The Comet C/2019 Y4 & Ted Special #3

1- A friend, Dave attemped to shoot the comet thru IDAS comet filter in unfavorable conditions under the moonlight last weekend.


Thanks for sharing, Dave.

It begins raining in California again and the moon is up for a while. Let’s try after that. I wonder how the comet will show up next. The predication is not as good as what originally made though. Anyway, let’s keep eyes opened.

2- I had too many portable mounts. So I decided to release one of my favorite ones, which is the legendary Japanese-made SkyMemo R.


The key features for this special package are

  • 2030 polar scope reticle aligned by Kenko factory in Japan – accurate
  • Vixen tripod – comfortable
  • Autoguider-ready – convenient

So this is a promissing system. An original alt-az base is so soild. Well-made. But basically only fits their original short tripod. But Vixen tripod makes the imaging style very comfortable becuase of the height.




~ by tedishikawa on April 6, 2020.

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