Scopetech 80mm/F15 Achromat

It should be described as “The Telescope”. This makes me nostalgic in 1960 – 70s. I love it! My 1st scope was GOTO 80mm/F15 as well. Since I’m always using short tube BORG, this type of scope makes me feel really fresh.

Setup with Scopetech mount ZERO, MORE BLUE CF half pillar & Sightron Japan’s CF tripod

Personally I like the off-white OTA color. I wonder longer slow-motion cables are long enough. Maybe not. I have to check anyway.

Premium multi-coat. Transmission rate is more than 99.0% entire 400nm to 700nm range. And well finished inside and air-spaced doublet objective lens. This shows us the good color contrast image. So this is high-end 80mm achromat telescope seriously manufactured in Japan, not just the entry model!

Most challenging part for me is how to minimize the shipping cost from Japan. I paid the almost same as the product cost by courier this time.

BTW, this scope was already available at First Light Optics in UK. If someone are interested, please contact them.

GOTO 80mm/F15 (Wow, 195,000yen!! I’m sure this was more money than my father’s monthly salary 50 years ago) I must appreciate my parents for investing me a lot.
The moon pictures were taken by GOTO 80mm/F15 50 years ago. I only brought the mount to US. OTA is still in my parent house.


~ by tedishikawa on March 8, 2021.

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