Narrowband thru BORGs & BORG 7085

1- France’s Olivier Calvetti sent his recent shot.



144 minutes total exposure, Triad filter, ASI2600. The more I use the Borg 107fl, the more I love it, such an incredible signal in a relatively short time.

High contrast details are shown up. Very nice !

Each cropped zoom-up versions.

Thanks for sharing, Olivier. I’m looking forward to your next image.

2- An another BORG active user – Steven Bellavia updated his recent image.


Thanks, Steven. Nice color!

3- BORG 7085 is the versatile ring.  Is this a bit maniac setup? Triple piggy-back.


From left, red-dot finder, autoguider and solar guider

Current black color finder base – 0610 is Vixen-compatible saddle. So we can set most of finder brackets commercially available in the market as well as Hinode solar guider with a universal base shown in a picture.



~ by tedishikawa on July 23, 2020.

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