Ring Nebula

M57 should be a common target for most of people. But quite fresh for me. Believe or not, this was my 1st attempt for the planetary nebula. I didn’t have large aperture scope in my life. Still don’t.

I understood M57 was too small for my scope – 107FL. In fact, the scope didn’t resolve the details. Anyway I was curious how differently M57 shows up thru IDAS NB2 and NB3. So I took several frames at just a last minute before the sunrise.

Fortunately now the system allows to electrically switch filters.


Let’s see the difference between IDAS NB2 and NB3 filters.

BTW, I didn’t notice that my camera cooling accidentally paused until end of the session. So the dark frame doesn’t match at all.


Thru NB2



Thru NB3

M57 looks OIII-dominant object. NB2’s yellow section seems to be the mix of Ha and OIII? if my understanding is correct.

Since the object itself looks fully bright, it must be suitable for electrically-assisted visual observing for large scope.


~ by tedishikawa on February 4, 2020.

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