BORG 55FL ESATTO & Canon Ra with IDAS filters

1- Building-up a short telescope is always challenging. Generally main tube is too long for the focuser and to meet the back focus requirement. Eventually PLL has figured out how to manage to integrate their ESATTO 2″ focuser into BORG 55FL F3.6 system. Congratulations!, Filippo

Now they officially announce this system is commercially available after try-n-error process several months.

Take a look at their page and enjoy a promotional video acted by a Hollywood-grade movie-star, Filippo.


Please contact PLL for more details. For US customers who are interested in this ESATTO version, please contact TolgaAstro. It should be available thru them shortly.

2- One of Canon Ra users – Nicholas Carver in US feedback his 1st light through IDAS filters.


I took 2 hours with the filter – NB2-DR (bortle 9) and 45 minutes with no filter – ODW-DR (bortle 6). It exceeded my expectations, and will allow me to enjoy my Canon Ra under the city light dome.

I guess he looks blending the broadband image taken thru a clear filter at darker site and Ha/OIII image thru IDAS NB2-DR at bortle 9. 9 is quite bright sky BTW.

A filter box he uses is a following Canon genuine model.


The thickness of IDAS filters is exactly same as Canon original. So there is no optical distortion issue, which is usually common in other 3rd party accessories due to the incorrect light path.

Most likely more DR-series filters are expected to be available shortly.

Nico, thanks for sharing your 1st image. Enjoy more astro imaging with a new filter system with Canon Ra.

~ by tedishikawa on March 25, 2020.

2 Responses to “BORG 55FL ESATTO & Canon Ra with IDAS filters”

  1. Does the thickness of the adaptor not make it impossible for the lens to reach infinity focus? Does it contain an optic to deal with that somehow? (Hi, Ted.)

  2. Modern high-quality lenses are so sensitive to the back focus distance. Too short and too long are both problem. The light path has to be dead-on the spot based on their specs thru a filter.

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