Hinode Monocular & HyperStar Filter Drawer

1- Scopetech’s Hinode super wide is now available as a monocular.

0714a This is a single unit version, which allows you to comfortably put it into your pocket. Quite convenient.

You can build up binocular with an another optical unit and an adapter place, which is sold separately.


It’s the perfect companion with Scopetech’s mount ZERO to enjoy the classical astronomy in the pleasing summer night.

2- HyperStar user – Allen Ruckle is updating his recent works for testing a new filter drawer.


scope: 9.25 Edge HD with ƒ2.3 HyperStar IDAS NB-1 filter 12 X 90 sec images, Gain 100 ZWO 2600 MC camera. Cooled -10° C. Taken July 12 before moon came up. Image capture with ASIair Pro, images stacked and processed done with Nebulosity 4.4


9.25” with HyperStar, Hutech filter box with drawer containing IDAS NB-1 filter.

The filter drawer looks perfect as designed. So I go for it for the commercial production. Available next month.


~ by tedishikawa on July 14, 2020.

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