IDAS Ha 1st Light

This is my 1st single narrowband shot along with a monochrome camera.

IDAS Ha-6.8nm HS + Sigma 50mm Art at F2.5 + ASI2600MM, 10 x 5′

First, I was glad the filter allowed me to set 5-minute exposure at gain zero in Bortle 8 sky condition.

And In my personal interest, I wanted to test and see if I can use a wide-angle lens at my backyard. The result looks like saying “yes”. The flat isn’t applied in above image either. Personally this is what I’m pleased most.

Next, I will take more frames with the dithered imaging.

The actual measured data says IDAS filter achieves 95%-98% emission signal transmission. I feel I captured a fair amount of the emission signal as published.

Yes, this is another new level of fun at my backyard for me.

And taken by this setup.

52mm filter allows to use the full frame sensor.

~ by tedishikawa on September 4, 2021.

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