Classical Astronomy from Japan – Mount ZERO

The electronics and computer technology made our life quite easier , faster and more convenient. It does for our astronomy too. GOTO function must be one of most typical things. That’s good. I really appreciate that.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy the time-consuming process as the hobby. So the machine’s fast GOTO vs the human’s slow star-hopping.

Japan’s craftsmanship group – Scopetech introduces the unique single fork mount called “ZERO”. They remind us of the old astronomy.

ZERO=MU(無)=nothing. In ZEN(禅) sprit, we are asked to keep our mind MU(無) and to be fresh. Scopetech did. Single fork mount is nothing new. But they carefully reviewed all of aspects and newly designed from the scratch to make the best possible portable single fork mount. The concept is lightweight, solid and user-friendly.

The mount has several unique features. Too much for one page to desribe. So I want to write up little by little.

Feature 1 : Hirth Joint

This famous and probably costly coupling method achieves both rigidness and flexibility.

Hirth joint allows to adjust the angle at 10-degree increnment while maintaining the rigidness

And an extra benefit is the tranport-friendly size and shape when packed down.

240mm x 100mm x 110mm / 1.4kg

The mount ZERO is available now at $375.00

Scopetech reminds us of enjoying the human-oriented old-fashioned way. More details will be continued. Stay tuned!

~ by tedishikawa on May 22, 2020.

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