Scopetech Mount ZERO

This is 1st feedback from one of the mount users – Craig Scogin.


With BORG 89ED

Craig is using a short flexible cables. As far as long enough, I agree shorter is better. I noticed the vibration from flexible cables when I released handles. So in my experiences, keep holding handles were better at high power(200x). I suggest users to find out proper length of handles. He also replaced with Losmandy clamp as well.

Thanks for your quick feedback, Craig. Looking very nice setup with black BORG and wooded Berlibach tripod. Enjoy observing with a steady mount.

A following Japanese ZERO manual is in a box along with the handling tips written in English. It should be described as the book instead the manual. It’s really nice book. Sorry, it’s still in Japanese. But most of pages have QR codes. So scan and see YouTube videos. I hope the motions are the universal language.


The mount is now available at First Light Optics in UK. If someone are interested, please contact them.

~ by tedishikawa on June 16, 2020.

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