Veil Nebula with IDAS and BORG

I finished all of image processing.


BORG 107FL F3.9ED + SONY A7, 16 x 5′ with IDAS NB3 + 10 x 5′ with IDAS NB2, dithered by SS-one/EM200

Followings are the cropped close-up versions in full resolution mode.



All light frames were simply stacked. More experienced users should split into RGB individually and create AOO or Hubble Pallet or something else. I will learn that from now on.

I feel the image sharpness might be affected by seeing or the temperature change during the imaging session. Even my 75mm guide scope showed poor seeing.

I wish to use my lovely cooled 6D. But so far, there is no room for one more filter box at this moment. This is why I shot the above with A7. I need the special arrangement for that.

~ by tedishikawa on July 10, 2019.

2 Responses to “Veil Nebula with IDAS and BORG”

  1. Beautiful Veil, Ted ( even if the seeing wasn’t perfect )
    I have heard about an IP technique using Wavelets that can edit out all the stars, while leaving nebulosity intact (!) would love to see what it could do to images like this.

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for your comment and advice. Ted

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