BORG 107FL, Wide-field & My Neighbors

1- These are a friend – Dave kodama’s 1st test shots taken by a newly acquired BORG 107FL F3.9ED scope last weekend.

BORG 107FL F3.9ED + Modified Canon RP + NGS1-52

I was told he needed some mechanical fix for the adapter coupling.

Dave, thanks again for selecting another BORG scope.

BTW, Dave was 1st official BORG owner in US after Hutech started distributing BORG more than 20 years ago and still piled up more BORG collections.

This 20-years old or more BORG 100ED Series 80 which was traveled with him around the world including several total solar eclipse. I believe this is one of his best companions for the special events. He also has Series 115 F4 super reducer configuration for the large format film as well

New 107FL behind 76ED and, 45ED as a guide scope at the top of the legendary Astro Physics 150EDF. Really gorgeous setup!!

He also still owns BORG 125ED F2.8 scope too. So I think 107FL is his 5th BORG scope and still all are fully active.

2- Following is my wide-field shot taken last weekend. It’s quite hard for me to finish the even illumination and colors. Anyway this is all I can do in my skill.

Sigma 50mm Art + Cooled 6D, blended IDAS NBZ and HEUIBII filters

A guide scope was used for the dithered imaging. I’m not sure it helps noticeably increasing S/N. I think I should move a lot more during the dithering. I will try with Sigma 20mm this weekend. I understand the image processing should be harder. Anyway, let’s try and see.

3- This is another neighbor – Jim Windlinger’s BORG 107FL F3.9ED and 60ED or Ach(?) as a guide scope, along with his own-made mount. His PlaneWave CDK and Astro Physics mount are set in his observatory shown at the left. Jim is a really highly-talented imager as well as an engineer, and also known as a developer for Hinode solar guider. Recently acquired Sigma Art 30mm(?) and Canon Ra can be seen with Japanese-made Kenko SkyMemo behind. All look perfect.

~ by tedishikawa on June 10, 2021.

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