BORG 107FL with GFX100 -2 & Orion with Sigma 50mm Art

1- Simon at Woodland Hills shared his shot taken with his own GFX100.

Picture saved with settings applied.

BORG 107FL F3.9ED + Fuji GFX100


55mm diagonal. Long side of the sensor is 44mm. So each left and right center shows the corner of full frame sensor

Picture saved with settings applied.

For more details or any question on BORG and GFX, please contact Simon at Woodland Hills. He is an expert on this system.

2- I just came back from our club site this morning. It was great night sky. Fortunately I didn’t think the smokey sky affected by the brush fire.

I took some with a scope and Sigma lens. This is one of them I’ve just finished right now.


Sigma 50mm Art + Modified Canon RP + blended 46 frames taken thru IDAS NGS1 and NB2

Sigma 50mm was a bit too long for the entire Orion. I will try with 24mm this weekend. It should be able to cover Rosette etc. It looks something attractive.

Taken by this setup.


RA/DEC slow motion controls and a rotator were really convenient for composing.

Canon drop-in filter box is the fun to use.



IDAS filter thickness is exactly same as Canon original. So there is no optical issue due to the improper light path.


~ by tedishikawa on October 29, 2019.

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