Hutech Filter Drawer for HyperStar – #2

One of Hyperster users – Allen Ruckle tested a prototype with his C9.25/HyperStar

This HyperStar filter drawer is carefully calibrated based on IDAS glass thickness and HyperStar optical requirements. So nothing optically distorted by the improper optical distance.

And this is his image resuls.

M27, ZWO2600 MC, 10 X 90sec, NB-1 filter

M27, Celestron 9 ¼” with HyperStar and Hutech filter box, IDAS NB-1 filter 5 day old moon, ZWO 2600 MC camera 10 x 90 second exposures, Gain 100, ASIair Pro. on Losmandy G11-T mount

M13 june 26, La Mesa, 5 day Moon 18 X 30sec

M13, June 26, La Mesa, 5 day old moon, 18 X 30sec, 9 ¼” with HyperStar, IDAS NB-1 filter in Hutech filter box. Processing with Nebulosity 4.4.1, ZWO 2600 MC camera.

Beautiful shots! And looks very sharp. Thanks for your testing, Allen.

Now I went for the commercial production. This is dedicatedly designed for HyperStar C9.25 & C11

  • IDAS M48 or M52 filter
  • QHY/ZWO M42 or M54 threaded interface camera (flange back 17.5mm)

Anything else don’t work as expected.

~ by tedishikawa on June 27, 2020.

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