BORG 72FL F4 & Kenko SkyMemo R

I took some test shots with newly designed BORG 72FL F4 at my backyard end of last month. (I was too lazy to process the image)


This is one of them. Just quick view.


72FL F4(w/Hutech R&P focuser) + Canon RPh + IDAS NB2 + Kenko SkyMemo R, 25 x 2′


I didn’t use SkyMemo more than 10 years. Actually I don’t remember when I used last time.

Anyway it looks still tracking well, as expected. And fortunately polar scope is fully aligned too. I didn’t see any fatal tracking error entire sessions. This is 290mm focal length in 2 minutes. Still very reliable portable mount!

BTW, I used Hutech R&P focuser this time. It’s good enough for manual focusing. But new BORG 55FL customer fed-back the valuable info to me. He attached Pegasus motor, which I didn’t expect though. Probably other motors might be attachable too.


Thanks, David. Enjoy astro imaging with a new BORG!

~ by tedishikawa on January 13, 2020.

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