Mercury Transit 2019

I hesitated to publish this video because of the quality…… That was my personal ability anyway.

A big annoying dust and out-of-focus. I wonder why the mercury was passing nearby a dust!! I expected it would moves away to the right side. But I didn’t consider the camera’s orientation. If my understanding is correct, this was why it moves straight up??

I was just like Vimeo ID name – “Lazy BORG”. I didn’t re-focus even after the temperature went up. So the Mercury was only in-focus at beginning and the end. It’s shameful. That is a part of  the unforgettable memory anyway. Please enjoy my result.

Imaging data

BORG 107FL with BORG 2.2x barlow + 82mm IDAS solar filter + Panasonic GX8, guided by Hinode solar guider during about 3-hour session.

178 frames in one-minute interval.

It was windy condition during the transit and there was nothing to block. I’m trying to stabilize the image shaking with some software. So far, not good result.

If someone has the specific suggestion, let me know. Welcome to your processing method to minimize shaking.




~ by tedishikawa on November 13, 2019.

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