IDAS Drop-in Filter System for Canon R(P)

As announced before, IDAS drop-in filters for Canon R(P) are now commercially available.


Canon RP body & drop-in filter adapter, IDAS NB3-DR & Sigma Art 50mm/F1.4

Canon genuine filter adapter allows to electrically control a lens. So doesn’t require the trick of manual aperture control.

And IDAS filter thickness is exactly same as Canon original. So there is no image distortion issue due to the incorrect optical distance. Especially it is very critical for wide-angle lenses.


Most likely this is only way to use narrow-band filters with wide-angle lenses without removing a lens from a body.

3 kinds of filters are available.

  • NB2-DR (for OIII-Ha)
  • NB3-DR (for OIII-SII)
  • ODW(clear)-DR (for broadband)

These filter system allows to create 1) broadband image thru ODW, 2) OIII-Ha thru NB2 and 3) OIII-SII thru NB3 while controlling conventional lenses without compromise.

I will try to shoot the milky way ASAP. My favorite will be to set NGS1 body-mounted filter into the body and use 3 filters in-between.

You can see each item at e-store





Ready to go!!

~ by tedishikawa on August 12, 2019.

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