Scopetech Mount ZERO – #3 & High Magnification Test

Feature 3 : Super solid and lightweight arms, carefully analyzed and designed in CAE to achieve both lightweight and strength. 77945255f1d640295e4e1ab6d42e98f4

As a resutl, CAE process allows to figure out 1.4kg body weight and 7 kg payload. zero7

My favorite setup with Sightron Japan’s carbon fiber tripod. Yes, my important factors are lightweight and solid. Heavy and solid is not my choice.


And last night I did the high magnification test with the mount. BORG 90FL with Vixen HF2.4mm gave me 208x. I believed before this was a motorized mount territory. But I realized it wasn’t. Flexible cables allows me to easilly keep tracking manually. Also since the mount minimizes the shaking during focus, I could comfortably control focusing. Nothing annoyed. Now I’m asking myself “do I need a motorized mount even for planetary viewing?”. My next test will be with BINO setup. If the mount can handle, this is my ultimate goal.


~ by tedishikawa on May 26, 2020.

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