Simeis 147 from My Backyard & IDAS NBZ-48

1- I understand it is too challenging from my backyard. But I was curious how I can get close to the result at dark site. So I tired out last night(or this morning).

Sigma 105mm Art @F2 + IDAS Ha6.5 HS 52mm + ASI2600MM (gain 0), 22 x 7′ (bortle 8 sky)

I feel it is something short. But I’m glad to somehow capture this object at my backyard. Thanks for IDAS filter. The filter gives me more options for the targets at my backyard and also encourages me to use short focal length optics even under the heavily light-polluted sky.

It still looks noisy. I will set more dithering value next time.

2- IDAS NBZ-48 has been sold out and now only available at IDAS dealers. Don’t worry, some major dealers should still keep many in stock. So please shop around them. New production lot is scheduled end of November. UHS version is still available. And 52mm is in stock.

And let me note here since some customers confuses the size of the filter. If you are looking for [generally called 2″ filter], it should be 48mm. 52mm is not 2″.

Based on the photographic filter standard, we categorize the items in the frame’s threaded sizes. And 52mm is highly recommended for the full frame sensors.

~ by tedishikawa on October 13, 2021.

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