LPS-D2 for Nikon & BORG 55FL

1- As announced before, now LPS-D2 filter for Nikon APS-C is available. But unfortunately frames for D7200 and D5500 are currently back-ordered. As of today, LPS-D2 for D5200 is only in stock. Other should come in by end of this month.

Also D5600 has been added as a part of N5 – same as D5300/D5500. I forgot adding before. One customer tested to confirm it fits.



2- About BORG 55FL, I got various responses from many customers on BORG 55FL after I announced last time. Thank you so much for seriously paying attention to that. I’m glad people still are interested in BORG.

I added some other packages. See at


Especially take a close look at SW set. This is versatile system, which works as visual, finder and guide scope including Arca Swiss mounting base. Also allows for the easy upgrade for F3.6 astrograph system like 62581 by simply adding 0.8x reducer in the future. So I can say it is very good starter set for various purposes.

~ by tedishikawa on February 11, 2020.

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