New Era of Space Program

Congratulations to SpacerX, NASA and the entire America! It was the wonderful collaboration drama between SpaceX and NASA.

Saturday’s success reminded me of long long time ago’s Appolo space program and America’s glorious era when I was a teenager in Japan. America looked so bright, big and shining for me that time while Japan was so poor.

SpaceX’s booster engine looked very impressive. Launching looked very efficient, fast  and smooth. Probably compact and lightweight?? So what I thought myself is SapceX is  the crew ship while Japan’s HTV continuously tasks as cargoship to ISS.  I saw “Kounotori” JAXA’s cargo unit was there (if I’m correct) at one of docking sections, whcih arrived at ISS several days ago . Probably unloading new stuff now and will be loading the waste back to the earth. JAXA’s Kounotori might not be seen at bright spot. But very important supporting player to continue ISS project too.

And a lot of cameras anywhere including ISS. And high quality live video. I didn’t feel it was coming from the space. It was very enjoyable as the entertainment too. And various remote sensing technology. That’s great to see as well.

If someone missed the entire trip to ISS, see YouTube video. I linked them for quick review myself too.

During the interview, one of high ranking persons mentioned the future plan which was going to the Moon and the Mars. USA might have the hard time at this moment. But I really wish America to re-build such a glorious era again. Let’s unite and re-work hard.

BTW, this is an another my favorite movie which describes happy American day. What a big car!!

No smartphone, no PC game. But they must have been happy.



~ by tedishikawa on June 2, 2020.

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