer! This should be the big help for all users.

Secondarily what I realized is the extended FW – 71.7K e- vs 50K e- in the same sensor.

I’m very curious how Player One achieved that. Congratulations!

Anyway, we are ready to take the pre-order now. Be aware of very aggressive introductory prices too!

No down payment required.

Various CFW will be coming up too. I will keep updated on that as well.

Player One site for more details.


~ by tedishikawa on November 16, 2022.

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