EAA & Nikon Z Adapter

1- I start experimenting EAA project. I temporarily set a proper filter into 183MC. First a lens I picked is Sigma 50mm Art. So my 1st attempt is wide-field EAA. About 135mm f.l. equivalent to full frame.


Because of the live view or so, the speed is the key. My challenge is how I can achieve the quality image at F1.4 full aperture. I’m excited since this is my 1st EAA attempt. Let’s see the result although the moon is up these days.

2- This is the sneak preview for Nikon Z adapter which will be provided by BORG. It was displayed at last year’s CP+. Already one year passed. So I hope it will be commercially available soon.


Nikon Z adapter(prototype) + 7000 + 7519(filter box)

An another side is BORG M49.8. So 7392 or 7000 convert into M57.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of big advantages in short-flange back cameras. Even a filter box is set, it is still less than 30mm long. With Nikon Z body (16mm), the total will be still quite close to Nikon F mount body (=46.5mm) So I’m sure this setup allows to work with most of telescopes within their optical requirements.

Generally not possible to set a filter in front of DSLRs. But mirrorless cameras give us more room for the fun.

ID of adapter is around 49mm diameter. Quite large. Using with 52mm filter, this should eliminate the mechanical vignetting. I highly recommend Z users selecting 52mm filter to maximize the optical performance. In my opinion, 48mm filter is too small for full frame cameras as mentioned here several times.



~ by tedishikawa on February 6, 2020.

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