Modified Canon RP with Sigma 50mm Art

This was first test shot by a modified Canon RP myself last night.


I also wanted to test the dithered imaging in PM-1 single axis tracking mode as well. So I set AG camera at the top of the camera rotator. Using Sightron’s CF tripod was 1st time.  Very nice. Solid and lightweight. A high-quality portable tripod.

Here is the result under the moonlight. I set Hoya R60(25A) filter in front of a lens and simply converted into grayscale mode. This combination creates Ha only bandpass performance with IDAS NB2.


Modified Canon RP w/HEUIBII+ Sigma 50mm Art + IDAS NB2-52 & Hoya R60 , dithered by SS-one/PM-1 mount.

I might have used a wrong lens hood. Here is the daytime sky shot without a lens hood.


BTW, a following is IDAS NB2’s daytime shot. Interesting, we can see IR-effect finish.



~ by tedishikawa on October 7, 2019.

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