Filter Drawers for Mirrorless and ASI/QHY Cameras

1- First, this should be the big benefit for Nikon Z users. We had a filter adapter for Nikon Z. But it wasn’t the drawer type. This is more convenient for easily switching filter during the same imaging session.

We will carry Sony E and Canon R soon as mentioned below.

Features are

  • 52mm filter drawer. 52-48 adapter available as option
  • Light path is fully optimized when one of IDAS filters is in place
  • User-replaceable lens mount adapters between Nikon F and Canon EF
  • User-replaceable body mount adapters among Nikon Z, Canon R and Sony E

Sony E adapter will be available next. Sony E camera users will enjoy the performance of IDAS filters with Nikon F or Canon EF lens, without compromising the optical performance.

2- As announced before, ASI filter drawer is now in stock.

You can set something like

Features are

  • Fits ASI6200MC, 2400MC and 2600MC
  • The set includes 52mm filter drawer. Allows to set 48mm with an optional adapter
  • User-replaceable lens mount adapters between Nikon F and Canon EF
  • Fully optimized for IDAS filter
  • ASI camera adapter can be replaced with QHY600 (requires QHY’s a short mount plate)

Now filter drawer’s lineup includes Nikon Z, Sony E, Canon R, ASIs and QHY600. This adapter’s biggest benefit is to allow to use IDAS filters with wide-angle lenses without the optical distortion. Generally wide-angle lens is very sensitive to the back focus. Inappropriate distance by adding an extra glass (a filter) causes the optical distortion mainly at each corner of the sensor frame.

~ by tedishikawa on October 16, 2020.

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