IDAS NBX Filter for RASA & HyperStar

First, I’d like to thank to customers and IDAS dealers who already placed pre-order for NBX filters. New filters are being prepared for the production in Japan on schedule.

NBX filter is the serious answer from IDAS how to achieve both the narrower bandpass and higher transmissions same time. Probably this is the last resort as a narrow band filter to avoid the signal loss when super fast optics are used with.


Left : on-axis & Right : F2 cone

As shown above, IDAS-proprietary flat-top and off-center design allow to maximize the transmission in 10nm bandpass at F2. Other brands? I’m not sure. I suggest to contact each manufacturer to get the spectrum shift simulation data based on their design if someone are interested in knowing.

Hutech is planning following filter drawers for NBX and those optics. These are specifically designed for IDAS filters and for those optics based on the manufacturers’ optical requirements. Each doesn’t perform properly with other filters.

1 – RASA 8


Di filter allows to switch without disassembling

Since RASA 8’s the optical requirement is so tight, all are dedicated design. RASA 8 is F2. So NBX filter should be the best benefit to RASA 8 owners. The adapter allows to orient a camera body.

NBX-Di and RASA 8 kit will be available early of August as well.

BTW, more XXX-Di filters like LPS-D2-Di will be available. Those are basically intended for the more restricted light path systems like RASA 8. One of majors kits must be for Nikon Z body. This allows Nikon users to switch filters time-to-time exactly like Canon drop-in filter box unit. No electrically controlled for a lens though.  To Nikon Z users, please stay tuned.

2 – RASA 11


This adapter is the face-to-face directly attachment with ASI cameras instead of M54 or M42 threaded. So it is dedicated for ASI 6200/2600/2400 or a body with a new tilt plate. Drawer allows to set IDAS 52mm or 48mm with an optional adapter. RASA 11 side should be Canon EF interface. The optical path turns perfect when one of IDAS filters is in place.

3 – This was described yesterday. For HyperStar C9.25 and C11.


This filters drawer allows to set NBX-52 or NBX-48 (an adapter is included).

Owners who have above optics can use IDAS NBX filter without worrying about the signal loss and optical distortion due to spectrum shift and incorrect light path.


~ by tedishikawa on July 15, 2020.

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