LPS-D1-48 Discontinued

One of long-seller and most popular filters – LPS-D1-48 has been discontinued. And at least no stock at the manufacturer any more.  Only one left at Hutech. Some of IDAS dealers might still have the stock. Please shop it around if someone are interested. No plan to be reproduced.

Other sizes and shapes are still available, including for Canon and Nikon APS-C bodies.

The alternative option is LPS-P2-48, which is an another long-seller. While LPS-D1 was more tuned for modified consumer cameras, LPS-P2 is more suitable for dedicated OSC or monochrome(for L) cameras. So nothing obsolete and downgraded.


If your sky is still mercury dominant, LPS-P2 is the good choice. Meanwhile if the white LED is getting popular, LPS-D2 is the way to go.



~ by tedishikawa on July 28, 2020.

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