Scopetech 80/1200

I was enjoying the lunar viewing through Scopetech’s 80/1200 these days.

It was really nice view. Like my previous experiences by BORG achromat, it shows more color depth than apochromat view. The crater edges might not be as sharp or thin as apochromat view. But quite pleasing at 200x with 6mm Scopetech Plossl OR6 (0.965″). Sharp and bright enough anyway.

And the image background is just black as expected. Probably it results from well-finished inside the scope and premium lens coating. This might create the higher contrast image.

Since I don’t have the good quality 1.25″ diagonal, I stepped down to 0.965″, so that I can use Scopetech’s 0.965″ diagonal. Eyepieces and diagonal look very good too.

This should be a nice planetary scope and accessory kit.

One of scopes features is the pre-aligned finder. It’s quite convenient.

Once I will have more shipping options from Japan like before covid-19, I will begin carrying this scope in US. To European users who are interested in knowing more details, please contact First Light Optics in UK. They carry a lot in stock.

This might look an entry scope. But not only so due to optically high quality. Enjoyable to any level of the visual observers.

I wish to build as binoscope for dedicated planetary viewing. But unfortunately the focuser is 1.25″ and not sufficient back focus.

~ by tedishikawa on March 24, 2021.

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