New IDAS EAA Filter & BORG Reducer Wanted

1- IDAS presents a new concept of filter called “EAO1”, which is more intended for EAA application. EAO stands for [Electrically Assisted Observing].


Features are;

  • Well balanced dual pass-band design both for nebulae and galaxies. This allows for the quick sky surfing without switching filters in the town.
  • Wider passband around 500nm range than NB1’s,  which is more suitable for broadband spectrum objects like galaxies
  • Passes two major C2 comet emission lines – (474nm & 517nm). This gives us higher S/N comet image while maintaining the background darker. Especially most useful when the comet is located at low angle.

As always, IDAS publishes the measured production data.

The filter will be available one of Z-series family as ZWO drop-in type.


EAO1-Z is expected to be available within a couple of weeks.

2- One of BORG users is looking for the reducer for 77ED. If someone are pleased to release yours, please e-mail to me. Most likely the reducer should be one of 7004(x0.65), 7704(x0.65), 7878(x0.7),  7887(x0.85) & 7885(x0.85).


~ by tedishikawa on February 14, 2020.

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